Saints Row-Chapter 4-Welcome to the 3rd Street Saints
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*WARNING-Some events in this thread may not be similar to the game!I changed some things to make IT more realistic and entertaning.ENJOY!!

                                                                         September 14,2006,Stilwater Saints Row,USA

*BANG.That was the only sound Chris heard at the moment."You okay,playa?"Said a young looking man,the man was wearing purple turtleneck,with a Trenchcoat,he alsohad a driver's cap."Uh,yeah"Replied Chris,looking at the deceased VK member that almost shot him.
"Whatchu doin in Saints Row playa?,these streets is cold."Said the man."Im looking for a home,Well an apartment atleast."Said Chris.
"Ok,can we skip the chit-chat we need to get the **** out of here,Julius."Said another man wearing a dark purple polo,with blue jeans,and a
ciggarette in his mouth.

"So,youre names,Julius huh?"Said Chris."Yes,and thats Troy."Replied Julius."WOOH WOOH,Man you dont who he is,he can a Carnales or a VK!"Yelled Troy as he approached Julius.Julius then helped Chris get up."Whats yo name,playa?"Curiously said Julius."My momma told me not to talk to strangers.".Julius then laughed,"heh,You a funny one,playa.".Chris looked at Julius,"Fine,im Chris,Chris....Thats all."
"Chris,Nice name,anyways if you wanna help the saints get back on there feet,we gotta show these mothaf*ckas who we are.".Chris then
had a grin in his face,"Ill,stop by the"

"Okay playa,ill be hoping to see you,Tommorow,twelve AM,be there.".Julius and Troy later walk away ,as Chris wonders what he got him self into. 

                                                       -September 15,2006,Stilwater,Saints Row,USA

*YAWN.Chris slowly wakes up,checking his watch.****!!His watch reads 12:46****,i need to meet Joe and Tom,or whatever there f*cking name was.Chris then arrives at the church knowing that this is his time to be a man and do what he has to do.Julius sees Chris entering building,"Hey,there you are playa,i was beginning to think you werent gonna show up."."Yeah,well you know me,well not actually,seeing as we just met last night."Chris said nervously."Well let me introduce you to all the Saints."Julius says as hes leading Chris to the courtyard of the church."Alright,everybody listen up,we got a new mothaf*cka here,his names Chris."Yelled out Julius to the Saints."Lets hope he aint gonna hold his gun backwards and shoot his brains out."Said a Saints member with White dyed spikes and Shades."Aight Johnny,quit messin around,its important that we havea new guy."Said Julius.Julius let Chris go but before he could,Johnny told Julius,"Hey,wait hold up,before he can be in the Saints hes gotta be canonized.

Chris thought to himself,"F*ck me!".Troy then approached Julius,"Ay,hes right,we all had to do it.".Julius,thinking about it,says,"Ok,you ready fo this,playa?"Chris slowly walks back to the courtyard,where five Saints members cracking there knuckles are waiting to beat him senseless.
One member swings his fist towards Chris's face as Chris ducks.Chris then punches the saint in the stomach and grabs his head bashing it to the ground.Two more Saints run towards Chris,while Chris jumps out of the way lading them to punch each other on the jaw."DAMN!There gonna need a dentist after that."Said Johnny to a another Saint member.Then the last member comes out ready for action,"DO YOUR WORST NEW BOY!"Said the Saint.Chris then dodges all the Saint's punches and grabs the Saints fist and twists it,and then headbutts him.

"That was AWESOME,well not as good as how i kicked ass."Said Johnny."Good job,playa,you earned lots of respect."Said Julius Proudly."Here buy yo self some colours."Julius said as he gave Chris 120$."Thank you,Jules."Chris replied Thankfully.Chris then walked to a Sloppy Seconds and bought himself a white and purple jersey and a purple tee,and a purple bandanna he can where in the back pockets of his Black jeans.

Then as Chris exited the store a Saint member wearing a Jean Jacket with a purple tennis cap passed by,"Hey you must be Julius's new boy,im Dex."."Hey im Chris"."Well,i gotta go see ya."Said Dex as he was walking backwards.
Chris thought to himself,This is gonna be good.

                                                                                   TO BE CONTINUED...

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