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A SR3 Fanfic by Destroyer4292

                                                                                             CHAPTER 1:


"So, this is the life of a celebrity?"  Jessica thought to herself as she leaned against the railing and gazed upon the city of Steelport.  It was indeed a glamorous life, but it wasn't what she wanted.  She was a Saint, a hardened gangster, not some sellout pop idol.  She wasn't for signing autographs or filming commercials, she wanted to be tough.


It had seemed like it was yesterday when Jessica first arrived in Steelport.  Sure it was a nice city, but it was far from home.  The boss called her a few days ago saying he had just took over a Morning Star penthouse and wants the Saints moved out of Stilwater and into Steelport.  The next thing she knows, she and all the other Saints are boarding a plane for Steelport.  She didn't want to leave Stilwater, but orders are orders, and she dared never to go against the will of the boss.  Letting out a deep sigh, she brushed her flaming red hair out of her face and walked back into the lavish penthouse.  As usual, the other Saints were either drinking or passed out from partying too much.  Jessica liked alcohol every now and then, but she wasn't into getting drunk.  She opened the refrigerator in the kitchen and pulled out a can of Saints Flow, which she prefered over the stockpile of alcohol that almost flooded the fridge.  While most people said it tasted like ass, she actually enjoyed the taste.  It tasted almost like grape soda.  She sat down on the plush purple sofas in the living room and flipped through the channels.  It was the usual as always.  Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax was on one channel, and Pierce's Saints Flow Commercial was on another channel, in fact, the same channel was showing a re-run of I Wanna Sleep with Shaundi.  In frustration, she turned off the television.  It was just a grim reminder of what the Saints have become.  "Gat was right."  She whispered to herself.  She reminisced about the time when Gat found out about the Saints signing some contract with Ultor and creating this media-group.  He was furious.  She could remember him saying, "So we're just gonna turn into a bunch of f*cking p*ssies for the sake of money?"


Suddenly, she was snapped out of memory lane by the hollering of another Saint, "Hey guys, the boss called, he needs backup!  We're rolling out!"  Jumping up from the sofa, Jessica ran to her bedroom and pulled her KA-1 Kobra out of the nightstand and loaded a magazine full of hollow points into it and rushed out.  The other Saints were already loaded up in the purple and gold Criminals parked outside as she rushed out of the elevator.  She could hear one of the female Saints yell out, "Hey Jessica, hurry your ass up or we're f*cking leaving you!"  Jessica jumped in the back as the Criminals sped off.  "Where are we going?"  She asked the female Saint?  The Saint responded, "Loren Square.  The boss and Pierce got into a firefight with some Morning Star thugs and we're going to help them out."  Over the reving of the engines, Jessica could hear gunfire.  Soon she saw a mass of bombed out cars and a few dead bodies.  The Criminals screeched to a halt and every Saint flooded out armed with TEK Z-10s and 45 Sheperds.  The boss was ducked behind an overturned Infuego in the middle of the road as the Morning Star goons fired on him with their customized K8 Krukovs.   Pierce was firing back with a TEK Z-10 in one hand and a D4TH Blossom in the other.  "About time y'all showed up!"  He called as he ducked back behind the Infuego and reloaded.  "These motherf*ckers are all over the place!"  Racking back the bolt on his AR55, the boss shouted back to Pierce, "Pierce, shut the f*ck up and keep shooting."  All together the boss and his Saints unloaded on the Morning Star, killing several of them.  Jessica focused her sights on one of the thugs and fired her Kobra.  Almost in slow motion, she could see the punk's head snap back as a red mist erupted from it.


More Morning Star goons showed up, only this time they were also in Criminals.  Riding in the back of one of the Criminals was a sight all too familiar.  "Oh f*ck!"  Hollered the boss.  "They sent a brute."  The brute jumped out of the back and charged like a rhino at the boss, who in return switched over to his 45 Sheperd with explosive ammo and began firing away at the monster.  The brute smashed his gigantic fist into the boss, throwing him back a good 3 or 4 yards.  The brute then turned his attention to Pierce, who at this point was hauling ass away from him.  Killing off a few other Morning Star henchmen, Jessica ordered some of the Saints to protect the boss.  As they rushed over to him, the boss got back up on his feet and groaned, "Jesus, I felt like I was hit by a train."  "You okay, boss?"  Asked one of the Saints as they handed him his 45 Sheperd.  The boss stretched for a bit and said, "I'm good." before charging back into the fray.  Meanwhile on the battlefield, the brute caught eye of Jessica and charged right at her growling, "I'll smash you!"  With haste, Jessica jumped out of the way of the brute's collosal punch and sprinted as far as she could from it, but the brute was hot on her tail.  Clumsily, she tripped while running away and fell to the bloody pavement below.  She could feel the brute stomping towards her.  Nowhere to go, she curled into a fetal position and readied herself to be trampled.  Before the brute even laid a hand on Jessica, the boss smacked him in the face with his pistol then shoved a grenade in its mouth.  The grenade exploded, sending a shower of blood and brain matter all over Jessica.  "F*cking great."  She groaned.  "I just washed this tank top yesterday."  "You alright?"  Asked the boss lending Jessica a hand up.  "Yeah."  Replied Jessica.  "Thanks, boss." She was a bit shooken up by the experience.  That brute would've crushed her like an ant if it hadn't been for the boss rescuing her.


