Shaundi's side (Saints row 2 story)
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Huh, that'd be really cool to see though! Her choice though. :3 

Yeah, some serious catching up to do. Lol XD 

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So I told her what you said and that Rain was in. She got happy then sad for two reasons one she sad "AWWW but I wanna try it with a real one!" and she said she is jelous because our friends name is Rain (her parrents were hippies) and I got the idea from what she looks like. I lol'd and she got mad. lol

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Great job with the chapter and thanks a lot for the shoutout. I'll certainly help in any way I can for as long as you see value in it.

I've been looking forward to finding out how Shaundi and Evelyn would get up after the end of last chapter and you definitely didn't disappoint. Evelyn getting clotheslined and Shaundi getting put in that camel clutch were both awe-inspiring to imagine, not to mention Rain getting in the shot that let Shaundi get back on her feet. It's not that I enjoy them getting beat up, but it's good to see reminders that as awesome as they are, they can still be taken down and that there are things they have to fight against to triumph.

And on the other hand, it's always good to see that the Syndicate/Morningstar are still dumb enough to come at them with highly explosive boats, Sharks, and helicopters when Evelyn, Shaundi, and company are sitting on a cache of the Syndicate's own heavy weapons...

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Wow, sorry for the late reply! I didn't get an e-mail alert. :/ 

Thank you for the compliment/ego boost. lmfao, I'm working at the next chapter, but i'm still thinking on certain details. :p 

It should be up soon though, i'm working fairly quickly. :p 

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Hey guys, Here's the next chapter! It wouldn't be here without the help of DarkDayBreak, He's been helping me flesh out some of my ideas and helping me get the dialogue to the game right. So thank you my friend! 

Enjoy the chapter, comments, criticism and concerns are welcomed and greatly appreciated. :) 

Gang Bang

Evelyn backed into Zimos’ garage, the lights automatically flicking on as the truck came to a stop. Shaundi hopped out of the truck and walked to the back doors, unlatching it and letting the ho’s out. “Shaundi, take them upstairs. I’m going to make sure Z and Pierce get here safely.” Evelyn’s voice had an edge to it, sounding more like her boss than her girlfriend. Shaundi kept her cool and replied, “Sure thing, Boss.” The word Boss had an edge to it, unintentional as it was. Evelyn scowled slightly, turning away and walking out of the garage.

Ouch… Shaundi was going to regret that later. Shaundi shook her head, pushing to the front of the crowd of Hos and opening the door of the garage. “C’mon girls, this way.“ Shaundi called over the steady murmuring of the crowd, starting to lead them upstairs to Zimos’ apartment. Two flights of stairs later, Shaundi opened the door and ushered them inside Zimos‘ 1960‘s themed apartment already teeming with ho‘s. “Stay safe, Stay clean, you’ll be just fine with Z pimping you guys, he’ll treat you like family.” All the girls shuffled into the apartment, muttering amongst themselves. Once they where all inside, Shaundi saluted slightly and shut the door.

She turned and started down the staircase, only to run into Zimos. “Heeey baybeh, the Ho’s settling into the palace of Zimos?!” Shaundi rolled her eyes, “Yeah, they’re settling in just fine, may have to convince a few of them to stay though. Seemed a bit touchy.” Zimos nodded, “They all need a bit of convincing at first, but it’s nothing the Zeeeeee can’t handle.” Shaundi rolled her eyes once more and started the rest of the way down the stairs, finding her way back out of the building into the parking lot.

Evelyn was leaning against a fence post next to Pierce. Shaundi made her way over, Shaundi stopping about a foot away from Evelyn and asking, “So, how do we feel about Ms. DeWynter? She did come through with the info on the boat.” Pierce looked at her as if she’d slapped the president across the face and answered, “We still hate her, the f@ck are you smoking?” Shaundi smirked and replied, “Your mom’s stash of crack, never been so high in my life.” That got a smirk out of the depressed looking Evelyn, and a chuckle from Pierce. Evelyn then remarked, “Hey, we had a deal. No good sh!t unless you share!” Shaundi started laughing, wrapping her arm around Evelyn’s shoulders. Shaundi could feel Evelyn’s body tense slightly, then relax quickly, some of her weight coming off of the fence and into Shaundi.

