Incorrect DOB
2 years ago  ::  Nov 14 2011 - 9:00AM
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The website had more important problems then the DOB issue that had to be fixed first, like people getting unrequested reset password emails (i got over 200 before it was fixed), usernames changing for no reason, not being able link a gamertag or save a pic to your profile...etc.

Now that most of that stuff has been fixed maybe they can work on the DOB problem. My DOB  has Jan. 1, 1983. They got the 1983 part right so i really don't care since the only person that can see my DOB is me anyway.

2 years ago  ::  Nov 14 2011 - 11:04AM
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I am also having the same problem, my date of birth is wrong. 

2 years ago  ::  Nov 20 2011 - 8:41AM
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Same problem here.

My date of birth is: May 26 1989.

Not the January 1, 2000 as listed in profile.

2 years ago  ::  Nov 21 2011 - 4:20AM
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Same here, i can add to the above that it must have been set by some script somewhere, ive not changed it, and i know for a fact i signed up with correct personal info for sr2, now im looking at my sr3 profile and it also says January 1, 1980 (instead of 6 sept 1985, wich is my real dob, and im sure ive entered.)

2 years ago  ::  Nov 29 2011 - 2:18AM
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same issue. im 27. But my profile for some reason shows my date of birth as 01.01.2000. so it think im eleven? LOL. So I not allowed to play this game by rating? XD

2 years ago  ::  Dec 4 2011 - 2:41PM
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Just noticed it says my DOB is Jan. 01, 2000 as well. Hope they'll get around to fix this.

2 years ago  ::  Jan 13 2012 - 11:58PM
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Good god is this going to be fixed yet? I know it may not seem like a big deal to those that manage the site but it is to me and I'm sure other people as well. I know web forums get hiccups as I had this same issue with EA/Biowares and after a lot of being passed around to different people in support it finally got fixed regardless of it being a small issue. Not saying anyone is better than anybody else since both companies make titles I have enjoyed but the taking the effort to resolve this does make me look at you with more respect.

2 years ago  ::  Jan 16 2012 - 2:13PM
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My DOB  has Jan. 1, 1983. They got the 1983 part right so i really don't care since the only person that can see my DOB is me anyway.

Same problem here. The year is correct, but January 1st is not.

1 year ago  ::  Aug 4 2013 - 12:47PM
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Lol it says I'm a 13 year old, fix this please.

1 year ago  ::  Aug 4 2013 - 1:04PM
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This site is @#**!$% wack. Two year old problems still plague the site. Even problems that they claim were fixed are still running rampant, like a barely functional character gallery.