Enter date of birth screen won't let me enter date of birth...
2 years ago  ::  Nov 4 2011 - 2:51PM
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Thus not letting me access the site.

There is not scroll option for me where the month, day, and year fields are.   

(I'm writing this from another laptop)  

2 years ago  ::  Nov 5 2011 - 9:14AM
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You will need to give us more information as to what browser you were using (and what version) on the machine that wouldn't let you in, since saying "I can't get in", doesn't help us track down the issue. Please also make sure you have the most updated browser version possible as well.

2 years ago  ::  Nov 5 2011 - 3:14PM
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Not working on iPhone either

2 years ago  ::  Nov 11 2011 - 12:19PM
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i added the wrong date so it has locked me out how can i resolve this issue

2 years ago  ::  Nov 13 2011 - 4:07PM
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Use google chrome