With their brute dead along with half their forces, the Morning Star retreated, ending the battle.  "Sh*t dawg,” Said Pierce shaking his head.  "I ain't ever seen that many Morning Star f*ckers in one place at the same time."  "Probably won't be the last time either."  Said the boss.  "Alright Saints, we got work to do.  Hey Jessica, why don't you go get yourself cleaned up.  Take the day off."  "Umm...thanks, boss."  Said Jessica bewildered.  Though it was odd the boss was being a little partial to her, Jessica ignored the fact and climbed into the only Criminal that wasn't wrecked in the firefight and drove back to the Saints' penthouse.  As she parked the truck in the underground garage and entered the elevator she thought to herself, "Even if he's a big celebrity, the boss still knows how to kick ass."  Trudging into the now empty penthouse, Jessica made her way to the bathroom, stripped off her blood soaked clothes and walked into the hot shower.  As the warm water rained down on her, she scrubbed off the remaining brain matter left from that ugly brute.  She hopped out of the shower, dried off and put on her clothes for tonight.  It was a thursday night, so that meant she was gonna hang out at the Gothedral.  She dressed in a black tube top and a plaid miniskirt, red, zebra striped leggings with holes in them, a spiked bracelet on her left wrist, and a pair of Network combat boots.  Before she left out, she put on a bit of dark eyeliner.  She never wore her goth gear around the other Saints.  The last time she did, some girl called her a f*cking zombie.  As she walked out of her bedroom, a voice caught her attention, "So, where's our queen of darkness heading to today?"  It was Ty, the same male Saint that constantly kept hitting on her.  "None of your business, Ty."  Said Jessica.  Before she could reach the elevator, Ty stoood in her way.  "Well you're certainly not going out in all that sh*t.  Where's your flags"  "You know I don't like to wear purple, Ty, especially in public."  Returned Jessica.  "Now get out of my way or you'll be sorry."  "Tough luck, $*?#@."  Smirked Ty.  Enraged, Jessica slammed her knee straight into Ty's crotch, knocking the breath out of him.  "Don't ever call me a *%?#$."

So...what do you guys think so far?  .....OK, no respones at the moment.  I'll just go ahead and post chapter 2 then.



                                                                                  CHAPTER 2:


Jessica smirked as she watched Ty wallow all over the floor in pain.  That's what the douchebag deserved for disrespecting her.  She walked into the elevator and pushed the button to go down to the garage where her ride of choice was waiting, a bright red Kaneda.  Aside from being a goth, Jessica, or as some people called her "Jess" was your average otaku, so of course she chose to paint her Kaneda bright red to match the bike from the anime Akira.  Pressing the ignition button on the handlebars, Jess fired up the motorcycle and zoomed out of the parking garage and onto the streets of downtown Steelport.  As she drove to the Gothedral, she zipped past the police investigating the area where the firefight had taken place.  The police were one reason she didn't wear purple outside of the penthouse, that and the annoying fanboys.  Within minutes she was at her destination.  As she parked her Kaneda outside, she could hear the loud music pounding from within the Gothedral.  She pushed open the large wooden doors and walked inside.  As with any club, there were few lights.  Jessica stumbled through the dimly lit hallway, bumping into some guy in a glow-in-the-dark skeleton costume.  "Excuse me."  She said as she made her way through the crowded hallway.  Finally she reached the dancefloor.  It was the average crowd as usual, stereotypical goths and emos on one side, Deckers on the other side, and in the middle, f*cking Nyteblade fangirls.  You know the type, the girls who have vampire bites tattooed on their necks and wear shirts that say "Team Nyteblade" or something along that matter.


Jess decided to skip the dancefloor and head directly for the bar.  She sat down on one of the red barstools and turned to face the bartender.  "So, what'll it be?"  Said the bartender.  He looked to be about in his 20s, almost the same age as Jess.  She thought he was kind of cute.  "Absinthe."  She said propping her elbows on the bar.  The bartender prepared Jessica's absinthe and placed it in front of her.  "Thanks."  she said taking a sip of her drink.  By this time, a woman came from the dancefloor and sat next to Jessica.  She had shoulder length hair black as coal, but her pale blue eyes shimmered like diamonds.  She was dressed in a black corset, a black miniskirt, and fishnet stockings.  As many times Jessica has been to the Gothedral, she had never seen this girl before.  She wasn't a lesbian or nothing, but to her, this woman looked stunning.  Jessica looked at her for a bit, then averted her eyes back to the dancefloor.  She didn't want this new girl to think she was staring at her.  The woman then spoke to the bartender, "Hey Dante, I need a drink over here."  "Your usual, Haley?"  Asked Dante, grabbing a bottle of vodka from the shelf and pouring it into a glass of ice.  "Haley, that's a nice name."  Said Jessica to Haley.  "Thanks."  Replied Haley taking a sip of her vodka.  "I never seen you around here before.  You new?"  "No, I come here on thursdays."  Returned Jessica.  "My name's Jessica by the way."  "No way."  Said Haley surprised.  "I love that name.  I wished my parents would've named me that."  "What's wrong with Haley?"  Said Jessica laughing.  "Nothing."  Replied Haley.  "I just love your name better than mine."


