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Accessing S.T.A.G confidential documents... Access granted.

August 11th, 2011: The Saints Ultor media group is created.

December 21st, 2012: The day came, and went. The Mayans were idiots.

May 3rd, 2015: The 3rd Street Saints attempt a bank robbery owned by the Syndicate. “Boss”, Shaundi, and Johnny Gat are taken aboard a plane headed for Steelport.

May 9th, 2015: An explosion goes off in Loren Tower.

May 10th, 2015: Hughes Memorial Bridge is attacked.

May12th, 2015: The S.T.A.G initiative is first announced.

May 13th, 2015: S.T.A.G is deployed to Steelport. Viola DeWynter is seen associating with the Saints.

May 1Wth, 2015: A plane crashes into Arapice Island, causing a chain reaction that reanimates the bodies of the dead. Mayer Reynolds has confirmed that the problem has been taken care of, but the undead still lurk on the island. Reynolds has also been seen associating with the Saints, as well as his personal S.W.A.T team.

GHBVay >F0th, 2015: The 3rd Street Saints buy out Friendly FIRE giving them access to better weapons and equipment. MatRF’A Miller boards a plain back to England.

DGGGggHD83, Murder Brawl 4RF21akes place, with the leader of the Saints winning, unmasking Kill2ane.

JO34R;[0Bhe Specter and Satchel charges have been acquired by S.T.A.G. The Thermopylae has been sunk.

May 29th, 2015: A explosion has caused theSNFK;monument to fall, with the bo.;2 of Viola De242KO[ and Shaundi found in the rubble. The body of KillBane has also been found in the wreckage of an airplane. The airship Daedalus has also been destroyed with the death of Cyrus Temple . The wreckage of the Daedalus can be found in the northern parts of downtown. The rest of downtown is in rubble, with Loren tower now completely destroyed. With all of Steelport claimed by the Saints, declaring it a city state, the government has put S.T.A.G on the job to take the city back 24/7. A space station called Cassiopeia has been deployed above Steelport, with upgraded versions of the S.T.A.G aircraft serving as transports. Kia Williams, second in command before the death of Cyrus Temple; now leads the Steelport project. Josh Birk has joined up with S.T.A.G to take revenge on the “Boss” for letting Shaundi die. New gangs have been popping up out of the blue to have their shots at fame. If it comes down to it,. ThenBGFFFFFFFW;;BWFGW;;;;;JGWWWWWWWWGKSDKIRJWIO;RNHWUOGHINDKJ;WFNWEHNOUTHNEOWFHSDIKNFE[RHNIW[RHJ23URNBT3P9RYT73Y3EPEJK]JNFJWNBFFBOW[RW]3cssssjoln;;;;;;;;;;;;;;HR8PB3RNWEN[AWIFIKOPA[;'''FFDSSGNMJHGFD



SYSTEM MALFUCTION….. System recovered. Log in data has been lost, please recreate your profile.






 Blood Type:

 Hair color:

 Eye Color:



 Gang/Gang Style:




General Rules

  1. Anyone can join at any time, but they MUST post their character bio here. Even if your character is a mystery or something in the story, their actual bio must be placed here first.

  2. In the actual thread, you may only post in-character (IC).

  3. You have to post at least a paragraph. Try to be descriptive and make detailed, well written posts. Take your time. You must use good grammar and punctuation. Writing in a text document is recommended. This is only to help you, as people can get confused when they can’t understand what you just wrote.

  4. Your story and characters must make sense. Don't be random or weird. Remember it's a Saints Row RP, so only things that you'd see in a SR game.

  5. The story must take place in Steelport.

  6. You can take your time with an individual story, but if you're interacting with another player, you must try to respond within 24 hours, or the other person can move on without you.

 Character Rules

  1. These are rules for your characters.

  2. Any character that you create is copyrighted to you (or Volition), so no one else can steal or copy your stuff.

  3. You can NOT control anyone else's character but your own. Not even something as small as their reaction to something. Leave that to the other player.

  4. However, you can "see" or hear about the other characters. By that I mean, say my character is blowing up downtown; anyone can see that and then interact with me.

  5. You don't have to be a Saint. You could be the leader of your own gang.

  6. You may use multiple characters in your story, but to make things easy, try to just play as one person.

  7. You have to play as an original character. (Someone you've made, not Volition or anyone else)

 Fight Rules

These are the rules for if you have an altercation with another character.