That night

Evelyn, Shaundi, and Pierce had made their way back to the penthouse, nothing eventful happening, which was unusual for Steelport. “Hey Pierce, wanna stay and watch a movie or something? We’ve gotta do something to relax here.” Pierce smirked at Shaundi’s offer, then announcing, “Nah, Tamara has some Dinner planned with a few of her friends, I can’t stand the girl up.” Evelyn smirked, “You still with Tam?” Pierce nodded, eyebrows raised, “And that surprises you why?” Evelyn shrugged, “No reason.” Pierce chuckled, “@**!?. Both of you, anyways I’d better go get cleaned up. Catch you later guys.” Shaundi nodded a goodbye to Pierce as she started up the staircase to her and Evelyn’s room, Evelyn a few steps behind her.

Shaundi opened the door to their bedroom, holding it open for Evelyn. Once Evelyn was in the room Shaundi closed the door, locking it quickly as she turned to Evelyn and looked her over. Evelyn had the giant bruise on her neck still, though it was a very pale yellow, nearly gone compared to how it was just after they woke up on the ship. Evelyn also had a lot of dirt and grime on her, as did Shaundi most likely.

“What do you say we shower up and just chill the rest of the night?” Evelyn nodded slightly, “Sounds good.” Her voice had a somber, depressed tone to it. “Evelyn, what’s the matter?” Shaundi asked as she walked up to Evelyn, now standing mere inches away from each other. Evelyn didn’t look Shaundi in the eye, she looked down at the floor. Evelyn then answered, “I don’t know what’s going on Shaundi, I’m irritable as a teenage girl on her period for the first time! I don’t know why, I mean nothing’s happened that I know of.” Shaundi grimaced slightly, maybe Evelyn actually was on her period, that mixed with all the stress she was facing, it was bound to be painful.

Shaundi started to caress Evelyn’s face, gently wiping the dirt off of her temple. Evelyn tensed, but didn’t pull away. Shaundi pulled her hand away, inquiring, “Evelyn, why are you so tense? It’s just me, I’m not going to hurt you.” Evelyn shook her head, “I need to be alone… I’m sorry Shaundi. I’m going to shower, be out in a little bit, ok?” Shaundi nodded, turning away and walking over to the bed, sitting down on her side.

She slowly leaned over, her back crying out in pain as she unzipped her boots and let them drop to the floor. The pain must’ve shown on her face because Evelyn walked over and asked, “Wanna shower with me?” a slight reassuring smile was on her lips, but it wasn’t very convincing. Shaundi nodded anyway, standing up and following Evelyn to the bathroom.

An hour later
Shaundi wrapped herself in a towel, not bothering with her wet tangled hair at the moment. Evelyn too was now wrapped in a towel, she stood in front of the sink looking at herself in the mirror. Her expression wasn’t one of admiration or happiness, she looked depressed. Shaundi frowned slightly, walking over to Evelyn and placing her hand on Evelyn’s shoulder. Evelyn jumped at the touch, her head whipping towards Shaundi’s direction. “Sorry.” Shaundi muttered, her hazel eyes looking onto Evelyn lovingly. “No, I’m the one who should be sorry. I don’t know what’s wrong with me…” Evelyn’s voice broke, she wasn’t crying, just on edge. “Ssh, it’s ok.” Shaundi squeezed Evelyn’s shoulder tightly. “I’m going to put on some music, why don’t you come relax with me?” Evelyn nodded, “Sounds nice…” A small smile accompanied her short acceptance “speech.”

Shaundi walked out of the bathroom and around the corner, past their closet to the TV. She flipped through their CD collection, trying to find something appropriate for the somber mood. Shaundi came across her Jessie J CD, she glanced at the back to see which track she wanted. She opened the CD case and stuck the CD in the player, skipped to track 13, and turned the volume up. “I think you’ll like this song.” Shaundi called as the song started, soft guitar playing as Jessie began to sing.

“I stare at my reflection in the Mirror, Why am I doing this to myself? Losing my mind on a tiny error. I nearly left the real me on the shelf, no, no, no, no, no” Evelyn walked out of the bathroom, her head *$!%#* to the side slightly as she listened to the song. “I love this song…” Evelyn muttered as she laid down on her side of the bed, propping herself up on her side with her elbow. Shaundi followed suit, her face close to Evelyn’s. “I know, that’s why I picked it.” Shaundi replied, a small smile on her makeup free face.
Evelyn smiled, “You’re too good to me.” Shaundi rolled off the bed and stood up, walked over to the door, and shut the shades. She then walked back over to the bed and climbed over Evelyn, grabbing her hand and laying down next to her, their foreheads touching as they both drifted into a soft sleep.

