Modern Day Bandits
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Cheers lads, loving this story as much as all of you.

Pigs on the Road

19th March

Ozzie joined the group of Bandits sitting at a table in the back of the clubhouse, a small dinky room with some metal shelfs and cardboard boxes against the walls. Bronson sat there looking dissapointed; he looked at the group sitting there, Ozzie, Becket, Brad, Lucas, Snag and Roundboy.

"Alright the morgue is preparing Coh and Shovels for the funeral, it's set for 2 days from now, I'll let everybody else know soon, but now; I have two things I need done, plant a bomb in a building called the Velvet Entertainment house, it's a whorehouse for the Triads. But before that I want you to pick up a package and deliver it to a guy who is going to give you the bomb" Bronson explained.

"What about Jake, he'll try and stop you?" Becket asked.

"I'll send him and Ted and few others on a delivery for us" Bronson said

"Where to?" Becket asked.

"A loft in the museum district; near the hospital" Bronson explained.

"What are they taking" Becket asked

"Whats with all the god dman questions" Bronson asked in an annoyed tone

"Alrights let's go" Brad said, the group got up and walked out of the room and through the clubhouse. A prospect ran down the hall and gave two bags to the group, "Hey wait up" Becket said and walked off, they all went out and got on their bikes. Becket ran out a few minutes later and got on his bike and they rode off.

They traveled in a pack the bikes roaring loudly, Lucas swerved and hit a small lift in a driveway on a guttering and rode along on the back wheel for a little bit. Ozzie rode to side of the road and hit the soft dirt on the side of the road and started sliding sideways for a little bit and then straightened up, leaving dust floating in mid air.

The Bandits leaned real low and takes a sharp corner without slowing down and they all repeated the action around the next corner and the straightened up as they rode in the chinatown area where they came upon a road block, 4 police vehicles 4 swat team members standing their with M16 rifles and cops flagging them down.

They stopped in the middle of the road and the cops rushed them, "Get off your bikes!" A cop yelled holding a gun to Snags head, the Bandits slowly got of their bikes.

"Take of your belts, sunglasses, Bandanas and Vests" That same cop barked orders.

Every order was followed except for the last one, all of them kept their kuttes on, the cop looked at them; one by one, just waiting for them.

"Take off your leather!" The cops shouted.

"Take off your hat" Ozzie back chatted

"The hat is the most important part of our uniform" The cop said now pointing the gun at Ozzie

"Why do you think we're not removing our kuttes" Ozzie snarled

"Take them off or I'll arrest you" The cop yelled

"You take em off" Bard yelled

The cops stepped in and dragged the kuttes of the bikers, one cop dropped Roundboys vest on the ground, Roundboy turned and swung the cop just got out of the way of Roundboys fist in time. 3 Coppers grabbed Roundboy and settled him down.

"Stand over there" The cop ordered, the bikers walked over to a small section where the 4 swat team members held the rifles in their direction. "Where are the permits for these revolvers?" The cop asked as he checked the belts; "With the revolvers" Lucas said, "He's right" A cop said.

The cops searched the bags sitting on the back off the bikes, "They're clean, just books, canned food and some very expansive alcohol" One cop explained to the rest. "Alright get out of here" A cop said. The Bandits put all the gear back on, repacked the bags and rode off.

The Bandits rode over to pleasent view where they met a man sitting on the back of a pickup truck and holding a box on his lap, the Bandits rode up, they swapped packages and the Bandits rode away. Riding down to the target, "Alright lets go" Brad said and the Bandits left their bikes there and walked through a shop front and across a back alley and planted a bomb in the electrical box and ran away.

They got back on the bikes and sat their for a minute and then rode away, they stopped at traffic lights and turned around as Roundboy who wanted revenge for Shovel (His best friend)'s death pushed the button on the detinator. A loud explosion followed by a massive fire ball coming from the wall and then the roof collapsed in and fire shot out the windows and doors. "%*$?!" Lucas yelled

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Are thought they were gonna be busted for sure!!! Those triads arent gonna be to happy after that! Keep it up, this is exciting to read!

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Thanks Wetbizket Bro

The First Drop

21st May

A truck came around the corner and pulled into the driveway of the old scrap yard and drove right around the edge until it had done a 180 degree turn and then it stopped there. An African American man walked out of an open garage roller door, followed by a Saint with an M240 Saw a massive Saint wearing a white suit.

