Saints Row-Chapter 6-Back on the Map!
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As Chris was walking to his car,after the Roller crash.He received another text from Julius,it read,"Hey playa,com 2 tha church,Tha rows ours again!!".Chris hopped in his car and drove back to the church,where all the saints were having a meeting.When Chris arrived Julius then began a speech,"Ok everybody,we got some serious sh*t to discuss.Yeah we cleared out the Row,do you think for a second thats gonna stop em'?Unless we wipe all these mothaf*ckas' out they gonna keep coming.Now Dex i want you taking out the Carnale,The Lopez brothers are crazy mothafu*kas',theres a reason they still around."."Got it."Repliying Dex."Troy,you got the Vice Kings."said Julius."Not a chance."dissapointly replying Troy."**** YOU SAY!!?"yelled Julius as he looked at Troy with dissapointment."You scared of going against Benjamin King?"Julius asked Troy calmly.Just as Julius was done finishing his sentence Johnny came out from the audience and yelled,"F*CK THAT,i'll take King out."

"Johnny,it aint that simple."replied Julius."Bullets still kill mothafu*kas' right?Doesnt get much simpiler than that."Said Johnny as he was grinning.Julius looked at Johnny straight in the eye,"Keep an eye on yo boy.".Dex later said,"Whos got the Rollerz?".Just as Dex finished his sentence a girl's voice came out of nowhere,"I do."said the girl.Then a Beautiful young girl entered the room,where a black leather camisole and blue track pants.When Chris saw her,he fell in love.Johnny then asked the girl,"Lin?The f*ck you wearing blue for?"as Julius answered,"I asked Lin to hook up with the Rollerz.".And a Saint then taunted Lin as he said,"I didnt know the Rollerz pimped hos."with Lin later punching him right in his face.Julius then interrrupted,"Alright people,its our time now,lets get this **** started.".Then all the Saints exited the room,As Chris catched up with Lin."Hey,im the new guy,Chris."said Chris."Umm,Hey you better not be a creep because i will chop your d*ck off."Replied Lin knowing that Chris wants to get with her.

"No,im not that kind of guy,and youre just drop dead gorgeous."replied Chris.Lin then looked at Chris grinning,"Fine,heres my phone number,but dont think your getting in my pants.".Chris later hopped in his ride,as he drove he couldnt stop thinking about Lin.
He couldnt help it,he was in love.Hes never been in love,Love was never an interest in life for Chris.Well..mainly because he lost his virginity at the age of 14.And got his first blow when he was 12.But Lin,made him feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.Even when he went home all he dreamt about was her.

                                                                                  September 18,Stilwater,USA

Chris got ready in the morning as quick as he can to start the day fresh.He checked his texts and saw he got one from Lin.It read,"Hey loverboy,if you wanna help take down the Rollerz then meet me at the Ultor Arena.XoXOx".Chris ran to his car and drove to the Arena as quick as he can.When he got there Lin was standing in the parking lot."Hey beauty."said Chris as he approached Lin."Look,were not dating,nor are we gonna f*ck each other,im just your partner for this,so dont get too excited."said Lin."Now,theres Roller convoy delivering auto parts for the Rollerz,i need you to go steal it and bring it to Samson.".Chris got in his car and drove to the truck .He drove as close to the truck next to the Passenger side.He then climbed out his car window,got to the roof of his car,and jumped to the truck before the car can crash.He then hung to the truck side and managed to climb to the passenger window.Chris pulled out his pistol and shot the trucker in the head.He took the wheel and started driving."This is too easy"said Chris to himself.

Just as he said that 3 Roller vehicle where chasing him.He stuck his pistol out and luckily shot a Roller right in the head.Leading to the car stopping in the middle of the highway causing a pileup between the 3 vehicles.Chris then drove to Samson's garage,and got a text from Lin saying,"Good Job,now meet me at the night club by the Suburbs we got something we need to discuss.".Chris hailed a taxi,now that he knows his Bootlegger is destroyed dude to just abandoning it in the middle of a highway jam.When the taxi approached the club,Chris walked in and saw Lin.She then held her hand out so Chris can grab them.She lead Chris to the dance floor,and they both  began to dance as they were talking."Now,Samson rigged the car parts you stole and sold them to the Rollerz."Lin said as she was dancing with Chris."Ok,so what does that solve?"Chris asked."Theres a race going down,at Chinatown.And i need you to go race,if your in the lead for the final stretch,there gonna hit naus to blow past you,and when they do....boom."Lin said as she was whispering.

Chris then walked out the club where Troy was waiting for him."The **** you doing here?"Asked Chris."Well were not gonna RACE,i got something better in mind.Here hop on."Said Troy as he entered a racecar."So,i see you looking at Lin all mushy gushy like."said Troy.
"No i havent,well maybe."said Chris as he was driving to the starting line."Well good luck,every guy in the Saints has been trying to get up in that piece of ass of Lin."replied Troy as he was looking out the window."Plus,i dont like the idea of Lin going undercover,once you roll with someone so much,you start thinking like them."said Troy.Chris approached the starting line,"Okay,so what we just stop here and let them get away?"."No."said Troy as he was grinning,"Were gonna scare them till they blow.".As Troy was finished talking the race started.The whole Race,Troy was yelling taunts to every single Roller to get them to hit nitrous,and make them blow up like The 4th Of July.

"Okay,drop me off here,good night kid,grab some sleep."said Troy as he left the car.Chris then got a text from Lin saying,"Good job,you deserve a date,meet me at the bar by Chinatown."

                                                                                  TO BE CONTINUED.....

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