The next morning

Shaundi awoke with a start, her hand flying over to Evelyn’s side of the bed only to feel the crisp, clean sheets. Shaundi sat up, looking around. Her wavy hair fell into her face slightly, Shaundi brushed it out of the way. Her Jessie J CD was still playing, it was now playing the song, “Nobody’s Perfect” Shaundi shuffled across the room and turned off the stereo, then walking to the closet and pulling out her clothes for the day. She picked out her old pair of bells, the pair of Heels Evelyn bought for her back in the day, and a black vest. She tossed the clothes onto the bed as she walked past and to the dresser, opening it and pulling out a matching bra and pair of panties.

She got dressed quickly, leaving her hair as it was as she strapped her pistol’s holster to the back of her jeans and grabbed her phone, walking out of the bedroom. There was no note on the pillow that morning, nor was there a text in her phone. Shaundi flicked through her contacts in her phone, finding Evelyn’s picture immediately and calling her.

The phone rang twice before Evelyn picked up with, “Hey Shaundi, I’m on the way to meet Viola DeWynter in the park in Ashwood with Oleg, wanna come? We’re still a ways off, we can delay until you catch up.” Shaundi’s mind reeled for a second before she registered exactly what Evelyn was saying. “Yeah, yeah where are you? I’ll be there in ten.” Evelyn answered, “We’re coming into Ashwood now, we’ll wait in front of the Rim Jobs there, it’s across the street from the park anyways.”

Shaundi nodded, then remembering she was on the phone, answered, “Cool, I’ll be there soon. I love you, Ev.” Evelyn replied quickly, her tone sweet as she replied, “Love you too babe.” Just after Evelyn finished speaking, the phone clicked off, Evelyn having hung up. Shaundi shoved her phone back into her pocket and made her way to the elevator. “Hey Shaundi, wait up!” Called Tamara, trotting up the stairs after Shaundi. “Hey Tamara, how’ve you been?” Shaundi asked, giving Tamara a quick hug as she stepped onto the second floor. Tamara’s smile grew in wattage, “I’m great Shaundi, how are you and Evelyn?” Shaundi had motioned for Tamara to walk with her as she replied, “We’re doing well, Evelyn’s a little stressed though.” Tamara snorted, “Gee, I couldn’t imagine why.” Shaundi punched the Elevator button, then punched Tamara’s arm lightly as she remarked, “%$#@*.” a joking tone apparent in her voice.

Tamara chuckled as the doors opened, Shaundi and Tamara stepping inside. “So, have you and Pierce been ok? He said you had a dinner planned last night.” Tamara nodded vigorously as the doors to the elevator closed and Shaundi pressed the garage button, Tamara then answering, “Oh yeah, we’re great. The dinner was a hit, some of my good friends from college hadn’t met Pierce yet, so that’s what that was. Speakin’ of Pierce, d@mn does that boy know how to please in bed. I’ve had some good sex before but d@mn, boy knows how to move.” Shaundi shuddered at the mention of Pierce and Sex in the same sentence, but she couldn’t help but smile at the fact that Tamara was happy. “Speaking of sex lives, Evelyn’s been acting off lately. A few nights ago, every time I tried to do anything it seemed more like I was hurting her than pleasing her.”

Tamara’s brow furrowed, “You sure she’s just stressed? I’ve actually heard you two goin’ at it before, and Lemmie tell you, She don’t sound like the type to be squeamish.” Shaundi blushed at the mention of being overheard, then it quickly passed as she remembered her college days. “That’s my point, it’s not like her at all.” Tamara then asked, “Well did she take over for you, or was that just it?” Shaundi furrowed her brow as the elevator came to a stop and dinged, the doors opening to reveal the garage. “That was just it, she apologized but just kinda turned over, she said she was just tired, and that she’d make it up to me later.”

Tamara and Shaundi began their way towards Shaundi’s car, Shaundi pulling her keys out of her pocket as they approached. “She at least give you a kiss before she went to bed?” Tamara inquired, her hand on the passenger door handle, waiting for Shaundi to open the doors. Shaundi unlocked the car and slid inside, starting the engine with one swift motion. Tamara slid into the cool leather passenger seat quickly, shutting the door behind her. “Yeah, but it was just a peck. Not like her, I know.”

Shaundi put the car in reverse and backed out of her parking space, then slamming the car into drive and hauling ass out of the garage. “That is different… humm, maybe she’s on her period.” Shaundi smirked, “I checked, she’s not on it yet.” Tamara wrinkled up her nose, “Eew, I don’t even wanna know.” Shaundi rolled her eyes, “It wasn’t anything gross, lord woman.” Tamara snorted, “Coming from you, a woman who’s idea of gross doesn’t start until Feel Boss, I’d say it was probably gross.” Shaundi mock gasped, “Ouch man, ouch. That kinda hurt.” Tamara stuck out her tongue as she slapped Shaundi a high five, “In all seriousness though, I’m really happy for you two. I know you guys are going to be together through it all.”

