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 *explodes of joy* You guys have NO idea how much all this means to me! (I know I say that alot, but you really, really don't know how much that means to me! XD) 

I've got most of the next chapter, "Bad Trip" Done, I have the last firefight and the after effects to do, then I'll post it, I'd expect it by sometime later today. :D 

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Freakin' awesome! I love this story and now we get to see boss and Shaundi in sweet, sweet murderous harmony! *chuckles evily*

Anyway, thanks for the help! Still drifting on a title for me fic (I'm kinda stuck on Five Years Solace... But I don't know) and as soon as that comes up, I'mma gonna post! (Already got the first chappy all typed up! xD) Anyways! Good luck!

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  Haha, thanks! Well, I have good and bad news. Good: Bad trip is done Bad: I'm on a last minute weekend trip, so i'll be offline for a couple days. Rest assured, I will be back with more Shaundi's side goodness soon!

Check out Shaundi's Side in the Steelport Stories section, you'll love it!
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 You can now feast your eyes and minds on the next chapter, Bad Trip! :D


                                                                                                   Bad Trip


Shaundi slept late the next day, all that partying while getting information from Blake definitely took it’s toll on Shaundi, All this night work for boss had made Shaundi soft. Shaundi was awoken by a loud explosion. Shaundi jumped up and grabbed her gun, aiming it in front of her, but she could see nothing but the ambient blinking on Shaundi’s phone, indicating that she had a missed call or text. Shaundi quickly threw her night shirt off, and slipped on her clothes, she grabbed her phone and stuck it in her bra for safe keeping, she didn’t know what the hell was going on out there, but it was gonna get ugly. Just as Shaundi was wondering if it had been a dream, she heard several screams and gunfire echoing through the lobby of the hotel. “#!*?.” Shaundi muttered, this was going to be one long ass day. Shaundi unlatched her door, and slowly pulled it open, gun muzzle sticking out in front of her. She peered through the crack, and saw green shirts and dread locks with guns. Shaundi sighed, took in a deep breath, and opened the door all the way. She raised her pistol, gripping it tightly with both hands. She lined up the modified sights with the first Samedi’s skull, and she fired. 


Shaundi had never seen a human brain being splattered across a hallway, until then. Shaundi’s first urge was to scream and run away like a four year old, but she knew that these guys meant business, and it was way too late to just bow in and be a prisoner of war, maybe sparing her life or ending it the quick way. The other samedi turned, but Shaundi was too quick, she fired again, the bullet went through his eye, and blew his brains out from the back of his skull. Shaundi then proceeded to run down the hallway towards the lobby.


Around the corner, a FUGLY samedi $@?*! stood there with an AK-47, and without thinking, Shaundi fired twice. The first shot grazed her, the second embedded itself into the woman’s neck. Shaundi could hear the woman, still alive, choking on her own blood, but she couldn’t take the time to finish her off, she had to keep going. Oddly enough, there were only three more samedi in the lobby, holding a couple hookers and a saint or two captive. Shaundi ducked as the three samedi open fired on her, she took this time to check her clip, she still had eleven bullets, more than she needed for this particular event. She slammed the clip back into her pistol, *?!%@# it, and hopped up as soon as she heard the lack of gunfire. She aimed quickly, and pulled the trigger. The shot hit another fugly samedi woman in the chest, she stumbled back, and collapsed beside one of the couches.


Shaundi aimed at the second samedi, and fired three times. The three shots hit the samedi male in the Knee, Groin, and the finisher was to the throat. The third and final samedi, an African American man with a weird white tribal tattoo, began to fire on Shaundi. She was in no position to take cover, as she had already started her decent when she shot the second samedi. Shaundi then prayed that this man had awful aim, and she emptied the clip into him. She reloaded, and walked up to the Strippers and the one saint, and asked, “you guys ok?”  The stripper who wore a sexy cop outfit merely burst into tears and ran for Shaundi, she latched onto her in a vice grip that was a hug. The stripper then stuttered, “thank you Shaundi! I thought those guys where gonna kill me!” Shaundi merely patted the woman’s head, made a shushing sound, and pried her off of Shaundi, guiding her to an arm chair nearby. 