Jessica and Haley chatted for a bit until the song switched over to "Suicide Jag" by Chemlab, Haley's favorite.  "I love this song."  She said jumping up from the bar.  "You wanna dance?"  "Sure."  Returned Jessica.  The two girls left the bar and made their way to the dance floor.  Within seconds, their bodies were moving to the music.  Jessica and Haley danced close to eachother, their skin touching every once in a while.  Both didn't seem to mind it.  "Hey, you're a good dancer."  Jessica called to Haley.  "Thanks."  Returned Haley, still dancing to the beat.  "So are you."  It felt weird to Jessica, but it almost seemed like these two girls like eachother, or even more.  As the song finished, the girls left the dancefloor.  "Wow, I haven't danced like that in forever."  Said Haley catching her breath.  "It's such an adrenaline rush."  "I know the feeling."  Said Jessica, also out of breath.  "Hey, why don't we go somewhere else."  "Okay."  Said Haley.  They both paid Dante for their drinks and left the dancefloor behind.  As they reached the outside, Jessica spotted a Decker punk riding away on her Kaneda.  "Hey!"  she cried out, chasing after them in vain.  "Bastards."  "They always do that."  Said Haley.  "Yeah, well they picked the wrong vehicle to jack."  Growled Jessica.  "Looks like I got no ride." "Well, there's still my car."  Said Haley jingling her car keys.  She then motioned over to a black Torch.  "Why don't we crash at my place?  Sound good?"  "Sure, sounds good to me."  Said Jessica.  She hopped into the passenger seat of Haley's Torch as Haley started it up.  The engine released a fearsome roar as it fired up.  This car definitely had some power behind it.  The Torch drove away from the Gothedral and left downtown far behind.  "So, where do you live?"  Inquired Jessica.  Not taking her eyes off the road, Haley responded, "I've got a house over in Ashwood.  It's nothing too big, but it's home to me."


"Ashwood?  Isn't that Deckers' turf?"  Said Jessica concerned.  Haley giggled for a bit then said, "Trust me, they don't give me any trouble.  They may think their gods when they're behind a keyboard, but outside, their scared sh*tless."  Jessica began to like this girl even more.  She was the kind of girl who didn't take sh*t from no one.  Hell, she could probably take down the Deckers with just her bare hands.  "Well, here we are."  The car pulled into the driveway of a small house.  The front lawn looked like it hadn't been cut in over a month and the garage door was tagged with "Deckers are 1337" written in blue spray paint.  "Coming in?"  "Yeah."  Said Jessica unbuckling her seatbelt and stepping out of the car.  As Jessica walked through the front door, she noticed how nice it was inside.  The living room was occupied by a few couches and a TV set.  There was a Gamestation on the floor with two disc cases sitting next to it, "Zombie Uprising 2" and "Professor Genki's S.E.R.C.: The Game."  "You're a gamer?"  She asked Haley.  Haley smiled and returned with, "Yeah, why do you think the Deckers are afraid of me?  I challenged one of their lieutenants to a one on one deathmatch on Genki.  I kicked his butt.  You should've seen it, he was all crying like his spirit was broken or something."  "That's so rad."  Laughed Jessica.  Haley then took her hand and led her upstairs to her bedroom.  As they walked inside, Haley flipped on the floorlamp in the corner of her room, then turned on her radio, which was already tuned to 106.66 The Blood.  Jessica sat on the queen sized bed and looked around the room.  Plastering Haley's walls were posters of Operation: Fear Strike and the Feeddogs.  There was a dresser with a mirror on it propped against the north wall.  The top of the dresser was cluttered with a few magazines and various makeup ranging from eyeshadows and lipsticks.  Haley sat beside Jessica on the bed and began to strike up a conversation.  "So, what's your story?"  Jessica hesitated for a moment.  She didn't want anyone, even this girl to know that she was a Saint.

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                                                                                                         CHAPTER 3:


"Wow, I don't know where to start."  Said Jessica, slightly blushing.  She didn't want to say anything about joining the 3rd St. Saints, but she knew what led up to it.  Back when she lived in Stilwater, she lived in an appartment in Chinatown.  She was content with where she lived, but then came that fateful day.  A gang of miscreants from the Brotherhood took over the appartment complex, and forced the tenants to pay protection money.  She refused, but that was the biggest mistake she had ever made.  Angered, the Brotherhood broke into her appartment, trashed the place, and kidnapped her.  The horrid memories of what became after haunted her mind once more.  She could remember being dragged out of the back of that blood red Compensator.  Her face hit the sand of Stilwater Beach.  It was still dark outside.  She heard one of the brutish members of the Brotherhood say, "This is what you get for telling the Brotherhood to f*ck off."  Jessica pleaded for her life, but it was no use.