"Sorry for the delay gentlemen, things have been a little crazy in Steelport the past few days and we really couldn't make it here" A the African American Saint explained.

"No Problem, it's been kinda crazy for us to, we lost two members recently" Brad explained to the Saint

"As a good will gesture we can exact revenge on whoever did it?" The Saint suggested.

"No it was a Triad we'll trying to by guns off and now we already blew them to $@#%" Brad said grinning a little

"It wasn't you guys that blew up the hotel on the 19th?" The Saint asked suprised

"23 confirmed kills, the terrorists are taking the blame and that particular triad is already crumbling" Brad said proudly.

"That is awesome... Anyway I'm Pierce, this is Oleg and this Zero, next drop Zero will handle" Pierce explained.

"Good, I"m Brad, this soft **!? is Ozzie, this Half #!$** is Lucas, that Girl is Barbie and driving the truck is Levi. Prospect." Brad introduced everybody jokingly. "It won't always be us delivering neither" Brad added.

"Alright so let's see the merchandise" Pierce said.

Ozzie and Lucas walked over and opened the door sof the trailer, while Levi opened the side door and lowered the Stairs he had installed over night, Barbie just stood next to the trailer door with an AR15 in his hands. Ozzie and Lucas opened a crate and revealed a Spas 12 and a few Uzi's and dozens of pistols all with ammo.

Brad listed every item in the crate and then explained each crate had the exact same contents. A forklift drove to the back of the truck and Ozzie pallet jacked the first crate onto it and the Saints and the Bandits unloaded the truck while Brad and Pierec examined the used weapons the Bandits would be taking and reselling.

The Saints helped the Bandits load the few crates on the truck and all left in cars following an 18 wheeler, 2 cars out front and 3 behind, the Bandits chucked the large bag of money in the cab with Brad and Levi and the truck drove off while Barbie, Ozzie and Lucas got into the van and rode off, eventually catching the truck.

A dark green van pulled up outside a house in Southern Cross with a harley parked outside and the door slid open, an Immortal was revealed holding an M60 LMG with a long chain of ammunition, he pulled on the trigger and bullets started spraying into the house, through doors, windows and walls.

"Get down!" Jaws yelled at his wife as he tackled his daughter to the ground, a bullet flew in and smacked him the side of the neck, and it come out that same side and the bullet hit his daughter on the head, it was slowed down enough it didn't even hurt her, he herd his wife scream and looked around she was on the floor covered in blood.

He dragged his daughter on the floor to behind the kitchne counter and running on pure adrenline took his Mac 10 and opened fire through a hole that once was a wall, bullets hit the van, but more bullets just piereced the house, he got down and rolled across the floor stood up again and fired hitting the van some more, just before the bullets stopped, the door closed and the van sped away. He saw his wife he saw his daughter, he rushed to the phone.

"I need an ambulance at 4 Terri Road" He shouted "I need a good damn ambulance!" He repeated, he grabbed his wife and picked her up and his daughter by the hand and ran outside and listened over the ringing in his ears as the sirens were coming closer, he stood there as an ambulance tore down the street and screeched to a hault, he didn't wait he just opened the back door by himself and he carried his wife in, his Daughter got in and she closed the door.

The ambulance driver sped off, as he partner was climbing in, he shut door and climb over the seats and into the back and looked at Jaws's wife, he guts were visible through holes in her shirt, Jaws was trying to hid them from his 13 year old daughter the entire time. The ambulance rushed them to the hospital and Bronson was notified.

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Thanks for all the commenst guys!


22nd May

Everybody sat in the clubhouse in the early morning hours, all were tired and sadened by the events that took place only a few hours ago.

"Angela died in the ambulance and Jaws died in the lobby of the hospital, witnesses say it was dark green van and they didn't reload once, the driver had a tribal mullet and a jaw line beard" Bronson explained with a grim and sinister look on face.

"*#$@%?* Jarick, ?$#*%!@ Immortals!" Brad yelled and bashed the table with his fist, "he was described when they killed Rocky too" Rodney added. "Who's Jarick?" Eddy asked, only being new to the club.

"V.P and Enforcer for the Immortals, a half dune coon, half yuppie piece of $?%* mother #$*?%!" Ozzie yelled.

"That's it, revenge right now, we killed them straight up, no questions asked" Bronson demanded

"No! " Jake yelled.

"Don't you see where massacres have got us!, We wait it out and kill one or two, in a month or so, let the anger build, by then we'll have the full backing of the Saints and for a free shipment I'm sure they massacre them for us" Jake explained.