The saints that had been held captive where getting up, dusting themselves off, and grabbing pistols off of the dead bodies. One of the younger men walked up to the woman’s body, spat on her, and said, “How do you like that, you fugly *@*%?!” he then proceeded to kick her in what was left of her face, and pistol whip her. Jesus, take a chill pill! Shaundi walked up to him, and caught his arm as he lowered his pistol to fire another shot into her now gone face. “She’s dead, get yourself together, besides, you’ll need the ammo.” Shaundi said soothingly, wiping a lock of hair away from his eyes.


 He stuttered back, “thanks… I guess.” Shaundi smiled, and backed away, walking back up the staircase. As she went, she hollered, “There’ll be more on the way, get the girls to a safe place and lock this place down!” Shaundi stopped for a second over the woman that had the AK-47, and she holstered her pistol, grabbing the ‘47 and @!#*$*% it, grabbing a few clips out of the woman’s jean shorts. 


Shaundi then was about to try the elevator, then she scolded herself. “we’re under attack, they can cut the power, or just blow the elevator to hell” So Shaundi turned, and tried to open the door that led to the stairway to find it locked from the other side. Shaundi backed up, and kicked the door close to the handle. It gave easily, and Shaundi couldn’t help but smile. “I’ve always wanted to do that.” she muttered as she slunk up the staircase. She didn’t know how many samedi where up in the mission house, but she was going to go and find out. If there where too many, she’d call boss and let her know what was going on, which she needed to do even if she could take care of them. Shaundi passed a broken mirror, and she picked up a large shard of glass, it could be helpful in scoping out the mission house. 


Shaundi made it to the door, and she opened it slightly, sticking the mirror shard out, she was able to scope the room easily. Damn, there where way too many for Shaundi to take on and even hope to succeed. Shaundi pulled the mirror shard back in with her, and she shut the door quietly, slinking back down a few staircases. She knelt down in a corner, and searched through her contacts and she found boss’s picture.  She dialed Boss’s number, and prayed that she answered. 


“come on, come on!” Shaundi whispered, and on the fourth ring boss answered. “ What the hell did you do boss? The samedi are tearing our place apart!” Shaundi practically yelled into the phone. “That sounds like fun…” Boss replied, her voice was calm, and… oh ?$!*! She was $%!@*#* high! “Holy ?#$* boss, are you high???” Boss’s response confirmed it, she was definitely high. “Shaundi, you’re like, the coolest saint ever. Way cooler than Dex… that guy wasn’t fun at all.” Oh Christ… she was high on a whole #!%$*@? lot of white widow… @#!%!  In as calm of a tone as Shaundi could muster, she said, “I’m gonna die… Great.”  Shaundi hung up the phone, and said quietly, “#%**, If boss or someone doesn’t come soon, I really am gonna die.” 


Shaundi had just stood up and put her phone in her pocket, when her phone rang again. “Really?” Shaundi asked to nobody in particular as she answered the phone, and said, “Pierce, please tell me you’ve got some good news! I’ve got samedi in the hideout as well as outside, some are gonna come for me soon!” Pierce replied with, “Oh you make the situation sound all bad and #$**, I got a ?*$#%*’ army of Samedi fuckers after me! I’m on the way there, but It’s gonna be ugly shau-” But he cut himself off, Shaundi could hear some very loud gunfire, along with pierce yelling, “Take that up the butt you samedi #*$%?!!!!”  Shaundi couldn’t help but smile, then pierce came back on the line and said, “Yeah I’m gonna be a minute, !#$*%@ just sot out my tail light. I’ll cya soon.” Pierce hung up, and Shaundi replied a little late with, “Good talk pierce, good talk.” 


Shaundi stashed her phone in her bra once more, and she made sure that the Ak-47 was loaded and ready to go, then she heard a deep male voice. “I heard a voice this way!” “%*!$.” Shaundi muttered, she aimed the rifle at the doorway across the room, and waited for the samedi to show their faces. The first samedi rushed out, he had short spiked up dreads, a pair of samedi green track pants, and a black t-shirt. Shaundi pulled the trigger down hard, and a stream of bullets flew at him, he didn’t even have a chance to get one shot off. 


Shaundi smiled, she liked this gun. Then a number of things happened. The first being she saw a black bar that looked like a TV remote being tossed into the room. “what the..” Shaundi began, then she heard the telltale beeping of a grenade. “$*%!!” Shaundi yelled, she ran back to the top of the staircase she had just been at, and she dove to the bottom. Most people wouldn’t land a jump like that unscathed, but Shaundi’s dad had sent her to boot camp one summer for mouthing off one time too many. If Shaundi had learned anything there, it was how to roll the landing from a long fall. (she’d also learned how to French kiss there too, but that was another skill set all together.) 