Now, the most terrifying moments caught up to her.  She remembered vividly the Brotherhood stripping her down to her underwear, then savagely beating her to death.  She lied there, bleeding into the sand as she was punched, kicked, and stomped on.  Then, one of the Brotherhood bastards laughed for a bit then said, "Okay, who wants to f*ck this %*!@*?"  This was horrible, first they beat the living sh*t out of her and now they were going to *#?$ her?  What did she ever do to deserve something of this caliber?  She couldn't move barely an inch.  Her whole body felt like it was pounded with sledgehammers.  She sobbed, fearing the worst, but then she heard gunshots and saw one of the Brotherhood thugs fall in front of her dead.  She then felt her body being turned over and her eyes came face to face with a man she had never seen before.  He was a caucasian man about in his early 20s, but his accent sounded like it was spanish.  He had on a black motorcycle jacket with purple dragons on each side.  His hair was dyed a dark blue.  The man looked to her and asked her, "You alright?"  She couldn't remember much after that.  She had blacked out.  She did remember waking up in a hospital bed.  Apparently, the man who rescued her brought her to the hospital.


She recently found out that the man who saved her was the leader of the 3rd. St. Saints.  After a 7 week stint in the hospital, she paid a visit to their hideout, Purgatory.  There, she said to the leader, who most peopled called "Boss," she wanted to join and get revenge on the Brotherhood for what they had done.  That is how she became a Saint, but the truth had to be obscured.  Jessica snapped back to reality and said, "I used to live in Stilwater, but I got tired of it, so I moved to Steelport."  "A change of scenery, eh?"  Said Haley, that wonderful smile still on her face.  "You could say that."  Said Jessica.  The girls talked for a bit more and began to know eachother better.  Jessica was so caught up in the conversation, she didn't even realize how much time had passed.  She stopped for a little and glanced at Haley's alarm clock.  The time was 2:30 a.m.  "It's getting late.  I better go."  "Aww, can't you stay for a little more?"  Said Haley.  Jessica didn't seem to mind staying longer, in fact she would much rather do so then return to the Saints' Penthouse.  "What is it?"  She asked as she stared into Haley's pale blue eyes.  She had a look that appeared to be longing for something.  Haley looked off to the side, but Jessica could tell she was nervous about something.  "Don't be offended by this, but I wanted to ask you something?" She said, turning her eyes back to Jessica.


Jessica lightly responded, "Okay, shoot."  Haley then asked her, "Have you ever kissed a girl before?"  Jessica's heart fluttered, and her eyes widened.  She could feel her throat growing drier by the second.  She couldn't find the words to say at all.  Sure there was that time she did make out with some chick in college, but that was on a dare.  This was something more than just playing around.  "Not really, why?"  She said, her cheeks now a rosey red.  Haley responded insecurely, "Nothing, I was just asking."  Jessica then placed her hand on Haley's thigh ever so softly and said, "What if I said I wanted to?"  She then pressed her lips against Haley's.  Haley backed away for a moment, but then she kissed back with much more passion this time around.  As she kissed Jessica, she ran her fingers through her soft hair.  Jessica then fell back into the bed with Haley lying on top of her.  Both lips were still locked as Haley untied her corset and threw it aside.  Jessica did the same with her tube top.  She shut her eyes, feeling Haley's lips on her lips then on her neck.  Her head tilted back as she felt a wave of ecstasy overflow her.


Morning had arrived to reveal Jessica and Haley still wrapped up in eachother's arms.  The sun shined through the bedroom windows blanketing the room in a white light.  Jessica was the first to awake.  She lied there staring at Haley, still asleep.  She looked like an angel when she slept, so Jessica didn't want to disturb her.  She slowly got out of bed, dressed back in the clothes she had on the night before and softly kissed Haley on her cheek.  Jessica then slowly shut the door behind her and crept downstairs.  As she made her way to the living room, it dawned on her she didn't have to leave immediately.  She wanted to be with Haley a little longer.  She sat on the sofa and flipped on the television.  Apparently, channel 7 was doing a Nyteblade marathon.  There really wasn't much to watch at all on television these days.  She just ignored the crappy dialogue and the typical cliches used in the show.  Her mind was more focused on what had occurred last night.  She had just met this girl at a club who took her to her place and then had sex with her.  It was confusing, but the answer was sure to come to her.  Maybe she was in love with Haley, but did that mean Haley loved her too?  What if this was pretty much a one-night stand?  She was clouded so much in thought, that she didn't see Haley walking downstairs.  "Morning."  She said sleepily.  She must've recently got out of bed as her hair was still a mess and she was wearing a large, gray hoodie and nothing else.  "I had a wonderful time last night."  Said Jessica.  "I did too."  Haley responded.  "The funny thing about that is I've never been with a girl before.  This was all new to me."  Haley then looked Jessica straight in the eye and asked her, "Hey Jessica, when we know..doing it, did you feel something?"  "What do you mean?"  Asked Jessica, her heartbeat once again racing.  Haley continued, "I mean...did you feel like there was something between us?  Like..I don't know..a connection maybe?"