"No, We kill them all right now" Bronson debated with Jake, they argued for 5 more minutes before, Ozzie stood up. "Oh %?*! this, I'm gonna handle this" He yelled and walked out and before the others could realise he had started his bike.

"*!@%" Rodney yelled and ran out after him, Lucas, Ross, Lucky and Chip chased him out, but he was already gone. Ozzie flew up the road, the top of 5th gear, the bike rumbling along at 100mph he had no weapons except his revolver, his knife and some rope on him.

Ozzie came up on 2 Immortals outside a roadhouse, in the warehouse district, he parked his bike and snuck up on the two Immortals harrassing the Roadhouse owner. He grabbed one Immortal by the throat with the rope and dragged him to the ground and kneed him in the head. The other looked at went to draw his gun, but was knocked out by the roadhouse owner with a brick.

He smiled at Ozzie and then spat on the Immortals, "Do what you want with 'em" He said and walked over to his car, got in and drove away. Ozzie tied one up by the feet and hands to a pool around the side of the roadhouse and took the other one and threw him down and kicked him.

Both were awake again and one tried to fight back, but Ozzie punched and kicked him to keep him on the ground, the other could only watch. "Tell me it was you two, tell me it was you two with Jarick tonight!" Ozzie screamed at them, "No..." The one on the ground muttered. "Don't ?!%*#*$ lie, your going to die either way, admitting it was you two, will save your brothers from this" Ozzie yelled and then kicked the one of the ground in the back of the knee and then punched him in the eye, cracking his eye socket.

"It was us" The one the ground said staring straight up Ozzie with blood filling his mouth, Ozzie went into a rage and punched the Immortal in the face as hard as he could at least 20 times, braking or cracking every bone in his face. Ozzie started kicking the Immortal, until he said moving, he wa still gasping for air, but little was getting in. Ozzie looked at bloody pile of Immortal on the ground in front of him and looked at the Immortal tied up.

He smiled at the Immortal and took the 253 revolver in his hand and waved it around, "you know, it's pain watching your brother die in front of you, knowing there's nothing you can do to help him, now, the Immortals started this fight, I was going to beat both you to a bloody pulp and hope you died. But I thought, you killed a husband and wife in the prime of their lives and left a 13 year old girl in shock and an orphan...So..."

Ozzie fired a shot in the stomach of the Immortal, he screamed out in pain, then he walked over to the Immortal on the ground shot him in the back of the neck, he started coughing and spluttering, he was dying slowly. Then the other Bandits ran down the grass him to Ozzie and the two Immortals.

"Wonderful" He said and fired 2 more shots into each Immortal and walked off, The Bandits looked at the brutaly beaten Immortal and the tied up one and then chased after him.

"Ozzie...Ozzie?" Lucas tried to ask, come and get me from my home when we have to make the next drop" He said and the started his motorcycle he just sat on and rode off into the night.

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Wicked awesome Aussie! I got 2 chapters this time lol! Those gosh darn immortals! They keep coming back for more and they got one of our boys! At least they got some payback! Good to see more of this story and I cant wait for more!

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Thanks Wetbizket...


28th May

Barbie drove the truck into the scrap yard and pulled the maxi brakes on, he got out as Ozzie, Brad, Chip and Snag rode up on their bikes and parked next to the truck, a couple Saints shut the gates quickly and many Saints emerged to watch over the deal, Zero walked out the garage and met Brad in the middle of the yard.

"Same shipment as Last time and an extra crate of AR15's with hollow nose ammo" Brad said.

"Good heres ya money, get it off the truck boys" He yelled and signaled with his hand at the same time and 2 forklifts came out of the garage and a couple Saints climbed into the back of the truck.

The Bandits stood there with Zero and a few of his men, watching the Saints unload the truck full of weapons. Brad looked through the bag. "A Million?" Brad asked quietly, "I want some bigger weapons next time, along with these ones and that'll be what you get everytime" Zero said. Brad looked at Zero and nodded and took the bag and placed it in the truck.

Barbie climbed in the truck and started it as the Saints locked up the back doors with the few crates of used a dirty weapons inside the trailer. The Bandits mounted their bikes and followed the truck as Barbie drove it out the gate and down the road.

They returned to Stilwater as the sun rose, the stored the truck away and got ready for Jaw's and Angela's funeral.

That night every Bandit gathered in the Chapel for the meeting, they all took their seats and got ready for waht they expected was Bronson and Jake abusing Ozzie and then abusing each other.

