Shaundi's Side Character Cameos
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Shaundi's Side Cameo Characters! 

Ok, a few rules before i even get into the meat of this thread's purpose: 

1: Please, PLEASE, actually read my story, don't just throw a character out there for no reason.
2: Keep the character serious please, I don't need any Barbies or Maero lookalikes running around.  
3: If you don't want me to use your character at all, then don't post them here.

OK! So now that those are set out, here's what I need from you guys: 

Gang Affiliation (If applicable): 

Eye Color:
Hair style/Color: 
Weapons of Choice (If Applicable): 

Thanks guys! I hope you start giving me awesome characters to be used as little side characters in the story, thanks! :D 

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3 years ago  ::  Dec 4 2011 - 6:18PM
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Name: Nghtmare

Age: 30-35

Gang Affiliation: Friend of Saints (does favors(made Shaundi's car))

Personality: nice but tough when has to be

Background: unknown other than worked at Rim Jobs since he was 17

Height: 7' ( he grew a lil since stillwater)

Build: 100% muscle

Eye color: dark brown

Hair style/color: mowhawk dark brown at roots tipped in dark red, beard down to chest same as hair

Clothing: Leather jacket, Leater pants, cowboy boots with spikes on top all black sunglasses like Johnny's from sr2 black framed dark red tint

Weapon of choice: Dual katanas

Proffesion: works at Rim Jobs


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Name: Johnathan White

Age:  26

Gang Affiliation (If applicable): STAG

Personality: Calm and collective, but has violent mood swings due to PTSD.  Holds a deep hatred for all gangs, whether it be Saints or Syndicate.

Background: Recruited into STAG after he served his tour of duty in Afghanistan, Johnathan was proud to serve his country, but once the war in the Middle East came to an end, a new fight began back home.  After learning his girlfriend Maria was ?@*$# and murdered by Luchadores, Johnathan immediately joined STAG.  He wanted to see that all street gangs were wiped off the face of the earth, so that no one had to endure the pain and suffering he went through.  Johnathan is an expert rifleman and much prefers standard issue assault rifles over STAG's hi-tech weaponry.  Physically he's fine, but mentally, the scars of warfare are still etched into his mind. 

Height: 5'11''

Build: Athletic

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair style/Color: Anime Style/ Dark Brown

Clothing: STAG BCA (Ballistic Combat Armor), Olive Drab BDU pants, government issue combat boots

Tatoos: none

Weapons of Choice (If Applicable):  Primary: AR-55 modded to fire full auto.  Attachments: Vertical foregrip and hybrid sight.

Sidearm: .45 Shepherd

Profession:Special Tactics Anti Gang.  Currently ranked as staff sergeant.

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Name:Patrick Long


Gang Afflication:Saints (Drug Dealer,Collects the cash.)

Personality:Calm,But when pushed around he will get all Pissy.

Background:Patrick was an old friend of Shaundi's,Since High School.They got High together,eventually Dated and broke up.Shaundi then made him join the saints to help with the Drugs,and other Drug buisnesses.


Build:30% fat- 70% muscle

Eye color:Grey

Hair style:The Roman-Hair Color:Light Brown

Clothing:White-Tee,with purple/light purple basket ball jersey,Dark blue saints loose fit jeans,and Crooks and castles saints sneakers

Weapons:Gravedigger(when in combat)-And GHDC 50(when in Drug Deals.)

profession:Drug Dealer,Saint member

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Name: Ezra Roth

Age:  26

Gang Affiliation: Hired to the Ultor side of the Saints-Ultor Media Group (around when Evelyn, Pierce, and Johnny Gat surprised Shaundi on the I Wanna Sleep with Shaundi set)

Personality: Always speaks and acts politely and respectfully, even in the face of enemies and when, in certain moments, her demeanor may conflict with her actions.

Background: She looks good naturally but not stellar, on account of not liking make-up and avoiding using it. She graduated Stilwater U with a Bachelor of General Studies the year I Wanna Sleep with Shaundi premiered, then, specializing in Strategic Management, earned her Master's in Business Administration a few months before the third season of I Wanna Sleep with Shaundi aired.

She also will do most anything for the company/Saints if asked, but won't be fully behind any idea unless she's sure it'll work out for the better. She's usually business-first, but agreed when Pierce once asked her to join in an office chess tournament with other employees from the Saints-Ultor Media Group. She lost horribly in the first round after a hasty mistake early in the game, but had a good time at the event and later even found herself involved in a few of the Saints' gang operations as an unarmed ride-along.

When her second operation went south and from the moment someone tossed her a .45 Shephard, she found she was better suited as a gunwoman than a chess player, but she hates wasted shots like bad business ideas and usually won't fire without the confidence to make a good hit. Her accuracy is enviable, but she's missed more than a few opportunities because she wasn't sure enough that she'd hit her mark.