"Actually..I.." Jessica was cut off by the ringing of her cellphone.  She flipped it open and looked at the contact, it was Ty. "F*ck."  She muttered under her breath.  "What do you want?"  "Easy, girl."  Ty said jokingly on the other end.  "I was just wondering where you were.  Boss wants you back here, pronto."  "What for?"  Said Jessica begrudgingly.  "I'm perfectly able of watching myself.  I'm not a f*cking kid anymore."  "Just do as he says bi.." "Don't even go there, Ty.  You remember what happened the last time you called me a ?$*@%.  Anyways I need a ride back.  Come pick me up over in Ashwood.  I'll see you at  Nobody Loves Me."  "Ashwood?" Said Ty.  "Jessica are you f*cking crazy.  That's Deckers turf.  What the f*ck are you doing there?"  "None of your business, Ty." and with that, Jessica shut her phone and grumbled, "God he's such an ass."  "Who was it?"  Asked Haley.  Jessica smiled and said, "Nobody, just some guy I work with.  He keeps bugging me to go out with him, but he's such a jerk sometimes.  I asked him to pick me up at Nobody Loves Me, so I better get going."  "Oh..sure.."  Said Haley a little disheartened.  "Maybe we'll hang out again sometime."  "I'd love that."  Said Jessica as she kissed Haley on the cheek.  "Bye."  She walked out of the house, leaving Haley alone in the living room.  Haley curled up on the sofa and stared at the hardwood floor below.  "Actually you what?"  She whispered to herself.  "Does she love me?"  Her deep thought was interrupted by her cellphone.  The ringtone of her choice, "Downfall of us All." by A Day to Remember.  "Hello."  The voice on the other end was thick with a Russian accent.  "Haley, do you realize what time it is?"  "8:30, why?"  Responded Haley.  It then hit her like a bolt from the blue, "F*ck I'm late."  "Precisely."  said the voice on the other end.  "Mr. Loren expects his employees to be punctual.  Ruining an opportunity such as this could spell dire consequences for you."  "I get it already, Boris."  Grumbled Haley.

"I'm glad."  Said Boris quite cynical.  "Mr. Loren is letting you off with a warning this time.  If you wish to appease him, I expect you come to Syndicate Tower as soon as possible.  The next time around, Mr. Loren will carve out those pretty eyes of yours.  Do you understand, Haley?"  "Yes."  Said Haley begrudgingly.  She hung up the phone and went to her bedroom.  She put on the corset she wore last night, but over that corset she put on a dark red overcoat with a pink star pinned to its collar.  Just as Jessica didn't want her to know she was a Saint, Haley refused to tell Jessica that she was actually an assassin working for the Morning Star.  She looked into the mirror one last time to see not the face of a beautiful woman, but the mask of a mass murderer.  She truly hated what she had become. 

Meanwhile outside of Nobody Loves Me, Jessica crossed her arms and tapped her foot impatiently on the concrete.  She had been stuck there for hours and was growing angrier by the second.  "For f*cks sake, Ty."  She said to herself.  "How long does take to get over here?"  Soon, Ty pulled up in his purple Neuron with gold rims.  He kept calling it his pimpmobile, and as usual he was pumping K-Rhyme out of his speakers.  "Took you long enough."  Jessica said sarcastically as she flung open the passenger door and slammed it shut.  "Geez,..the f*ck's your problem."  Laughed Ty.  Jessica merely shot him a dirty look signaling to him that he needs to shut his mouth and just drive.  Doing so, Ty punched the gas and drove off.  "Do you have to drive like a f*cking maniac?"  Yelled Jessica over the reving of the engine.  Ty, in typical fashion, replied with, "I'm a Saint.  I can do whatever the f*ck I want."  "That doesn't mean getting us killed."  Hollered Jessica.  "What did the boss want?"  "I'm not sure.  He just wants all the Saints back at the penthouse for some reason."  Said Ty.  This didn't really convey much information to Jessica.  Were the Saints planning something huge?  Were they going to attack the Morning Star again?  What the hell was the boss up to?  Due to Ty's driving like a bat out of hell, they soon arrived at the penthouse.  The boss, Pierce, and Shaundi were waiting outside next to a pearl white Sovereign.  "Brought her back, boss."  Ty said as he jumped out of his Neuron.  The boss looked stern in the face.  It was the face he usually had when he was determined to kill someone by any means necessary.  "Where were you?"  He said facing Jessica.  Jessica felt like a teenager who just broke curfew. 