"Bronson hit the table with his Gavel and looked around, "First up next week, I want to see Levi and Blues in here, I want to patch them in, they've earned that honour" Bronson said and went quiet. Nobody said anything until Jake sat up straight.

"Well, first Bronson I'm sorry for my dissagrements and I have thought about for a while and I think it's best if I just follow your lead" Jake apologised to Bronson, before anybody realised what just happened Jake kept talking. "And to my club I know I have hurt all of you and I caused the death of two members, I didn't mean for that happen. I just hope we can learn from those mistakes and focus on business which all I really wanted".

Everybody was gobsmacked at what jake had just done, "Thank you for being the bigger man and accepting your leader" Bronson accepted Jakes apology. "Now I want all of you to haze Blue and Levi a lot for the next week and test their commitment. In a minute we'll join the rest of the club and party for Jaws and Angela and tomorrow I have a few Jobs I want you to do.

"Jake a i shipment of guns coming in tomorrow, I need you and a crew done their securing and counting everything we get. Brad since the guns are yours I want you to see Leon Bruce tomorrow I give the you the location later, Ted and Rondey collect the money and count it and everybody, if you help isin't required anywhere the prospects need to be hazed" Bronson gave out the orders a positive tone compared to the one he had only 5 minutes before when Jake had not apologised.

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Yep, this is why you've been dubbed the king of biker stories! Really good job!!!

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I thank Sons of Anarchy and Gangland for the inspiration and the guidance.

Thank you lots Wetbizket I don't care if your the only one reading this. It's still fun to write.


The Funeral

30th May


A large crowd gathered around the open graves in the cemetery, half bikers and half family and friends of Angela, both were in seperate caskets right next to each other, Jaw's Daughter was crying on her grandmothers lap. The Bandits had resolved their issues and had promised Angela's family that revenge had been taken, and in a brutal way.

Everybody was listening to Angela's sister talk about Angela and describe her and her best moments in life, on the road going through the middle of the Cemetery a van pulled up; but nothing happened after that. As the priest took the microphone again, Levi came over to Ozzie and Lucas standing together.

"Hey there's a van just sitting down their on the road, he just turned up" Levi said in a panicked tone... "Hey settle down, go and tell barbie and the others he's with, not any of them in the front rows we'll go and keep an eye on it" Lucas said and both Ozzie and himself walked through the funeral attendance and stood on the gentle slope over looking the road and stared at the van.

"No one driving?" Lucas asked... "Must've split when no one was looking" Ozzie suggested. They both looked behind them and Barbie, Jim, Lucky and Round-boy walked up to them... "Whats going on?" Round-boy asked... "This van, the driver is gone already" Ozzie said as Rodney showed up... "Look we just watch it, wait to everybody goes to the reception and we aimed some guns at it and someone opens the door and runs for it" Rodney explained.

"Why do that" Jim asked curiously... "Well they could be waiting inside, it could be rigged up, there could be bodies in there or it could be a prank" Rodney explained to the young Jim and then walked away... "4 of you keep an eye on it" He added as he walked away... Levi you stay here with us and Barbie, the rest of you go back to the funeral" Ozzie ordered, so Levi and Barbie stayed with Ozzie and Lucas while the rest walked back to the funeral but keeping their revolvers ready.

A hour went by before the funeral finished and everybody had left for the wake. Rodney, Ozzie, Lucas, Jim, Round-boy, Barbie, Lucky and Levi all stood there, to one side of the van looking at the side door of the van. "I'll open the door" Levi volunteered, he ran down to the door and grabbed the handle. Lucky came down with the AR he had and aimed it at the door; but he stood 6ft back for safety reasons. Levi sighed and pulled the door open.

He fell over because he pulled the open to hard and a 6ft 9 Immortal appeared with a huge machete, Lucky pulled the trigger and it stuck half way and the barrel jammed as the bullet went crocked. The Immortal lunged out, but was stood by a knife to the ear, he flew sideways and landed the on the ground and knife was twisted and pulled out and then rammed in again. Two more gangsters came out, Ozzie popped in the stomach and the other one was filled lead by Lucky once he chambered the bullet properly.

Lucky shot the other one a couple of times to make sure he was dead, they all sighed almost together and looked at the bloody mess... "Levi are you alright?" Barbie asked, Levi had blood splattered on his face, he had a knife in his right hand and from his elbow to the tip of the knife was all blood, he was sitting there trembling.