Shaundi rolled the landing perfectly, and she stayed ducked down. The first thing she felt was a massive wave of force strike her through the chest, then she heard a deafening explosion, and saw the flash of fire, then she felt rubble raining down on her. Shaundi immediately hopped up, rifle in hand, and ran back up the stairs two at a time. She was near the doorway that the samedi where using to get to her, and another samedi ran through the door. Shaundi butted him with the end of her rifle, and while he was down, she fired into his chest. 


Shaundi was breathing heavily. Not only had she seen brains being splattered across hallways, she’d seen what a grenade could do to a body, the dead body by the door was blown in half by the force of the grenade. Shaundi got into a crouching stance, and pivoted around the door frame, firing on the next room full of samedi. They all fell, dead. Shaundi reloaded, and when she peeked around the corner, she saw a bunch more samedi in the next room. Shaundi couldn’t take much more of this, she’d slip up and get hurt soon. And just as Shaundi was about to lean out and fire again, she heard the loud reports of an SMG, followed by a sound that she could place anywhere. It was boss! Shaundi stood up and walked up to her. Holy #*%?, Boss was higher than a kite, but she could still stand, let alone walk, in five inch Stiletto heels. “Pierce called, he said that the samedi are tailing him here, we’re gonna have to help him.” Shaundi said as boss turned and stumbled out the door towards the mission house. Shaundi covered boss as she fired on the men in front of her, she got the men off to the side. Boss started to mutter the lyrics of a song, “Don’t you…. Forget about me…” Jesus Christ! Boss wasn’t a very graceful high, but Shaundi didn’t care. Under any other circumstances, Shaundi would think it was cute. 


Boss kicked open the glass doors leading out of the mission house into the parking lot. She had enough stability to do that, but she still stumbled around when walking. The samedi out here came in waves, and the ensuing fight lasted for about a half hour. Pierce showed up, his Cadillac Escalade was riddled with bullet holes, and the windows where shot out. As he exited, he said, “Mutha fuckahs blowin holes in mah baby!” He yelled, firing at several samedi that tried to rush at him. Their brains promptly met the pavement. 


Over the next half hour, Shaundi had seen more brains and dead bodies than she had cared to, and the last of the samedi where dead. Shaundi had an all new respect for boss, she could be higher than a kite, yet still kick ass. After the fight was over, Shaundi asked pierce if he could rally some saints from around town to help clean up the parking lot so that people didn’t get suspicious. “Yeah ok, I’ll go get some saints to help, I don’t gotta be moppin up blood do I?” he asked, looking at Shaundi with a “really?” look on his face. “Nah pierce, just order the guys around, you’re a lieutenant right?” Pierce smiled, nodded, and wandered off, getting in his car and driving it off to the repair shop that the saints owned, most likely.


Shaundi guided boss downstairs to the hideout, and boss was stumbling around a lot. She ended up falling over a couch, and laying there facing the ceiling, It was a pathetic sight, but Shaundi found it cute.  She leaned over boss, waved, and asked, “How you feeling?” Boss had a blissed out expression on her face, and said, “Comfortable… and VERY hungry.” Shaundi almost laughed, it must’ve been a while since boss had done some heavy pot. “ You need help standing up? There might be more guys coming to kill you.” Boss’s expression didn’t change at all. “You could take them right?”


 Shaundi shrugged, “Probably not.” If anything, boss smiled even wider. “That’s good.” Shaundi got up, and looked around the hideout. There where bodies here still, Shaundi had a sudden urge to drag the bodies out back and throw them into the old dried out well that they burned all the trash in. “%$**?#@ lightweights.” Shaundi said as she walked off. She got a few of the other saints, and had them drag the bodies out to the well, and pour some gasoline over them, and to take out the rest of the trash while they where at it. Shaundi was tired… she had seen way too much blood and brain matter today, so Shaundi trudged up the stairs, said a small goodnight to boss, which she didn’t hear because she was passed out cold by now. 


