Left Behind (RP)
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A woman sits alone in a penthouse starring out of the rain drenched windows that overlook Stilwater. She lives in a tall building near the Stilwater airport.

-Friday, 3:44am-

She hates what the Saints have become. They're like babies to her. The boss leaves for a short time, and people are already trying to take the boss' place. She walks down to her kitchen and pops open a drink.

"Things could be better tommorrow.."

Optimism in such a pessimistic city almost seems like a joke. One of those jokes that isn't funny as much as it is true, but still you laugh. She laughs. A lot of talk has suggested that The Saints might actually be defeated this time. People have said that The Syndicate is international, that they can call in dangerous and horrible things. Someone said that they even have cloning technology, but she didn't believe that.

She walks back upstairs to her bedroom. Slowly, she finishes her drink, and flips through channels. Jane Valderama and Jack Armstrong, reruns of Josh Birk's NyteBlade, Professor Genki's stuff...all pretty boring to her. She hopes that the Saints don't kill each other before The Syndicate and these other gangs do.

"Yeah. Things WILL be better tomorrow."

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 Nina Malone walked down the street in the pouring rain, her jet black and red hair clung to her face, her heavy makeup running down her face. She was whistling the song Twisted nerve as she walked, it soothed her flustered nerves. Her heeled boots clicked on the wet pavement as she walked, this too soothed her, she couldn't stand quiet, the quiet terrified her because it screams the truth. A couple thugs, left over Saints by the color of their jackets, surrounded her. 

"Hey pretty girl, where you goin?" One taunted, reaching out to grab her arm. Nina stopped walking, and stood still, hands in her trenchcoat pockets. "Man she's quite the looker, Eh Ted?" The Saint that taunted her asked the man that stood behind Nina. The man behind her reached out to grab her shoulder, and she stopped whistling. "I wouldn't do that." Ted, as his name seemed to be, didn't listen and grabbed her shoulder anyway. Faster than anything they had ever seen, Nina flipped Ted over her shoulder, slamming his head into the pavement. She kept his arm in her hand, she pulled a switchblade, and flicked it open, and she threw it with impeckable accuracy at the man who taunted her, it lodged itself within the man's crotch. 

He cried out in pain as he fell to the ground, and Nina kneeled over Ted, pulling his arm and twisting it to where it was nearly out of socket. She leaned over and whispered into his ear, "Next time a girl says no, I want you to remember me, and this." as she finished her sentence, she pulled his arm out of socket, issuing a cry of pain from the saint lackey. Nina stood, put her hands back in her trenchcoat pockets, and walked off, as she walked away, she whispered with a smile, "This is going to be fun after all." then continued whistling Twisted nerve. 

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 Jason Noir walks out the store in the pouring rain then his cell phone rings and he answers it while getting in his sports car Jason talks to her for a moment and drives home lising to Night ranger when he stop at a red light ten swat offercers point assult rifles at him then he slams the gas pedal down to escape the cops and gets on the high way but get blocked off by a wall of tanks Jason stopped and got a quick look at the tank's barrel and trys to turn around but a whole squad of FBI cars blocked his path then Jason gotten out the car and took a look at the FBI chopper 

They landed on the high way and aressted him then put him in the chopper Jason said this trap for me or you jack offs Jason poped the hand cuffs and killed the two guys to his left and right then punched the CO pilot then grabbed the pilot and threw him out the choppers side door and gotten a parachute then jumped out Jason felt free while in the air til the pilot tried to steal he's chute the Jason pulled out his anckle gun then shot the pilot when Jason hit the ground he said finnaly it stopped raining then it thunder stomed and he walked home took off his jacket and his shoes and shirt then flops down on his king sized bed then turns on his flat screen tv and turns to the news then his girlfriend comes in the door way and she asked Jason what he do today he said wach then he gotten up to go pee she said God Jason your crazy he said back naw just tough I did not know you lived this life style she said I'm a gangbanger i live this life style! he said in anger bye Jason she said Jason said go then went to TNA later

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 *Man, I'm loving everyones stories so far! Here goes mine!*

Finch Smith casually sat on the small deck from the side of his crummy single wide trailer pretty much doing what every other citizen of thhe trailer park does in their free time, DRINK!

Just then Finch over heard a commotion of arguing and chatter coming from down the street and seen the park supervisor having at it with one of Finches friends. Finch set down his can of beer and made his way to his friends trailer to see what was going on, by the time Finch got to the trailer a small group of people had formed around it watching in awe as Finches friend Clem and the Park supervisor Mr. Layhee argueed.

... "Your on thin Ice Mr.!" Mr layhee mumbled out to Clem.

Clem stood on his deck with his arms folded. 