Ozzie and Barbie got in the van and started it and Barbie revved it while Ozzie popped off another few shots, to make sure they were dead... "What the hell was the purpose of this attack, why not just open the door and start blasting" Ozzie asked Barbie as he let the clutch out and drove away... "maybe they were trying to get one of us quickly or didn't want witnesses" Barbie suggested.


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New Bandits

3rd June

The Bandits all sat at the table stairing down to the ned where Levi and Blues both stood, perfectly still not showing any intimidation where only a year ago both stood there **** themselves knowing they had the hardest year of their life coming and knowing that all respect that the Bandits had for them was immeaditely gone and had to be earned once again.

Bronson looked at them staring them down as he made a speech about how much effort and how well they had done the past year, hoping to scare them, one more time. Bronson said... "Aye" and the full circle of the table went around and everybody repeated that one prhase. Levi sighed slightly, but in his head the worlds biggest weight had just been lifted off his shoulders. The same was repated for Blues.

"Yeah!" Levi and Blues screamed and then hugged, they were now Bandits and they were now part of the club, a brother, to be treated equal by the club, no-one else in the world other than War Veterans got that respect from the Bandits. The Bandits watched as Levi and Blues put their belts on, attached their knife and revolver holsters to it and then selected their revolver from a large gun crate and then put on their Kuttes.

They were hugged and congratulated silently because they're was one more thing that needed to be done, they took some lighter fluid and drenched the prospect vests in it and lit them up at once and everybody watched as the vests burned into ash. This was the moment that every member remembered every member that did this with them, those that are gone and how they felt when they did it. The last bit of flame went out and the whole club cheered for them and a massive party took off within seconds.

4th June

After the entire club spent the morning recovering as the sun set, Brad took a small contingent of his brothers out to the scrap yard for the drop with the Saints, Brad lead Ozzie, Lucas, Barbie, Levi and Blues in on their bikes, while Chip followed in the Semi, they parked in the scrap yard and the Saints emerged from their hiding spots and Zero walked across the yard and met with Brad as the Bandits grabbed their guard their rifles and stand guard.

"How are you going today gentlemen" Zero asked... "Fine Zero" Brad said... "Get down!" Lucas yelled he tackled Brad as bullets sprayed all over the yard, 45 Immortal Sons turned up with Automatic rifles and pistols. A Saint got in front of Zero and took a bullet for him, "Dammit!" Chip screamed, he fell on the ground holding his stomach, blood coming through his grey shirt under his Kutte.

Ozzie was the first Bandit to get his pistol out and fire back, The Saints were firing back at high rate, 4 Saints rushed over Brad and Lucas and helped them to carry Chip behind the truck while Ozzie stood in front of them shooting at the Sons. All Bandits got behind the truck, Zero and a few Saints rushed to them... "Get your bikes in the trailer and we'll cover you while you drive away" Zero yelled at them over the gun fire... "Alright, get the ramps done and I'll load the bikes" Ozzie yelled.

"Hang on, their going!" A Saint yelled, a convoy of Saints cars showed up and forced the Immortals sons away in a hail of gun fire, it went quiet. A white guy in a purple suit and tie walked over to Zero and Brad looking around the area... "You guys alright?" He asked... "Yeah Boss" Zero said. 15 Minutes passed while they discussed the situation, the Saints cleaned up the bodies.

Hey Boss, these crates aren't full... "What!" Boss and Brad said at the same time, they ran to the crate that a Saint had opened and it was missing 30 AR's and 3000 rounds of ammo. "****!" Brad yelled, Ozzie sighed and put his hands on his head. Levi looked at Chip who was holding his gut... "Are we gonna die" Levi asked Chip worridly.

"Yeah, but I'll probably die first" Chip Said and then dropped his head and coughed up blood. Brad thinking quickly suggested... "Look we'll give you back the amount of the money for the stuff that is missing" Brad said... "Thats fine, just make sure this doesn't happen again" Boss said poking Said poking Brad in the chest.

Brad bit his lip, "Come' on lets go!" Brad yelled at his Bandits, the Bandits loaded everything and a few bikes and Chip and they drove away. The Saints watched as they loaded the dead into vans and started digging holes in the yard while a Small group of Saints started getting knifes ready to chop up the dead Immortal Sons.

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Yeah, I know what you mean, sometimes you gotta just gotta write one out for yourself and have fun with it. Also we should get the City Wolves going again! We were doing pretty good with that story!

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