Shaundi blushed and smiled at the same time, “Thanks Tamara, you and Pierce seem to have it going on, I think you two have a good thing going.” Tamara smiled, “Thanks. Now, I should probably ask now before we go too far, but where are we going anyways?” Shaundi repressed a laugh, which ended up coming out as a snort and she replied, “We’re going to Ashwood, I’m going to go with Evelyn and Oleg to meet with Viola DeWynter.” Tamara’s face went about a shade lighter to a mocha color. “You guys are thinking of doing business with the DeWynters?” All traces of the previous jokes where gone from her voice, she sounded horrified. Shaundi winced slightly as she answered, “I think so, why?” Tamara snapped, “Because the DeWynters had my sister taken and turned her into a sex slave! Now she’s in a d@mn mental institution because of all the sh!t that happened while she was there.”

“I’m so sorry…” Shaundi replied quickly. What else could be said? Shaundi didn’t even know Tamara had a sister, let alone one that was recovering in a mental hospital. “It’s fine, She’s a lot better than she used to be. Anyways, I don’t think I can meet that woman without killing her, you’ve gotta let me out before we get there.” Shaundi pulled to a stop at a Red light, and Tamara‘s door popped open. “Are you sure? I’m meeting with Evelyn at a Rim Jobs, you can just take my car for the day if you want, just be sure to bring it back to the crib tonight.” Tamara nodded as she shut the car door, having not gotten out. “That sounds good, better than walking around the city aimlessly for a while.”

Shaundi felt a wave of guilt wash over her, she felt bad for bringing up Tamara’s sister, but she quickly dismissed it. After all, Shaundi had no idea. “You know, We never did go and see James and Mary again.” Shaundi observed, waiting a moment to change the subject. “Oh god, that was years ago Shaundi! I almost forgot about him. How’s his skinny white ass doing?” Shaundi laughed, “He’s doing well from what I hear, he and Mary have a baby girl named Jeanne.” Tamara made an, “aaw!” Sound which made Shaundi smile. “That’s great to hear, have you seen him since that day Jane, you and I hung out with him?” Shaundi nodded, “Yeah, when Evelyn and I split I started hanging out with some old friends in between Mourning and Training with Gat and getting my TV Show set up. He looked like he’d hit the gym a bit, got some muscle. Mary looks great as always. She’s really into the whole Rockabilly look, she pulls it off very well.”

Tamara repressed a snort, “I haven’t actually seen anyone who pulls off the Rockabilly look, it’s too old fashioned for my taste.” Shaundi smirked, “Mary makes it her own, trust me.” Shaundi then smiled as she thought of Mary, James, and their daughter Jeanne. Their daughter would be 5 this year, oh how time flew by. Within the next few minutes, Shaundi pulled to a stop by Evelyn’s Temptress and unlocked the doors. “I’ll see you later Tamara, thanks for driving the car back.” Tamara nodded, “No problem, anything to keep from seeing that !$*?#. Oh, and slap her for me.” Shaundi chuckled, “Will do Tamara, will do.” Shaundi then hugged Tamara and got out of the car, walking around Evelyn’s Temptress to the driver’s side and knocking on the window. Evelyn jumped slightly, then turned off the radio and rolled down her window.
“You scared the sh!t out of me woman.” Evelyn snapped, half joking.

Shaundi smirked, “So, we ready to meet Ms. DeWynter?” Evelyn nodded, “Yeah, Oleg is waiting in the Garage, let’s go get him.” Evelyn rolled her window up quickly and got out of the car, locking it and waving to Tamara as she drove off. “I see you let Tam take your car.” Shaundi nodded, “Yeah, Her sister was taken by the DeWynters and now she’s in a mental hospital… she said she couldn’t see Viola without killing her.” Evelyn nodded, “Good to know.” Her voice and expression somber as she knocked on the garage door. The door opened a few seconds later, and Oleg stepped out into the daylight. “He!lo Shaundi, nice to see you again.” Shaundi smiled and hugged Oleg, “Hey big guy.” Evelyn gave Oleg a fist bump and motioned for them to follow her. Shaundi was on Evelyn’s right flank, Oleg on her left. They crossed the street quickly, Both Evelyn and Shaundi’s heels clicking on the pavement.

Evelyn was wearing a pair of midnight black skinny jeans reminiscent of the ones with all the safety pins in them, only without the safety pins. They had several slits in them, but they where all small. She wore a pair of black pumps, platformed with a stiletto heel. She also donned a purple T-shirt, clinging to her every curve. Evelyn’s hair was down and the bangs pinned behind her ear, as usual.