Shaundi dead bolted her door, stripped down, and trudged into the shower. Shaundi was covered in blood... and god knows what else. While washing her dreads, she had removed about three skull fragments, it was bad. Shaundi was in the shower for about an hour, then she climbed out of the shower, dried off, then she slipped into her bed’s soft covers. Sleep came fast, and Shaundi had horrible dreams that night.


I hope you enjoyed that, more to come soon! :D Comments, Criticism, concerns, it's all welcome! :D 


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Thank you for finnally posting this it was the best one yet! I NEED more!!!!

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Thats another great one, theres so much detail in this

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 THank you both so much. :D I have the next two chapters typed and ready to go, and still typing! XD I'm gonna wait for more people to reply, but after that it's go time. :D 

Check out Shaundi's Side in the Steelport Stories section, you'll love it!
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alright keep up the good work!

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I LOVED this chapter, you made Shaundi so badass, even more than in the game. I also loved the cute observations she makes about Boss :).

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 Thanks so much guys. :D I have the next few chapters ready, so imma go ahead and post the next one. Enjoy! 


                                                                                  Bonding Experience

Shaundi woke with a start, and looked around. It was 5:00 Am, according to her phone. She rubbed her eyes, and sat up. Shaundi felt like going to check on Tamara and Jane, the saints she had shown how to make the dust and pack it up, all that stuff. Shaundi knew that she’d need to have more people working on the project if she was going to keep up with the saints market for the dust. They had Several dealers through the city, and their business was very good. Shaundi couldn’t keep up all the demands herself. Shaundi got dressed and brushed her teeth. 


Shaundi hated morning breath, people may look at Shaundi and think she’s dirty or trashy, so the last thing she’s gonna do is actually be dirty or trashy. Shaundi also had good teeth, which was a miracle considering the drugs she did, so Shaundi if anything was going to try and keep them in her face. Shaundi walked downstairs, and saw several boxes of Loa dust surrounding the Drug table. Tamara and Jane sat at the table, Mixing another batch of Loa dust. “Hey girls, how much did you get done last night?” Shaundi asked, looking at the boxes. She guessed that each box had about three pounds in it. “Hey Shaundi!” Said Jane, not looking up at Shaundi. Continuing, she said, “We’ve got fifteen boxes here, each box has three pounds in it.”  Shaundi was taken aback. Jesus, these girls worked fast. “Holy **?@, I should’ve hired you two earlier!” Shaundi said, opening a box and taking out a bag of dust. She tested it for quality by rubbing some across her gums, it was fine stuff, nearly better than Shaundi’s. “You girls take the rest of the day off, with this stuff we can keep the dealers going for the day. I’ll need you two back here this time tomorrow in order to start sending the stuff to the warehouse that boss cleared out yesterday.”


Jane and Tamara looked relieved, and said, “Thanks” in unison. They put down their drugs they where working on and got up, stepping over the boxes and they both hugged Shaundi. “I’ll see you tomorrow Shaundi!” Jane said as she and Tamara walked up the stairs to their rooms to get some sleep most likely. 


Shaundi sat at her drug table and finished up  what Jane and Tamara had started. Before Shaundi knew it, it was noon, and boss had just walked in. Shaundi finished up her batch of Loa dust, and walked over to boss. “Hey, the dust is coming along well.” Boss smiled, “I’m glad! I hear you got some more girls on the project?”  Shaundi smiled, “Yeah, they rock at it too!” Boss nodded, “I was wondering when you’d ask for help, I wasn’t going to say anything but Since Veteran Child, you’re production rate has gone down a bit.” Shaundi sat down in a chair next to boss’s. “Really?” Great, Shaundi thought we was doing so good. “I said a BIT, a pound or two off, but I notice these things.” Boss smiled, and leaned towards Shaundi, and  propped her head on her hand on the arm of the chair. “Shaundi, can I ask you something?” 


Was it happening??? Was boss going to ask her if she cared for her, for real this time???”  “Go ahead.” Shaundi said, trying to conceal her excitement. “Do you feel something for me?” Was Shaundi dreaming? Was this real? Shaundi leaned forward and leaned her elbows on her knees. “Boss I… I do feel something for you. You make me so… happy, when I’m around you. I feel powerful. You’re just such a natural leader, I just, you’re perfect to me.” Oh %*$*… did Shaundi just call boss perfect? What if… *!%#! What if this wasn’t a dream and boss didn’t like her back, that she had spotted a stray look from her? %@*!! 


