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The economy had gone to hell and Ultor had started something they couldn't finish. Stilwater was nothing but a look at how bad a nucluear fallout looked on a city such as it. There was something on the surface we had to beware of. No one was sure what it was, where it came from or how it got here. The remaining high order Ultor Execs were either cozily living in there fortified bunkers or leading a battle on the surface for land, oil and oxygen. Thats right.. People are actually fighting for oxygen. But the only thing us Metro Dwellers, as were we called were focused on was SURVIVAL.

Hell On Earth.....

A search team that consisted of me, Jakob, Moses and Reb trollied our way down the tracks. There was some parts of the Metro you didn't go alone. Especially a enemey tribe such as Metro 29 or BlackOuts, our nickname for them, territory. We were going a supply hunt, mainly weapons. I made sure my Gas mask was on straight before we ran into anything I didn't want to see. The whole trip was going good until we came closer to surface. The trolly stopped for a moment. You could hear a eery noise surrounding us. Jakob kicked the front of the trolly and made it go forward once more.

Jakob: Did you hear that comrade?

Moses: What do you think that was?

Jakob: I don't think it was anything, I know what IT was.

Moses: We better hurry up.

Jakob: We can try..

I kept my mouth shut and made sure I was extra aware about what was going on. We came through and found and old ammo train. These may be old but they were worth something and could be used again.

We decided that this was enough for the night. Reb accidently knocked over a light post and it busted. We flicked on our flashlights and instantly a roar sounded throughout the whole metro. We shined the light to see that Reb's body was halved off completely.

Some dog looking mutants surrounded our fallen soldier's body for scraps and chunks of meat. A horrible sight if I might say so myself. We hopped inside the trolly and tried to pedal as fast as thing rusted thing would go. Somethingg fast and raged was on us and our trolly was slowing down.


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Good opening Gangstarr, can't wait to see what you do with this and how they get out of that mess!

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 Woah!!! That was awesome, I can't wait for part 2! :D 

Check out Shaundi's Side in the Steelport Stories section, you'll love it!
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 Oh meh gawd! Their gonna get run down by some big mutated alien monster thing! Make it happen gangstarr!

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Sounds like Chernobyl on a Saturday night.

Cool story bro. And this time, I ain't trollin'.

Cant wait for the next part.

The lack of exclamation points in this post makes it seem like I lack enthusiasm, so I'm going to put them all, here!!!!!!!!!!

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