Their heels stopped clicking once they made their way onto the grass, spying Viola standing by a fountain. Shaundi watched as they approached, there was a man playing guitar, his case open for people to make donations. Viola dropped two quarters into the case, Shaundi repressed a snort. So the woman had a heart. Huh.

Oleg commented on this with, “I didn’t realize you were a patron of the arts, Viola.” Viola turned and faced the three of them, a smirk-like smile on her face as she jabbed, “We never really had the chance to chat, what with you being a science experiment.” At this Oleg scowled and cracked his neck. Evelyn stepped ahead of Shaundi and Oleg and warned, “I wouldn’t p!ss off the big guy.” Viola seemed apologetic as she defended, “Look- I’m not here to fight. We need to work together.” Shaundi snorted and replied, “Right. Johnny’s dead because of you.” Shaundi’s voice was dripping with venom, but it seemed lost on Viola. It certainly wasn’t lost on the Street Performer, however as he played a note off-tune and stopped for a moment. She merely shot back, “Johnny’s dead because he thought he could do everything on his own.” The street performer resumed playing as Shaundi looked down, Viola was right. Sh!t. Johnny did think he was a god… maybe the henchmen where too much for even Johnny Gat to handle. Shaundi shook the thought of Johnny’s last moments away before it really had the chance to start, focusing on the situation at hand.

“So what’s in it for you?” Evelyn inquired, gesturing to Viola. Viola smirked as she crossed her arms, “I get to watch Killbane suffer.” Evelyn stretched slightly as she turned to Oleg, “Can you play nice?” she inquired, earning her a polite smile to go with Oleg’s polite, “I am always gentleman.” Evelyn turned to Shaundi, her mouth open to say something when a cry of fear was heard behind them. Shaundi, Viola, Evelyn, and Oleg all looked in the direction of the scream in unison, seeing two hulking white and black vehicles racing towards them, a third turning and heading their way as well. “What is that--?” Viola inquired, concern showing on her face.

“Nothing good.” Evelyn retorted before ordering, “Let’s go!” They all turned and ran. They made it a ways away from the fountain by now, when Evelyn pushed through a group of Civilians who hadn’t noticed the hulking vehicles speeding towards them yet. Viola pushed through as well, Oleg ran around them, and Shaundi ran after Evelyn and Viola, only to trip over a man attempting to get up, the hard earth beneath the grass greeting Shaundi’s face. Shaundi quickly scrambled to her feet, Evelyn, Viola, and Oleg well away by now. “Sh!t.” Shaundi muttered to herself, charging after them only to be cut off by one of the hulking white vehicles.

The driver’s side door flew open and a man in tan armor hopped out, a white gun in his hands, leveled at her skull as he screamed, “On the ground! Do it now!” Sh!t… could today get any better?

I hope you enjoyed guys, Gang Bang Part 2 will be up soon, i'm still working on it. Lol, I hope most of you are still with me. Any comments, criticism, and concerns are welcomed and greatly appreciated.  

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Ahh, the story continues. Thanks again for the shoutout.

Really liked the tender moment between Shaundi and Evelyn with the music just before they went to sleep. The case of Tamara's sister puts an edge on things. It's going to be interesting to see how/if Shaundi and Viola become sort of friends as it sort of looked like they were going to be before the retcon. I also have to wonder if maybe Tamara will get involved if Viola has another go at being canonized after what happened to her sister. 

As a side-note, Oleg's appearance makes me wonder: how would he quickly get around town on his own? He pretty much has to ride in the bed of a truck or go on foot, right? What's big enough for him to drive? Maybe a Peterliner, I guess. Ha--imagine Oleg on a Widowmaker.

Anyhow, really looking forward to the second half. I want to see how Shaundi is going to get away from this STAG guy.

Edit: Posed the question about Oleg to a friend who answered: "I just assumed he'd do a hulk jump and leap across the city." Giant Oleg on miniature moped or Hulk-jumping Oleg, I can't decide which mental image is more amusing.

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C'mon guys, it can't be that horrible can it? 

Talk to me here. Two weeks without so much as a peep as to what was good or bad? Come on. A little comment here and there would be nice. 

If there's a problem with the story, let me know. That's kinda WHY I say, "comments, criticism, and concerns are welcomed and greatly appreciated" Not to be nice, but because it's true. Feedback is an important part of this story to me, help me out here. 

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Wow, I'm definitely impressed with the amount of dedication you've put into these! I haven't finished reading yet but I will soon. :)

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Thanks! Glad to hear it. :)