Height: 5'8"

Build: Average with modest curves

Eye Color: Green

Hair style/Color: Cheerleader ponytail/medium brown

Clothing: Hills jacket with vest, Saints fleur chain, high class slacks, Miami shoes, and a V.I.P. watch, all primarily black and with gray, white, or purple secondary/tertiary colors

Weapon of Choice: Fully upgraded .45 Shephard, uncomfortable with anything else and will resist using or even refuse to use most other weapons

Profession: various roles at Ultor for the Saints' side of the business, typically involving administration, company and affiliated brands, and market competition.


Hope this isn't going too overboard, but what can I say? I had a little time to think it out. I based it on my SR:TT main character...just, adapted a little. Actually got the idea for the business focus from the idle comments of Female Voice 1 in SR:TT.

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I guess I'll take a shot at this.

Name: Jake South
Age:  28
Gang Affiliation (If applicable): Saints
Personality: Most of the times,  he's calm and stoic. He prefers keeping emotions to himself. Jake also likes to make sarcastic remarks during battles. Sometimes, he likes to be alone.
Background: South was born in America and lived a normal life and then signed up in the Army. Eventually, he quit and joined the Saints. He is out to get revenge, as the Syndicate is responsible for the deaths of 2 Saints who were his best friends.

Height: 6 feet tall
Build: Athletic
Eye Color: Green
Hair style/Color: Feathered Excecutive from Saints Row 2 (I think there is a simillar hairstyle option in SRTT), brown in color.
Clothing: SWAT armor simillar to the Cops 2 style for the gang in gang customization, except it is all black with purple fluer de lis logos and no helmet.
Weapons of Choice (If Applicable): A fully upgraded McManus 2015 and a 45. Shepherd.
Profession: 3rd Street Sniper.

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Name: Roland Barnes
Age:  37
Gang Affiliation (If applicable): Saints, if they'll have him
Personality: British, has a dry sense of humor (think Blackadder) when not in combat. In combat, dead serious.
Background: Used to work for the SAS, until age 34 when he was kicked out for going against orders by freeing a shipment of Morningstar slaves his commander had been bribed to protect. Very supportive of the Saints' idea of a "Good Gang" that protects citizens from the real monsters. When he heard the Syndicate had killed Gat, he was on the next transatlantic flight to Steelport, to offer the Saints his unique services.

Height: 6'0"
Build: Muscular
Eye Color: Grey
Hair style/Color: Military crew cut, brown
Clothing: Black and purple silk suit with bow tie, two-tone shoes and matching bowler hat, kevlar vest under the shirt.
Weapons of Choice (If Applicable): TOGO-13 (Ultor's recoilless, slienced sniper rifle)
Profession: "Contract worker"

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Name: "Ziva" Isabella Hines
Age: 32
Gang Affiliation (If applicable):  Gun for hire loyal to the Saints and a friend of Evey and Shaundi
Personality: Laid back and easy going when she has downtime but strictly business and just abit abrasive and cold when shes doing her job
Background: Israeli National, turned US citizen currently living in the Stillwater/Steelport area. Early in her life she saw her father murdered by the Ronin in Japan after he refused to do business with thier leader Kazuo. After that traumatic moment she vowed to destroy the Ronin, and any other criminal/terrorist organizations she could. Which under any other circumstance would have included the Saints if not for the fact that she was visiting her fathers gravestone at the same time of the Saints funeral for Aisha and the attack by Kazuos son Shogo. When the fighting broke out she sided with the Saints without thought gunning down Akuji's followers and in doing so enabling Evey and Gat to gain revenge on Shogo. After which she meet with Evey and Shaundi at Purgatory and offered both her friendship and her services as an assassin. Not long after the Ronin died with Kazuo, but Ziva kept vigilant and traveled the world taking on contracts with the only rules being that she refuses to harm innocents and that she would only kill criminals. 

Height: 6ft 2 inches
Facial features: more than a few noticable scars (though they in no way detract from her looks) that have come from sword fights with the Ronin and Blue Egyptian Princess eyeliner
Build: Lean and Muscular with above average curves
Eye Color: Blue*
Hair style/Color: Shoulder length black dreads*
Clothing: Black, Blue and Grey Mamba Leather Jacket, Leather Biker Pants(same color as jacket) black Leather gloves*
Weapons of Choice (If Applicable): McManus 2015 with a bipod, increased magazine and extend barrel for long range, custom AS3 Ultimax for medium to close range, and lastly an ancient but razor sharp Katan supposedly owned by Kazuo that she took from his estate when she returned to Japan after his death
Profession: Assassin

* her typical attire when shes not on a contract, she'll change her hair clothes and even her eye color to get close if the job specifies or if she needs to do so to reach her target.

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Oh wow im dumb *update*

Face: large scar 1 and 2

And for background i messes up

Background: Unknown other than worked at rim jobs since 27

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Edited my post.  A little more detail on the backstory.

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