Saints Row-Chapter 1-The Begining
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                                                                    September 12,2006,Stilwater,USA

"WAKE THE **** UP...!!!,CHRIS WAKE THE **** UP!!".Chris....Chris was a Highschool Dropout with no goals in his life.As he awoke with his red veiney sore eyes with his pig faced father beside his bed."Now,your living in this house but not for free,Either pay me your rent or get the **** out of here!!".Chris,with a angried disgusted face,"No,**** you!!OLD MAN!!"."Say that to my face again you little piece of ****!!!".As Chris's father left his room with slamming the door behind him,He picked all his Clothes,Food,And his Weed with him."No!!*crying*not my baby!!!you cant do this!".Said Chris's Mother."I CAN DO WHATEVER THE **** I WANNA DO WOMEN!!"."Hey,dont say that to my mothers face Fat Ass!!".Chris's father approaching Chris slowly,as if he was going to attack,says "You....get the ****".Chris then leaves the house,slamming the door behind him,go out into the streets to see whats next.Chris lives in Stilwater,Saints Row District.The whole neighborhood overrun with Street gangs, was a Danger Zone.You had more of a chance to be killed than to be welcomed.Stilwater itself was a Corrupt city,More like a Shithole.

Chris knew now he was in his own.He knew that in a few minutes,a gang banger will come out of the Alleyway and jump him.As he walked the Dangerous hoods all he saw was Pimps slapping hos,Gangs spraying Grafitti,And drug dealers selling coke or marijuana,He knew there was no choice but to sleep in the streets.He found a cozy dark empty alleyway.He set up his torn curtain on the ground,and used his backpack as a pillow.He prayed hoping to get out of this situation and hope for the best.He then layed down and fell fast asleep.He can feel rats sniffing him,Ants Crawling on him.But he was still brave.

                                                                       TO BE CONTINUED.....

I hope you guys liked it.I will be making more chapters and stuff.Now the description of Chris is he has a Black fade,Brown eyes,and is not to Skinny nor to fat.Hes pretty average for his weight and height.

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