 -You can't forcibly hurt someone else's character.


 Billy shoots Megan in the leg.

 Nothing like that. You can, however, say something like:

 Example 2:

 Billy shoots three rounds at Megan.

 You can't kill or maim someone else's character. You can try, but the other person has to react.

 You can't be immortal or incredibly powerful from the beginning. Your character starts off like in the games. So you can't call an airstrike or throw eight pipe bombs out of nowhere. Likewise, you can't just dodge every attack in every single fight. It’s okay to run away from a fight unscathed, a few times, but don't ruin the game by trying to make your character the best at everything.

[-] Please check the box if you agree to these terms and conditions.


Alright boys and girls, those are the rules. I, Madame Marik, shall be the game-master, with you as the players. I would like to thank BlueXusion for pretty much setting the rules out for me, and for him starting the phenomenon known as Role Playing on this website. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and enjoy!

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This is a long version of a character sheet. If you want to take the time to type all this up, go ahead. If you want to keep it short, use the one above. I have added in history from Dean being used in other RP's, so role with it when you read it. This in no way means the things in those other RP's will take place in this one though.

__________Name Matrix__________
Name: Dean Spear
Uses: Dean
Alias: Blade
Self-Imposed: Dean Spear

__________Physical Matrix__________
Race: Human, Caucasian/Asian
True Age: 23
Appearing Age: 20's
Height: 5'7 1/2”
Weight: 130
Hair Style: Shoulder length, spiky
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Shape: Asian
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Pale
Blood Type: A

Left: N/A

Right: Yes

Ambidextrous: N/A


Tattoos: N/A

Scars: N/A

Birthmark: A circular blotch of brown pigmented skin located on the underside of his arm just under the pit.

Perfections: He is very slim, and had all around perfect features.
Imperfections: Has slight mental damage from seeing the maimed bodies of his parents, as well as death from people close to him.

__________Psychological-Sociological Matrix__________
Mind State: Calm and cool. Always examines the situation before making a choice.

Spirit Animal – Spider.

Powers: Artistic genius, ability to see patterns and sense trouble from a distance

As a Spider, you're artistic, intuitive, and independent—maybe even a little eccentric. You can become so absorbed in your endeavors that you lose track of the outside world and the people in it. But what you give in return is magic, pure and simple.

Personality/History: A good person at heart, he try’s to fight for justice, but can  get caught up in personal matters that might spiral him into doing anything he can to resolve it./Parents were in the Rollerz, Dad a tuner and mom a racer. When the Rollerz fell apart they realized how dangerous gang life could be and fled to Yokohama, Japan. Dean was born and at a young age took a liking to blades. By 13 he was top of the local Dojo for swordplay.

Kazuo Akuji, leader of the Ronin in Japan got wind of dads skill with cars and sent a team to recruit him. The order was "He joins or dies", and dad did not want to go back to that life. By this time Dean was 19. When he got home from the Dojo he was in shock. His parents cold corpses were lying lifeless on the floor with a large pool of blood around them. He left home that night with his katana, his mothers gold necklace, and his fathers revolver and vowed to find and kill every person who was involved with the murder of his parents.

He tracked and killed every man on the team that was sent to recruit his father and only doing it with his katana, giving him the nickname "Blade". He decided to rest in a small town, and found that a school was being attacked. This was just after the confirmation that vampires were real, and they were connected to this. A group known as Shield of Man was after the princess of all vampires (Rachel Alucard). After helping defend the princess alongside her bodyguard and maid (Alice Rossouw of the van Hellsing family), Dean was taken in to train and hopefully learn some new techniques. Once arriving at the Alucard castle Dean went to the built in gym to train. He faught a vampire there and lost right when the fight started, by the vampires arm being shoved into his torso. (All the intelligence known at the moment.)

His search eventually led him to Stilwater, but he was too late to kill Kazuo, the Saints beat him to it. He decided to live in Stilwater for awhile to try and make a name for himself in America. He did odd jobs every now and then, until the destruction of the battle at the Phillips building brought him to join S.T.A.G by means of Colonel General Bulgion Hitam. Hitam became a mentor of Dean, and a father figure. Under him, Dean learned the 'Gun Kata' technique, which has been known to have saved his life in the past.

