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The Saints' Raid on the Loren Household...
3 years ago  ::  Nov 22, 2011 - 2:02PM #1
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Now with Philippe dead in the water in Steelport, it's a concern on the Saints' leader's part that someone else from his family in Belgium may retaliate and uprise The Syndicate.  With this...the Saints need to fly overseas, and raid the Loren Family Mansion in Bruxelles to stop that from happening. Here is the story...

In Bruxelles, Belgium...

Michel Loren (Philippe's brother):  I'm just watching the news now...  Seems like a gang called "the Saints" have killed my brother, and crippled our organization.  They will pay for ruining the family legacy!

Nicole Van Der Beek (Michel's fiancee):  Just be calm, my love...  I'm sure there may be a way to resolve this. 

Michel:  Yes, I know...but we need to take a trip to Steelport ourselves!  We'll go so far as to raid the Saint's headquarters and kill their leader if we need to...The Syndicate will indeed rise again!
Nicole:  What do you think we should do?
Michel:  We'll fly out on Saturday morning...I have plans to make sure their weekend ends miserably... *evil laughter*

Back in Steelport...

Shaundi:  Boss...  What do you think?  Does Loren have any family that may try to retaliate after all this?
MC:  Possibly...but I'll worry about it if anything comes up.
(cell phone rings)
Pierce [over cell phone]:  Boss, you never gonna believe this!  
MC:  What is it, Pierce?
Pierce:  According to some news, it seems like the brother of Philippe is heading here to Steelport on Saturday!  He says he's exacting revenge!
MC:  So his family *is* wanting to take us down!  A'ight, good to hear Pierce!  We'll work out a trip to Belgium to raid their mansion.

[MC gets Tobias on the phone]
MC:  Hello, Tobias?
Tobias:  Hey, wazzup?  Long time no hear from!
MC:  I'm sure...  How's things in Stilwater?
Tobias:  Oh, hangin' with Laura, cruisin' right on through The
MC:  Did you watch Channel 6 News?  Seems like after we killed the leader of the Syndicate, now the Loren family wants to tear us down!
Tobias:  Wow, that's terrible!  What did you want me to do?
MC:  We want you to take me, Shaundi, Pierce, and Oleg out to Bruxelles, Belgium.  I have a plan to raid THEIR mansion instead and put an end to their family's threat to us!
Tobias:  Sure, I'll need to find someone to make fake passports for us first.
MC:  Shaundi's got that taken care of.  Not a problem.
Tobias:  Sounds good!  I'll leave from Wardill soon...catch you guys over at Wesley Cutter!
MC:  A'ight, it's a plan...  Over and out!
[ends call]

Shaundi:  So, are we going over there and raiding THEIR mansion?
MC:  Yep.  That's the plan...  Pierce?  You got the flashbangs and Krukovs loaded in?  We need to be ready to raid in their home!
Pierce:  Got them in the trunk as we speak!  You and Shaundi meet me here by Planet Saints, then we'll send out to the airport.
MC:  Good!  Be there in a little bit!

So it seems like the Saints are now going to be taking their fight to Belgium and putting any end to the threats from the Loren family to overthrow the Saints takeover of Steelport.  How will the trip to Bruxelles go?  What plan of action will the Loren family take against them if they find out the Saints arrive in Belgium?  We'll find out in our next post just what happens next.                               
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3 years ago  ::  Nov 22, 2011 - 2:07PM #2
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Lol good stuff.

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