Boss smiled, and leaned in even closer. “I’ve got a bit of a confession, I feel some thing as well. Now I’m not usually one for Lesbian relationships, but Shaundi, if you asked me to kiss you, I could never turn you down. you’re just so cute.” Shaundi’s smile was ear to ear. “Kiss me, then.” Shaundi leaned forward as did boss, and their lips connected. Shaundi felt a flutter in her stomach, and she felt like she was in heaven. Boss’s lips where soft, and tasted like… Strawberry? Was that it? Either way, it was tasty, and Shaundi wondered if boss looked like she had expected without clothing. 


Shaundi crawled on her knees towards boss, and wrapped her arms around boss’s waist. Boss wrapped her arms around Shaundi as well, and Shaundi laid back, pulling boss with her. Boss sat up, and pulled her red camisole off, revealing a black bra. Boss reached under Shaundi’s shirt, and pulled it over Shaundi’s head. Shaundi wasn’t wearing a bra, and boss smiled, unhooking her bra and leaned  on top of Shaundi, supporting herself with her right arm.  Boss kissed Shaundi’s neck, cheek, then back to her lips.


Was that her tongue? Shaundi felt a poke on her arm, and looked down. Shaundi blinked, and her stomach dropped at what she saw. She was sitting at her drug table, and boss was standing over her. “Not getting enough sleep?” Boss asked, looking over her. Shaundi sat up, and rubbed her eyes. “No, I guess not…” Shaundi muttered. $?*!! These dreams had to stop. 


About an hour later, Shaundi had woken the rest of the way up, and she, boss, and pierce where in the hideout lobby, along with Tamara and Jane. “Hey Shaundi, wanna hack?” Shaundi needed something to get her mind off of the dream, and she didn’t want to seem out of character. “Sure Jane.” Shaundi said as she got up, and jane tossed the hacky sack at her. Shaundi caught it, and Shaundi, Jane, and Tamara got in a circle. “you sure you can play in those heels, Tamara?” Shaundi asked before starting the game. “*!*?% I can run a !?@*#$ mile in these!” Tamara retorted playfully, tapping into her inner ghetto queen. 


“allright biotch, you wanna play that way, you’re on!” Shaundi said as she dropped the hackey sack, and caught it on the top of her foot, bouncing it up and catching it again, then tossing it over to Tamara.  During the game, pierce finished his blunt and went over to boss, “say, when you gonna let me do some dirt witch ya?!” Boss rolled her eyes, sat down her book, and said, “I put you in charge of the ronin, what more do you want?” Tamara passed the hackey sack to Shaundi, and Shaundi was off balance. “I’m saying I can do more to help!” As Shaundi caught the hackey sack, Shaundi spread her arms out for balance, but it wasn’t working like she wanted to. “Do you know how the Samedi are moving product after we torched their farms and destroyed their drug labs?” Pierce retorted quickly. “No.” Boss’s reply was faster than a cobra’s attack, “Then shut the #@*% up.” “Psh, why you gotta be like that?” Shaundi couldn’t hold the hackey sack any longer, “yo pierce heads up!” Shaundi shouted as she hopped and kicked the hackey sack towards him. He caught it behind him without really looking, and threw it behind the chair Shaundi had been sitting in in the dream. “Come on!” Shaundi groaned, walking over to get it.


“Sorry girl, no self respecting brother plays hackey sack.“ He called over to Shaundi, defending his actions. He added, “And why you got the cheerleader callin the shots and not me?“ Cheerleader? Ouch! “right here!“ Shaundi called, but pierce didn’t do anything. As pierce said that, Shaundi got a text. She reached into her pocket and took the phone out, it was from Blake. “Yo Shaundi, I’ve got word that a bunch of helicopters where dropping supplies over samedi territory, I think it may help you guys!” Shaundi replied quickly, “thx blake, it’s loads of help!” Shaundi looked up, and pierce had turned back towards boss, and in a rather angry tone, “My solution is to do something other than wait around for one of the 600 guys Shaundi used to ?$%@ to give us a call!”  Ouch Pierce, ouch! Shaundi had to admit that she was hurt, it was nowhere NEAR 600, maybe 200, MAYBE, more likely 150. Shaundi may have gotten around, but even though most men in Stillwater said they had nailed Shaundi, she could tell you for a fact that most of them hadn’t. 