His dealings with S.T.A.G came to a stop after the death of Hitam caused by Acena Gorm and Desmond Wright, supposed members of the Third Street Saints. Not truly joining with the Saints, he observed their dealings in a peaceful manner. He became a clear enemy again when a member of the Saints known as Shane Dearg killed Dean's best friend Kenji Norokan. The revival of the street gang known as the Ronin also brought him into a state of hostility, and he departed on a suicide mission to kill the whole gang. His mission failed as expected, and Dean's life was spared by Desmond and ironically Shane came to his aid and brought him to a hospital.

For reasons unknown at the moment, he was taken from the hospital and brought to the pyramid, a secret underground lab, to be tested on a nanite experiment. Results were fantastic, and seeing the success of the nanites, Dean made a request that he be put back in them so his appearance could be altered to stay undercover to observe the Saints once more.

He chose to become Katrina Shepherd, and the transformation was a success. He stayed undercover until a organization by the name of the Syndicate attacked the Halloween costume party the Saints were having in their HQ Purgatory. Dean was eventually captured by a Elite lieutenant (Elite being one of the sub-gangs apart of the Syndicate. The Elite were actually known by the Luchadores starting off, but the leader of the Stilwater branch Remy changed it. The other sub-gangs are the Deckers, and Morning Star.) and brought to an unknown tower where he was then brought to the top floor where Remy subsided.

Upon the advancing Saints that hoped to kill Remy, he and Dean made their escape in a helicopter, and set the building off with explosives. The Saints survived though, and Desmond Wright as well as Acena Gorm gave chase in a Specter (A hover-bike designed to be used by S.T.A.G). The helicopter eventually crashed, and the Saints fled. Amazingly both Dean and Remy survived. Dean then left Remy to go back to his home and gather his belongings. The next day he boarded a plane heading to Steelport, hoping to join back up with S.T.A.G. (All the intelligence known at the moment.)

Views: Fights for the good guys, on the good side of the law. He is also a Christian, as his family before him.

Mind’s World: A world where crime and chaos can be caged and monitored, where everyone can live in peace. Unless you are the cause of the chaos, you will be fine.

Class: Swordsman

Sub-Class: Gunman

Occupation: Military (S.T.A.G)
Aligned: Peace, the light
Marital Status: N/A
Sexuality: Strait
Status: Single
Likes: Swords, Cleanliness, The color blue, Cheesecake                                                                 Dislikes: Most guns, Dirt,The Ronin, Cheaters, unneeded body hair.

__________Family Matrix__________
Family: Spear, Nakamura
Father: Erich Spear
Mother: Yukiko Nakamura
Other: Unknown

__________Armament Matrix__________

Without Armor:

Head: N/A

Body: Tight wool shirts

Feet:. Blue high tops

Hands:Fingerless fighting gloves

Lower body: Skinny jeans, Cargo shorts, Jeans

Armor: S.T.A.G Power armor

Primary Weapon:

Class: High class metal katana/Twin six shot revolvers

Maker: Kigo Craftsman Co./Friendly Fire


        Length: 3 foot (Without hilt)

        Mass: 10 Lb's

        Thickness: 1/8th an inch

        Perfections: High grade steel, very sharp, very thin

        Imperfections: Long and heavy, takes training to wield it.

        Past: Been with Dean since making.


        Length: 3 inches each

        Mass: 5 pounds each

        Thickness: 1 inch each

        Perfections: high grade steel, 'Hate' is newer

        Imperfections: 'Love' is older

        Past: 'Love' used to belong to his father until hid death. When Dean arrived at Steelport he got another pistol named 'Hate' and had love altered. The reason why they are named is because his fathers gun got the Kantoese symbol for love put on the grip, while the new one got the symbol for hate.

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Name: Killian

Age: 22

Sex: Male

Height: 6'9"

Weight:223lb, 205lb of his weight is muscle, 

Blood Type: AB+

Hair Color/Style: Anime style, jet black.

Eye Color: Milky

Likes: Free running, playing his guitar, women

Dislikes: Fighting without purpose

Gang/Gang Style: He is not in a gang, even if he joins, all he wants is peace.

