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2 years ago  ::  Oct 25 2011 - 7:11AM
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hello all, I've been around for a few weeks now so some may have seen a few posts thinking "who the hell is this guy" waiting to canonize my arse lol. Well, bit about me, im from the UK. I was fortunate enough to own an X360 when Saints Row was released and have been a hardcore fan since day 1. Many people told me "it's a GTA rip off", "don't buy its sh*te" blah blah blah, me being an antisocial knob as usual bought it purely because of those comments and I'll admit... It's a damn good "rip off" if that's what they think it is. I now own a PS3 and play Saints Row 2 daily and never looked back, so I'm proud to say I've stood by Volition and their hard work since the very beginning and a big thankyou for sticking with Saints Row after all the flack you received.

Me and Saints Row <3

SR1 Character: Me basically, caucasian bloke... in a track suit or goth outfit :D
Favorite Primary weapon: MacManus Sniper Rifle
Favorite Secondary: GDHC .50
Favorite Homie: Lin (not Zombie Lin.. Johnny Gat if I need help blowing stuff up)
Story Completion: x8... at least
100% Completion: x2

SR2 Character: Lin from Saints 1 but damn she's near impossible to create :O lol
Favorite Primary weapon: Lin's trademark GAL 43
Favorite Secondary: Akimbo .44 Shephards (see back of SR1 cover :P)
Favorite Home: Johnny Gat, Pierce is useless and Shaundi's okay but Johnny by far =P .. didn't connect with Carlos as much as Lin fron Saints 1, Lin was as hardore as Johnny but Carlos didn't have anywhere near cutscene and mission time as any other homie in SR2 so that may be why I don't care about him lol.
Fight style: Ronin
Story Comp: x*insert random number here* - too many times for my own good haha
100% Comp: yikes... gonna say around x10 but probably more =)

I always run around in a Voxel... Lins Voxel, white/blue, nitrous, big arse alloys and a neat bodykit... lovely =)

Wanna know ote else? feel free to ask =)

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Nice info about yourself and welcome to the Row, Saints_Pingu.

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Nice info about yourself and welcome to the Row, Saints_Pingu.

Reading it back, might be abit too long but meh lol. Thankyou =P

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You seem like nice man. Like that you did not say 'rate me', very comforting. Look forward to seeing you rage about fan boys in teh forums. Have a lovely day.