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Name: Rain (CharacterName2 on my profile)
Age:  24
Gang Affiliation (If applicable): Friend of saints(Nightmare's girlfriend)
Personality:  Same as Nightmare but more talkative and nicer, only one who can stop Nightmare from a rage.
Background:  Friend of Nightmare since 10. Not much known other than that.

Height:  6'
Build:  Strength 100%,  Sex Appeal 100
Eye Color: Green
Hair style/Color:  Cheerleader Dark Purple(Natural for certain reasons) Eyeliner Harsh liner Black,
Clothing: Top: Music junkie(Black, Black padding on headphones Purple frame), Bottom: Go Team Skirt( Black with dark purple Stripes at bottom) Shoes:Combat Chic Boots Black with Purple Laces, Wrists Manicured nails Black
Tattoos: Neck Fleur de saints, Upper Back: 2 Saintly doves Dark Purple, Lower: curved low black, Top chest time to soar black, Bottom Fluer de art black, upper rite spirit of the wolf black, Bottom: Saints ascension, Upper left cross to bear black, Bottom twin serpents dark purple, left leg lucky dragon, right tribesman black

Weapons of Choice (If Applicable):  Katana, Long Barreled Revolver.
Profession: Works at Rim Jobs Paints the cars. (Painted Shaundis)

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Awesome, Rain will probably be in the next upcoming chapter along with Nightmare. :p Thanks! :D

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