New website feedback
2 years ago  ::  Oct 24 2011 - 7:40PM
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Actually, upon further inspection, there are many things seriously wrong...


Some threads seem to have utterly vanished...

Link to threads no longer work, even doing a search in google will take you to a dead end.  This means that the FAQ and the Forum Guide thread are now utterly useless.

There is no way to PM other users, and I am worried that the PM's I had saved from other users are now gone.

the bar at the bottom is incredibloy annoying, and makes doing anything on the site very frustrating.

On the main forum pages there are no "next" or "page number" keys, instead you have to scroll all the way back up to the top to go to the next page.

In the forums and in the threads themselves, there is no button to take you to the last page of the thread, or any individual page... very frustrating having to read the entire thread everytime you open it.

Will report on what else I find...


Also, there is still no search function.


2 years ago  ::  Oct 24 2011 - 7:51PM
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Whilst browsing the forums, some pages say I'm not logged in (says 'LOGIN' in top right, when I click it, it goes to the agte gate screen) but if I ignore it and click on a thread it says I'm logged in again. This happens when on thread category pages. Oh and you usually need browser info for stuff like this so I'm using Google Chrome version 14.0.835.202.

2 years ago  ::  Oct 24 2011 - 7:57PM
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Links are fairly hard ish to read with the bright pink on the white, Maybe a nice Dark Purple instead. (BTW anyone know how to get signatures to work?)


Also, When the top bar (With the about, Media) is over a post, It displays "log in / register" But when it's not, It's showing you as logged in.


Insert Photo option doesn't work for me :\



2 years ago  ::  Oct 24 2011 - 8:32PM
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Yep, same issues as above.

 - Hard to read links

 - Very annoying newsletter bar (I think this should be minimizable or be able to disable in options because I don't need it. I've already liked it on    Facebook and signed up for newsletter and everything)

 - Can't PM people

 - Signatures don't work

 - Issue with top bar saying login while scrolling down, and saying I'm logged in when I'm at the top.

 - My old avatar wouldn't work. I had to make it bigger just to upload it. Don't know why the sixe requirements went up to 230X230.

 - Sending post to linked social accounts do not work. I've posted a few, and checked the box and then checked Facebook, and they're not they're. 

 - The "Push Content" button does not work (whatever that means). I clicked it, and the loading picture popped up, then nothing happened.

That's all I found so far. I will post more if I find them.

2 years ago  ::  Oct 24 2011 - 9:31PM
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I feel like the top and bottom bars are trying to eat the webpage. They just keep popping up from the bottom or popping down from the top like a giant set of teeth going "NOM"

2 years ago  ::  Oct 24 2011 - 9:32PM
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Love to have the forum back...but...

-Newsletter Bar is infuriating.

-Birthdate is changed and I'm unable to change it back.

-Avatar thing is broke as I tried pictures far under what it says is the max and it tells me they are to large...

-Page numbers.

-Drop down selection menu's fail.

-Log in's funky and inconsistant.

-and Newsletter Bar is insufferable....

2 years ago  ::  Oct 24 2011 - 10:10PM
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-The Newsletter bar is very annoying, and makes the forums a chore to navigate through

-Links are much harder to read now

-Still no search bar. Come on now.

2 years ago  ::  Oct 24 2011 - 10:43PM
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yeah, the bar goes all over the place. honestly, i liked the old layout better. :c but this is fine, too...

2 years ago  ::  Oct 25 2011 - 12:57AM
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Some problems I've had...

-That ****ing bar at the bottom.

-The pages were switched around, so now the last comment is the first one I see. This is very annoying and confusing.

-Still no search feature.

-No way of going to last (Now first if they keep the new format.) page without going through all the other ones.

-Can't access the page where it tells me all of the forums I've responded to. I don't know about every one else, but I used this frequently.

-Forums are harder to get around.

-My birthday says January 1st, 1980. That is not my birthday.

-My picture is too big for the new format.

I liked the old forums better. The rest of the site looks pretty good, though. ;D

2 years ago  ::  Oct 25 2011 - 2:20AM
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I'm unable to PM, when I click in the icon under the users Avatar it sends me back to my profile :-(