Clothing: Black tee shirt, saints loose fit jeans, white ultras

Biography/Description: Killian is a mellow person. But he doesn't know anything about his life, except for his age and first name. He lives in the streets. Killian sits on a sidewalk and plays his guitar for money. From a small crowd he makes about ten dollars. This gives him food and a drink at the end of the day. He can play a good song to make someones day end well. If your sad, Killian can change that. Many people listen to his music by forming a crowd. He hopes to get new friends that care about him so he can eventually help end the madness going on in Steelport.

Comments are welcome as well as feedback.

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Name: Desmond Wright

Age: 27 Years (as of the October following the events in Steelport)

Sex: Male

Height: 6'1” approximately

Weight:207 Lbs. Low body-fat percentage (<12%) p="">

Blood Type: O+

Hair Color: Dark Brown, not styled but not ragged or dirty

Eye Color: Blue

Likes: Skye Fuller, custom weapons, fast cars, whiskey on the rocks, loud rock music, fire works, coffee, his guns Milly, Torch and Velvet

Dislikes: traffic laws, talking about his family, selfish acts, STAG, the Syndicate, being shot

Gang/Gang Style: Formerly the Saints the Saints, but he doesn't really work with them anymore. No specific style of his own. If he's going to join a gang, they better care more about each other than making a profit.

Clothing: Anything casual. Button up shirts, tees, hoodies and sweaters, jeans and khakis, running shoes or sneakers.

Description: Desmond is slightly tall, but his height wouldn't get him notice. But being better than 200 pounds of mostly muscle could get him noticed. He's good looking, but not in a pretty boy, girly-man kind of way. He's loyal to his friends, and cool under pressure, though his temper is, as has been documented, both a dangerous vice and a powerful weapon, depending on when it strikes.

Physically, Desmond has mother the martial talent and the strength to kill a man in full kevlar body armor with his bare hands. He's a pretty damn good shot too, and, mostly thanks to his temper, he has a high pain tolerance.

After two of his best friends, Shane and Acena, were killed by Syndicate gangsters, Desmond has gone from hating the Syndicate to despising them. He hates STAG too. But Desmond doesn't entirely trust the Saints' infamous “Boss” anymore, after the Boss left Shaundi to die at a STAG staged terrorist act in order to go after Killbane. Desmond really is more of a neutral force at this point. STAG troops, Syndicate hit men, and Saints bangers alike are all taking shots at him, and getting royally ****ed up for the attempt.

In a fight, Desmond fights hard, and fights dirty. He may now know Gun Kata, but Desmond knows how to throw punches like a pro boxer, and knows all the nastiest, most brutal ways to hurt another human being in hand-to-hand combat. He's a big fan of strikes to the throat and eyes, both of which can end a fight in an instant when done properly. Also, because of his build, and height, he has a good low center of gravity and a lot of natural strength, making him dangers in very close quarters, when he can get his hands on his enemy/opponent.

Unique Weapons: Milly: A customized Raging Judge Magnum auto loader, desgined specially to be able to fired shotgun shells or high caliber magnum bullets

Torch: A customized AA-12 Combat Shotgun, firing rate of 300 shells per minute, or 5 per second. Specifically designed to account for the relative unreliability of "Dragon's Breath" shells, which fire a 30 foot long bust of fire from the barrel, as well as standard issue buckshot. Torch's barrel is razor sharp, making it effectively function as a bayonet in close quarters. Like all AA-12 Shotguns, Torch is an extremely reliable weapon, never needing to be clean, lubricated, and firing accurately even under harsh conditions.

Velvet: Mostly an AK-47, Velvet has the barrel of a sniperrifle. The inside of "Her" barrel is designed to fire "Tumbler Rounds," which, unlike other high velocity rounds, still tumble along their trajectory without losing a significant amount of speed. Velvet is extremely accurate, bt fires only single shots. Designed for longer range fire fights.

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Name: Skye Fuller

Age: 24 Years, Birthday in December

Sex: Female

Height: 5'8” Approximately

Weight: 126 Lbs. Approximately, slim, but in good shape cardio wise

Blood Type: A-

Hair Color: Bright Blonde, no highlights, no dyes

Eye Color: Green

Likes: Desmond Wright, computers, fashion, coffee, quiet time, comedy shows

Dislikes: Blood, new people, government officials, STAG, the Syndicate, knives, needles

Gang/Gang Style: No gang affiliation. Formerly of the Clovers. Four leaf clover tattoo on left upper arm

Clothing: Anything that looks good, really. Tank tops, tight jeans, high heels. Past experiences made he feel dirty, feel used. Dressing up nicely makes her feel better about herself.