Mr Layhee stepped up on the first step of the porch "I know your growing dope in your trailer and everyone knows thats a federal offence!'

... "Hey you better get off my deck! This is private property!" Clem shouted out shoving Mr. Layhee of his deck.

... "I'm gonna call the police to come with a search warrent and your gonna get some spending time in the big house. This used to be a nice trailer park before you moved in." Mr Layhee exclaimed.

... "$@?! off Mr. layhee! You aint doing #%?* because I aint growing dope, get the *$?* off my property before I call the cops on you!" Clem yelled out making a shoo'ing motion with his arms.

After that Mr. Layhee stormed off and the crowd of people scattered back to their trailers. I walked up onto Clems deck and said hi to him.

Clem shook his head and I could tell he was frusterated ... "!*#$?@ Layhee, How do you expect me to get my business going if that prick is always trying to get me busted. I wish I could just pay someone to kill his ass off." Clem said sitting down on his lawn chair.

Right then and there Finches eyes grew with excitment and thoughts raced threw his brain, this is where he could get his start at being a hitman.

... "I could do it." Finch simply said with a grin on his face.

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  hey can i hire you for something in the future 

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As Diego walked out of club Koi, for the first time after joing the Saints, he looked up feeling the cold rain, he opened his mouth to catch some of the fresh water, as a cop walked up to him "The hell do ya think your doing mate?" the cop said in a heavy australlian accent, "what is it to ya? You fat freak!" Diego said to the cop, the cop got pissed and pulled out a Vice 9 quicker than the cop Diego pulled out a switch blade, and grabbed the pistole,stabbed the cop, a shot fired hitting a drunk pedestrian holding a bottle of Saints wine, the cop yelled out in pain, Diego pulled out the blade, and stabbed the cop one more time in the middle of the head. As he pulled out the blade you could see it read the name Crystal, his mothers name, who died in a Los Carnales drive by many years ago, the cop was screaming in so much pain he finnaly grabbed his gun, and shot himself in the head Diego walked away smiling, he got to Betty (his Esiwolf)opened the door started the vehicle checked it making sure his Saints lab coat with all of his guns (very few, two Skr 9's, and one 44. sheperd) put on his cd playing Missory buissness, by Paramore, as he drove away he used his nitrous to speed back to his house in posiden alley.

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 Nina kept walking, though it was well past midnight and the rain had her freezing nearly to death. Nina saw the bright lights of the strip club, Tee'N'ay, and she headed towards it. Yes, it was a strip club, and yes, it was degrading towards women, but it was where she was headed. Not only would it get her out of the rain, but that was where she was working. Nina hated it, and she knew that she had more talent than to be a common stripper, but it paid very well, plus she was given special permission to beat the *$%# out of anyone who got too touchy feeley. 

Nina walked through the back entrance, and she took off her trench coat, hanging it up on the coat rack in her dressing room. Nina was already wearing her outfit for tonight, black leather chaps with a red thong on underneath it. She wore a leather bra as well, it wasn't the most comfortable outfit she'd ever worn, but it was a hit among the customers. 

Nina touched up her makeup, which was inspired by the Joker. She painted a large red smile on her face, and she thickened up her eyeshadow and Eyeliner. Someone banged on her door, and said, "Nina, you ready?" Nina walked to the door, and opened it, she was staring nto the face of her boss. She hated his guts, and if she could, she would murder him, BUT he was the one who signed the checks. "Yeah, I'm coming out to the stage now. Ready the usual song."  He nodded, and said, "Right away." 

She walked to the curtain, and she heard her song's opening chords, it was U+Ur hand, by p!nk. It fit with her routine, and she heard several men cheering. She took a deep breath, and she walked out, she began to dance her way to the pole, and she kept dancing till the song was over, several men tossed tens and fifties onto the stage, in one swift motion, she picked up all the bills, and bowed, blowing kisses to the crowd, and walking backstage once more. 

She wasn't backstage two minutes before her boss came by and took his cut of the money that she got. as he walked away, she said, "Prick." and grabbed her trench coat, walking out of the building. She was done for tonight, #%?$ what her schedule said. 

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 Jason followed Nina as soon as he gotten out side he followed Nina because he thought that she was the one to join up with the saints 

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 Nina kept walking, thinking about what she wanted to do with her life other than being a stripper, seeing as she had the skills to take down two men without even breaking a sweat. She heard footsteps behind her, and she stopped, and turned around. It was a man, she remembered seeing him in the crowd at the Strip club. 

"What do you want?" she asked, reaching into her trenchcoat and grabbing her pistol, keeping it in the pocket. 

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 Jason asked Nina wanna join the Saints you can work at my side you don't have to work hard or you could go back to TeeNay