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*This Is Set in Mafia II Era*

Chapter 1: Dog Day Afternoon
Part 1: Bad Luck Kids

" I woke up drinking a cup of cappuchino and spilling spaghetti all over my nice shirt. I looked in the mirror trying to get the stain off. "Dammit Lucis Benelli, I did it again. " Theres something about a guy like me who never has things going right for him. I'm in highschool as a senior and I need to hurry up and get out this highschool. The big problem is how am I gonna get in college and pay my rent. My life was in shambles and those Greasers were up my ass.

A sharp rap was at my door. I looked through the peephole and opened the door. Whiskey, Chaley and Moe cam through carrieng big brown boxes of tools and things of that sort. I was confused what all this stuff was they were emptieng on tables and floor and sofa. Moe walked into the hallway to make sure they weren't being watched or followed and then closed the door uptight with locks and then he wrapped a chain around the doorknob, attaching it too a centerblock he brought. He didn't even bother to explain what was going on.

Chaley took out handtorchs, a gun and pliers and other things out of the box he was carrying. Out of nowhere whiskey came out the bathroom with an ak-47 and starting peeking out the window. Everyone eventually started staring at me when they saw I wasn't doing nothing.

" Well.. aren't You Going to get ready? "

" For What? "

" For What!?*Said in Unison* "

" We gonnas robs us a store... "

"Nooo not that Whiskey! Those greasers are coming to get at you man. They not leaving until you beatin to a pulp. "

" Yehh Bennelli what the hell did you do anyway? "

" I didn't do *%#* Chaley! "

" Ahh Well Those chumps are on you deep. "

" Yeh Jus like Me when I was wit me girl.. heheh. :

" Whiskey this is no joking matter... and I thought you didn't screw the broad yet? "

" Heheh shhh. "

* A few hotrods pulled up. Moe looks out window. *

" Hey guys those Greasers are here. They got guns too.. what else they have.. hmm bats, chains, brass knuckles, 2x4s. Boy its a good things we got these guns.

" Word is you blew up there rides when they stole you tires. "

" Shhh somones walking up the hall. "

You could hear Squeaky's voice up the hall.

" Luccciiiiissss. Come out to playyyyy! "

Chaley opened the door and was stabbed the instant he did. He fell out in the window. Somebody through a stick of dynamite in the room causing us all to jump out the window.

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is that a.. oh wait it is a mafia2 story!

woke up drinking a cup of cappuchino and spilling spaghetti

italians have weird eating habits

and i like how youve added the greasers into the jumble.

your looking good kid real good.

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Well written, and a very intriguing title.

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 Awesome!! I think you and luke write the best Mafia stories, and I can tell this is gonna be a good one!!! and I would have to say that the geaser mission in mafia 2 was my favorite mission lol! 

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This is an awesome read. Keep it up bro!

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Continuing The Fight


The Three of us fell down to the ground and got up like we wasn't even scratched. The Greasers tried to surround us. This Brownstone neighborhood was oh so big so there wasn't much of anywhere to run too becuase eventually in the Big Apple your going to lose your apple after causing trouble.

I charged into the first two greaseballs I saw. Ramming them into a fire hydrant causing them to trip. I began punching at their faces until one of their boys grabbed me and swung me into the trash cans. Moe and a chain wrapped his hand just swinging all around the place like it was him versus a thousand. Whiskey was holding off well. I brushed myself off and ran into the men attacking Whiskey.

Oscar, the leader of this rat pack looked at me menacingly . He whistled for the others to stop fighting and then he paced around with his knife flicked up.

" We're gonna finish this at the tenements in two days.. Be there.. Chump. "

" You don't have to worry about us not showing up..*I spitted on the floor* Punk. "

" Alright then, I'll see you losers in Two Days... Be there or be Sqaure. "

" Get your sqaure ass out of here Oscar. "

" Heh, you better check on your friend. "

" Oh $@?!! " Said In Unison

We ran to check on Chaley. We sat him up and check for blood and then we realized that he had a damn telephone book under him the whoel time.

" Jesus Chaley! "

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 Ah, nothing beats telephone book armour! This is getting good, those greasers are gonna get it!

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