"You said I could take the day off, boss, so I.." "So you what?"  Said the boss interrupting  Jessica.  "Ty already told me you went to Ashwood.  Do you realize what could've happened to you down there?"  "They're just Deckers boss."  Said Jessica trying to defend herself.  "They're like you said, just bitches with keyboards."  "That doesn't mean they won't hesitate to kill you."  Said the boss in a stern tone.  "I already have one Saint dead.  I don't need another."  Jessica knew the boss was talking about Gat.  He never showed it but deep down inside, the Boss was suffering from the loss of not only a Saint, but his best friend.  "Now, I've got something to take care of.  Go up to the penthouse with the rest of the Saints and stay there."  The boss and his lieutenants then climbed into the Sovereign and drove off.

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Haley had just pulled into the underground parking garage of the Syndicate tower.  Before she killed the ignition on her Torch, she checked her hair in the rearview mirror and fixed what parts were messed up.  As she stepped out, she was greeted by none other than Boris, who at this point began to lecture her, "Why are you not in proper attire?"  He was clearly talking about Haley's black skinny jeans with a leg holster attached to one side and a tactical knife on the other.  "I'm not wearing a G-string, Boris."  Said Haley.  "I'm an assassin, not a ?#*%."  Boris just glared at her with a "suit yourself" attitude and motioned for her to follow him to the elevator.  He pressed the button for the top floor and closed the doors.  Haley kept quiet as the elevator lifted her and Boris to the top floor, but Boris soon broke that silence, "I don't see what Mr. Loren sees in you.  In my eyes, you are just a little brat."  "Maybe you should learn how to use a sniper rifle then."  Retorted Haley.  Boris shut up at that moment, but the anger was clearly burning inside him.  As the elevator reached its destination, the doors opened to reveal a large board room.  Gathered around the long conference table were Loren's associates.

On one side there was Matt Miller, leader of the Deckers.  Haley had a few run-ins with Matt, even when she humiliated one of his lieutenants.  On the other side of the conference table was Killbane, an arrogant masked wrestler who led the Luchadores.  Haley always thought Killbane was nothing more than a selfish bastard.  Standing at the end of the table were Loren’s personal assistants, Viola and Kiki Dewynter.  Haley was on good terms with Kiki, but Viola on the other hand hated her guts.  Taking her place at the table, Haley sat in one of the comfortable office chairs and propped her feet on the table, much to everyone’s dismay and asked, “Where’s Loren?”  Boris was once again quick to scold, “You will address him as Mr. Loren.”  Just as Boris took his seat, into the board room walked Phillipe Loren, leader of the Morning Star and Chairman of the Syndicate.

 “Gentlemen,” he said taking his rightful seat at the far end of the table.  “And ladies.  As you may know by now, the Saints have become a much bigger threat than we have assumed them to be.  Most of my men were wiped out in the ensuing battles the other day.  I believe the time has come for me to unveil my most cherished project at this moment.  I would like to introduce you to Mr. Johnny Gat.”  Everyone looked towards the elevator as two Morning Star thugs drug in a man who looked like he’d been through a brutal ordeal.  Haley couldn’t help but gaze at him.  His eyes were those of fierce wolf.  He looked like if he broke out of the chains that bound him, he’d snap Loren’s neck in an instant.  Suddenly those fierce eyes met hers in a glare that struck fear into her heart.   “Mr. Gat is the highest ranking lieutenant of the 3rd St. Saints.  His ferocity is remarkable.”  “Damn right.”  Said Killbane.  “That guy’s a f*cking beast.”  Gat then growled at Loren, “Trust me frenchy, once I get out of these chains, I’m coming for your ass.”

Loren laughed at Gat then backhanded him before continuing, “Once we have harvested his DNA, we can create an army that our enemies have never seen the likes of.  We will crush the Saints and anyone who stands in our way.”  “But Mr. Loren,” interrupted Matt.  “What will become of the original cloning project of Oleg Kirrlov?”  Loren answered, “Mr. Kirrlov has developed disastrous results.  The brutes are nothing more than an abomination.  I will offer the remaining brutes as hired muscle to the Deckers and to the Luchadores, but as for Mr. Kirrlov, his fate is undetermined.”  Haley butted in with, “What about the Saints?”  Everyone’s eyes then turned to her.  “Someday they’ll find out Gat isn’t dead.  They’ll come looking for him.”  “That is nothing to fear, Ms. Haley.”  Said Loren.  “I have already calculated that happening and have taken the liberty in giving them back Mr. Gat.”  Haley didn’t quite follow what Loren was talking about until another Morning Star thug dragged in what appeared to be an exact copy of Gat.  Loren then pulled out his gold plated .45 Shepherd and blew the clone’s brains out.  “I believe the Saints will be attending Mr. Gat’s funeral sometime soon.”

