Saints Row-Chapter 3-Wrong time,Wrong place
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                                                                September 14,Stilwater,Saints Row,USA

Chris was still walking around looking for a For Sale sign,or atleast a Rent.He then approached a street so familiar to him.
He was in the street that used to belong to the 3rd Street Saints.The saints are has beens.No one heard from them
since 3 years.Chris just stared at the church trying to figure if the gang stills meets in there.

As Chris was walking with a man yelling out,"WATCHES,WATCHES,I GOT WATCHES HUR!!" a hooker approached Chris
"Hey baby,i can give you the ride of yo life".Down the streets were 3 VK members,disgusted by a West Side Roller graffiti."Oh hell nah!"
said one of the VK members."Levar,you gon let these ****s disrespect our codes?" Said another Vk****,WHATCHU THANK!"Said Levar.
Without noticing,3 West Side Rollerz slowly walked towards them."THE **** YOU THINK YOU DOING!!?"Said a WSR."Juss being Civic minded
thats all"Replied a VK member.With a West Side Roller Replying,"Yeah,Thats so!!"."Yup some,dumb ass cracka went and **** all ova this
wall,we jus cleanin it up!" Said a VK.One Roller then swinged a bat right in the VK's face,knocked him out consious.
Meanwhile,a four gang of,Carnales,pulled up down the street.With rough Reggateon music playing in the background."Estas Listo,holmes?"Said a LC."Pues,yo no soy una puta nina."Replied another LC.

Just as the Vice Kings were having a little gang battle with the Rollerz,The Carnales pulled up with a LC member quietly saying,"Hector says,Buenas Noches." as they begin shooting both gangs.Chris looking around hides behind a dumpster,whispering to him self,"What have i got my self into...".Then out of nowhere a West Side Rollers comes out with an K6-Krukov screaming out,"****SSS!!!".
The bullets of the gun shot out two tires of the LC vehicle,leading to the driver losing control.Chris,in the middle of the road sees the car
coming towards him,dives out of the way.The crash then turns into a fiery disaster.One of the West Side Roller walks to the crash to check if
anyone made it out alive.Then sees a live LC crawling,and shoots him to death,while a VK out of nowhere shoots him right in the head.
Chris,now on the ground next to the crash notices thats the VK member that attacked him."Nice to see you around."Said Chris.
"Oh,you that Big boy."Replied the VK."Well check this out here,imma have to kill you,son".Said the VK,as he smiles evily.*BANG!

                                                                          TO BE CONTINUED ....

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