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I bought SR1 and SR2 shortly after buying my Xbox 360 in shortly after SR2 came out.  I bought them on the strength of Yatzee's Zero Punctuation Review ("an extended marriage proposal" I think he called his review).  I've kept saves of all my characters in both games, having played each close to ten times apiece.

These games are brilliant, as much for the writing as the actual execution.  These are games by which I measure all other games I play, truly.  These are games about having FUN, being entertained, exploring.  These games simply INSPIRE me to entertain myself.  Nothing else lets you crawl all over everything, shoot and kill anyone, and go anywhere at any time.  I've got 177 hours on my first SR2 character and, even though the story's over I keep playing her, gaining achievements, starting fights and killing hours while killing cops (start mayhem at a high level, hole up in a motel or in the Brotherhood hideout, chuck infinite satchel charges, giggle...Boom!)  My daughter once spent close to a couple hours simply jogging her character around in SR2, pulling up firehydrants and seeing how many ways things could be destroyed with them.  I know that I spent HOURS killing people by throwing them off buildings and bridges once I figured out I could do that in SR2.  (Indeed, that's pretty much how I got my respect to infinite in that game.)

I have purchased copies of SR1 and SR2 for other people, just to get them to try the game out, and I own two copies of each game simply so that I can rest assured that, if one copy fails, I have another.  I've pre-ordered two copies of SR3 for the same reason. 

I am playing through SR1 and SR2 before SR3 comes out.  If my Gamestop is indeed open at midnight for me to buy the game, I'll be there at midnight.  I've taken November 15th and 16th off of work just to stay at home and play.  My anticipation and excitement is only offset a little about some of the things I"ve seen in the recently released "Initiation Station," but if that's the worst that's been screwed up, then I'm fine.

Before I ever knew that SR3 was going to be a reality, I used to fantasize about what I would want to see in an another edition of Saints Row, and I decided I simply wanted "More!"  Sadly, as far as clothes go, this is going to be unrealized in the upcoming SR3, but I hold out hope that the rest of the game will not disappoint.


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