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Loren motioned for his goons to drag the newly-dead Gat copy away and continued explaining his plans to use clones of Gat as an unstoppable force.  Gat clenched his fists as he listened to "frenchy" drone on about this atrocity.  "You're more of a sick f*ck than I thought."  He said nonchalantly, further infuriating Loren.  "So you just kidnap some random f*cker and think you can play God?  Think again ****, no one f*cks with Johnny Gat."  Burning, Loren called to the goons, "Silence this disrespectful bastard."  One of the goons then pistol-whipped Gat, knocking him out cold.  Haley winced as she saw Gat's jaw busted by the back of a .45 Shepherd.  As much as she wanted to put an end to Loren, she knew she had to obey orders for the sake of her life.  Loren then lit up a cigarette and said, "This meeting is adjourned."  And with that, every gang leader and whoever else was in the board room left.  Haley was making her way out of the building until she was stopped by Loren, "Ms. Haley, I have another assignment for you."  "Who is it this time?"  She asked.  It seemed as though she couldn't go a single day without killing anyone.  While most assassins only saw dollar signs through their weapons' sights, Haley saw a human being, someone who had a life, a family, a person who doesn't deserve to die.  Loren had no sympathy for her compassion, it was either kill or be killed.  Loren threw down a black and white photo of a caucasian man with spiky, anime style hair, "This man is the leader of the Saints.  Mr. Killbane has set up an ambush on the Hughes Memorial Bridge.  You will go with him and eliminate this target."  "Why the bridge?"  Inquired Haley.  Loren took a drag on his cigarette and answered, "Were you not listening earlier?  I had clearly stated the Saints will be burying the late Mr. Gat.  They will be heading back to Stilwater on the bridge."  Haley couldn't believe the nerve of Loren.  Attacking a funeral procession?  It was immoral, there was no way she'd agree to it, but she was forced to.  "Do you understand now?"  "Yes...Mr. Loren."  Said Haley quietly, her head held down.


Suddenly, a large explosion rocked the building.  Boris rushed into the board room shouting, "Mr. Loren, the Saints are attacking the building.  We need to get you out of here."  "Do not worry."  Said Loren unphased.  "They won't make it this far.  Release the brutes and gather your best men.  We will show the Saints the Syndicate is a force to be reckoned with.  Ms. Haley, go with this man and do as you are told."  Haley nodded and raced after Boris who had just left the room.  She ran to the armory and grabbed two D4TH Blossoms with armor-piercing rounds and a Nocturne sword.  "Do you think you need all of that?"  Said Boris reloading his TEK Z-10.  Haley quickly responded, "We're fighting Saints, what do you think?"  Gunfire echoed through the halls as Haley charged into battle wielding her dual SMGs.  The Saints had made their way into the Syndicate’s R&D facility and were gunning down anyone who stood in their way.  Haley jumped out of the way as a barrage of bullets peppered the wall next to her and opened fire on the Saints.  To her surprise, there were only three of them, the leader and his lieutenants.  The leader mowed down a battalion of Morning Star soldiers with his K8 Krukov while shouting obscenities.


Haley couldn’t believe her eyes.  This man was unstoppable, there was no way she could kill a target as powerful as him.  “Don’t even think of retreating, Haley!”  Boris hollered over the gunfire.  “We have to hold them back until Mr. Loren is secure!”  Haley could care less about Phillipe.  The sick bastard just announced to her that he was going to attack the Saints in their weakest moment, truly an act of cowardice.  She was about to run until a bullet grazed her arm, dropping her to the ground.  She yelped as the brass projectile sliced into her arm like a katana.  Crawling back to cover through the mass of bodies, Haley leaned against the steel plated wall, threw off her red coat, and bandaged her wound.  Boris was still unloading his TEK Z-10 into the Saints, but his bullets hit nothing.  He then cried over the roar of battle, “Pull back!”  The remnants of his soldiers retreated, but the Saints were still killing them by the hundreds.  Haley and another Morning Star soldier laid down cover fire to buy Boris and the others some time, but they were quickly left behind.  “Sh*t!”  She yelled as her SMG jammed.  She quickly threw it aside and picked up a K8 from the ground and continued firing, but it was too late.  The leader of the Saints first grabbed the man accompanying Haley and threw him against the wall, killing him instantly.  He then sat his sights on Haley.  In a forced motion, Haley chunked the K8 at him and charged forward with her Nocturne drawn.  She slashed the heavy blade back and forth at the leader, but he was agile enough to dodge every blow.  Haley, in vain kept striking at the leader, but her attack was ended with a kick to the abdomen.  She fell to the cold ground in pain.  Slowly recovering, she looked up to see the muzzle of a .45 Shepherd pointed right at her.  The leader then %!$?#@ back the hammer and said, “This one’s for Johnny.”