Description: Skye is generally a quiet, none violent person. She wasn't always quiet, but the past has a funny way of changing the future. She is very nervous of people that she doesn't already know, and is slow to trust anyone. Skye doesn't like to be touched by other people, and likes to wear sunglasses, so that she doesn't have to look people in the eyes. If confronted, she generally falls into flash backs of traumatic experiences, making her useless for interrogation.

Skye used to be romantically involved with Desmond. There are still feelings left between then, but right now isn't exactly the best time to act on said feelings. Still, she's not going out and looking for other guys to date or hook up with, and Desmond, “with” her or not, has always been there for her when she needed him. When no one else was there.

She's got the technical chops to make Kinzie Kensington and Matt Miller look bad.

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Name: Dr. Richard Fellows

Age: 61 Years

Sex: Male

Height: 5'10” Approximately

Weight: 163 Lbs. Approximately

Blood Type: O-

Hair Color: Gray

Eye Color: Brown

Likes: Science, math, engineering, philosophy, chess, evolution, technology

Dislikes: Liars, hypocrites, idiots, incompetence, people who get in his way

Gang/Gang Style: No affiliation, works for the government to an extent.

Clothing: Suit and tie, or lab coat while working.

Description: Doctor Richard Fellows is, by any interpretation of the word, a genius. With an IQ that closes in on 200, a Doctorate Degree in Biochemistry, Medicine, and Bioengineering, and a Master's Degree in Theoretical Physics, Mathematics, and Chemical Engineering, he essentially has a highly functional knowledge of all things science.

Dr. Fellows was once a close friend of Victor Amsel (deceased), who was a Doctor of Psychology. Fellows shares his dead friend's love of animal study, though he looks at them from a more physical point of view.

Unlike his old friend though, Richard Fellows isn't a psychopath. He's a driven, ambitious man, with goals that he keeps to himself.




Name: Jonathan Crowe

Age: 32 Years, though his aging has being drastically slowed by Dr. Fellows' genetic alterations

Sex: Male

Height: 5'11" Approximately

Weight: 181 Lbs. Approximately

Blood Type: A-

Hair Color: Black, clean cut

Eye Color: dark brown

Likes: Native history, sniper rifles, adrenaline rushes

Dislikes: STAG, the Saints, the Syndicate

Gang/Gang Style: None.

Clothing: Casual and loose fitting. Tee shirts, casual slacks, running shoes, etc.

Description: Half native American, Jonathan Crowe is a former SWAT Sergeant who joined the military in his mid twenties, and was asked to join STAG, given his particular talent for both sniping and urban combat. He is a natural athlete, and a brave man.

Jonathan is out for revenge against the people who caused him to be killed. STAG, the Saints, The Syndicate. With Dorctor Fellows backing him up, Jonathan Crowe feels, and may very well be, invincilbe. If his body can recover from being destroyed by an explosion, what can't it recover from?

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Kojote and Spriggs, I want you guys to keep the character sheets as close to the ones that are premade. You can add stuff, but you can not leave anything out. If you guys can break the rules, then everyone can, and that will not happen. Also Spriggs, you need to work on your writing. If you read the rules it will tell you everything, but I ama bit scared at the writing level of your bio.

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Hey Marik, if Desmond isn't a Saint anymore, then its possible the he and Dean will be able to be on the same side of a fight. By the way, right now, as I'm typing this, you have 666 posts. As an Iron Maiden fan, that rocks my world =D


Oh, when does the IC thread go up?

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Name: Jane smith 

Age: 38

Sex: female


weight: 170 

Blood type: A+

Hair and color: cheerleader, black

style: saints hoodie down,21 pants, hayday super shifts, anime kitty back pack

Eye color: blue

likes: money,and profcesser Genki shows

Hates: bombs, stupid people, and jail

Bio: Jane was the basic gangster she was popular in the thrid saints but since she was getting older she got out the gang and got married she tried to get out of the life because she wanted to live a more peaceful life. Jane gotten married and thought everything was going perfectly for her til a group of STAG commandos attacked her home she surived the attack but her husband gotten captured.

If you read this then I am robbing you as you read this and if you turn around I'll scare the Ish out of you I mean it
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How about that Marik.

Can't wait till this thing gets underway.

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