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Haley couldn’t believe it.  She was going to die right there and never see Jessica ever again.  She would never know the truth.  “Please, don’t.”  She whimpered, begging for her life.  Tears began to roll down her cheeks as the leader of the Saints evidently showed no sympathy for her.  Realizing death was closer than ever, Haley shut her eyes.  The gun fired, but shockingly she was still alive.  She opened her eyes to see a brute had attacked the leader before he could pull the trigger.  Haley used this as an opportunity to escape.  She looked back to see the other lieutenants, a black man and a Caucasian woman, were still in pursuit of her, but were caught off guard by their leader yelling, “Pierce, Shaundi, let the !@*?$ go.  Phillipe’s the one we’re after.”  Haley was relieved that the leader called off his attack dogs.  She ran as far as she could until she reached the nerve center of the R&D facility.  This was where the brutes were created, all from the DNA of Oleg Kirrlov.  Oleg remained suspended in the DNA extraction machine.  He was halfway asleep until Haley kicked the door in, desperately looking for an escape route.  While most of the Morning Star treated Oleg as a science experiment, Haley was more sympathetic to the gentle giant.  “Oh, it’s you again.”  Said Oleg, barely out of energy.  The DNA extractor had taken too much blood out of him; he was nearly on the brink of death.

“If I stay in this infernal contraption any longer, I will not make it.”  Haley assured Oleg, “Don’t worry; I’ll get you out of there.”  She pulled at the bindings on Oleg’s feet, but it was no use.  “The only way to set me free is to release the locks, but the machine must be shut off first.”  Said Oleg.  “What happens if I shut off the machine?”  She asked quickly.  “The extraction process will stop.  Do not worry; it will in no way put my life in jeopardy.”  Haley ran to the extractor’s control interface and slammed the off button.  The machine powered down and the air-locks soon released, but Oleg was still suspended.  “I’m sorry, Oleg.  I tried all I could.”  Cried Haley.  The giant looked down at her and said, “I understand.  You must leave, or your life will be in danger as well.  Goodbye, Haley.”  Wiping the tears from her eyes, Haley darted away from the R&D facility and down the main hallway.  The exit was just on the other side, finally a way out of this death trap.  Freedom was just in her grasp, until she was tackled to the ground by a familiar face.

“I bet you remember me.”  It was Gat.  He had escaped and was out for blood.  “Let me go.”  Haley yelped as she struggled to break free of Gat’s grip.  His firm hand tightened around Haley’s frail neck, choking the life out of her, “Because of you f*ckers I got turned into a g*ddamn science experiment, but that ain’t gonna happen again.  I’ll make sure it doesn’t.”  In an attempt to escape, Haley bashed Gat’s head with her fist, forcing him to drop her.  She was on the run once again, but Gat was close behind her.  “You ?@!%*!  I’m gonna rip your f*cking heart out!”  Roared Gat.  Haley finally made it to the exit and slammed the door behind her.  Gat was still in pursuit of her.  “Dammit, does he ever give up?”  Haley thought as she continued on the path of escape.  She made it to the garage, only to find it flooded with Saints and worst of all, a bomb powerful enough to level the entire building.  Haley couldn’t believe it, she was trapped.  She had a madman on one side and an army of Saints on the other.  There was only one exit left, and that was through the main lobby.  Haley was on her way there, until she was once again restrained by Gat.  “Thought you could get away from me, did ya?”  He growled as he pulled Haley to the ground by her hair.  Haley was once again in a situation of begging for her life, “You have to listen to me.  There’s a bomb in the building.  If we don’t get out, we’re all f*cking dead.”  “Bullsh*t.”  Said Gat.

Gat then turned to see more Morning Star thugs charging right at him.  “Alright fine, but you’re getting me out of here.”  Pulling Haley up from the ground, Gat held her as a human shield with Haley’s tactical knife drawn at her neck.  “Where’s the exit?”  “It’s that way.”  Haley Said as Gat dragged her behind him.  Gat knew exactly where they were going now, “So we’re going through the lobby.”  Just then, a Morning Star thug was about to off Gat, but in the nick of time, Gat threw the knife right at the henchman’s head.  “This should come in handy.”  He said as he knelt down and picked up the dead man’s .45 Shepherd.  Haley would’ve seen this as an opportunity to run, but she knew Gat would gun her down before she moved a muscle.  “You’re name’s Gat, right?”  She asked.  Gat sarcastically replied, “F*ck no, it’s the Dali Llama.”  “Whatever.”  Said Haley.  “Just follow me, the lobby’s this way.”  Gat followed behind Haley as they made their way through the main lobby and out front door.  At that moment, Gat rushed out into the street, stopped an oncoming vehicle and threw the driver out saying, “Thanks, I always wanted one of these.”  Haley jumped into the passenger seat as Gat punched the gas, driving as far away as possible from the Syndicate Building.   

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cant explain why im the only one replying... i love it =)

u did a great job

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Thanks.  I'll have another chapter up as soon as possible.  I'm glad you like it.

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i really love it, its a fresh idea, and im glad to read/see johnny alive =D

i wanted to rwite a story either, but my english skills suck at this point =D

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I like it a lot, IDK why ppl aren't replying. XD People aren't replying much at all on these forums, my story is suffering as well. :/

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I like it a lot, IDK why ppl aren't replying. XD People aren't replying much at all on these forums, my story is suffering as well. :/

Seriously?  That's weird.  "Shaundi's Side" is like the most popular in the Steelport Stories section.