“There are some samedi helicopters coming this way.” Pierce whipped around to face Shaundi, “How da hell you know dat??” Shaundi, with a huge smirk on her face, held up her phone and wiggled it between her fingers. “You’ve gotta be @**?!$ kiddin me…” Pierce said, shaking his head. “Tell you what pierce, why don’t you come with me and watch me blow up some helicopters.” Pierce shrugged, “fine with me.” as he walked out with boss. Shaundi sighed, and walked back over to Tamara and Jane, and resumed the game. Shaundi wanted to be the one to go out there with boss to blow up some helicopters. 


The next day was a very horrible, life changing day. It was a rainy, gloomy day, and Shaundi didn’t feel like getting out. Shaundi was sitting in the hideout in the chair boss was sitting in in Shaundi’s dream, pondering her situation with boss. Carlos wandered up, and sat in a chair next to her. “Hey Shaundi, how’ve things been going with the samedi?” Carlos was a really sweet kid, when Shaundi was laid out a few weeks ago, he was by her side constantly. He was a smart, funny, and down to earth kid, Shaundi liked him as a friend, and she prayed that nothing happened to him, he was too young for something like this. 


“Oh you know, they have like, THE deepest pockets known to man, so they had a shitload of helicopters dropping supplies to them yesterday, but boss took care of them, and we’re gaining some headway on the loa dust market.” Carlos nodded, “cool, Hey listen, I’ve got a hot date in the red light district, any advice?” Shaundi leaned forward. “a hot date? Details man, details!” Carlos grinned, and leaned forward as well, “All right, picture this. Big chichi’s, thin, got a Niiiicccceee ass, her name’s Karlee.” Shaundi nodded, she was impressed. “how old is she?” Carlos replied with, “ Same age as me, she’s 18. She’s only in the red light district because of her mom, her mom works at one of the more tame clubs, Karlee’s a receptionist there.”


Shaundi nodded, “so she’s got some class, I like it! Carlos, remember one thing though, if this is a booty call, ‘No glove no love!” Carlos busted out laughing, “No no, this is nothing like that, I met her in high school, we used to be friends back in the day, I texted her yesterday and asked if she wanted to grab some lunch.” Shaundi nodded, “cool, but if you ever do go on a booty call, remember no glove no love. It’ll save you from child support fees and maybe even some diseases.” Shaundi indeed, got around, so she knew a thing or two on disease prevention and not getting pregnant, which she couldn’t do anyways since her parents got her tubes tied. Carlos nodded vigorously, “I’ll keep that in mind, Thanks Shaundi!” his watch beeped, and he looked down. “aah, it’s time! Wish me luck Shaundi!” Shaundi and carlos stood at the same time, and Shaundi hugged carlos. “Allright my man, have a good time, good luck, and let me know how it goes when you get back!” Carlos laughed as he walked away, ”Will do Shaundi, will do, Oh by the way, I’m also meeting boss later, she wants me to fill her in on some recent info I got on the brotherhood, want me to tell her hi for you?” Shaundi nodded vigorously, “Yeah, a hello can’t hurt.” She said, sitting back down in her chair. The rest of the day, Shaundi, Jane, and Tamara made dust, as well as chatted and became good friends. Shaundi hardly even realized that she was making dust, she was having such a good time chatting with Tamara and Jane. Shaundi didn’t realize what time it was when her phone vibrated. She said, “Oh, hold that thought Jane.” and she got up from the drug table, stepped over some boxes of dust, and  answered the call. “Hey boss, you keeping dry out there?” Shaundi asked in a playful tone, she hoped she wasn’t crossing any boundaries… oh god, staying dry? Really?  Shaundi smacked her left palm against her forehead. Really? 


Boss’s reply made Shaundi’s blood go cold, her voice sounded like she had either been crying, or she was about to cry. “Carlos is dead, I need you to come to Espada, I need help getting his body back to the hideout.” Shaundi stood still, shocked. Shaundi’s knees felt weak, she had just talked to him, what, four or five hours ago? No, no, no, this couldn’t be happening. Shaundi collapsed to her knees, and it snapped Shaundi out of her thoughts. “I’m on my way now.” Shaundi’s eyes filled with tears, and she slid her phone back into her pocket. She reached out towards the stripper platform, which didn’t occupy any dancers at the moment, and she pulled herself up slowly. 


Tamara was at her side immediately, and she patted Shaundi‘s back comfortingly. “What’s wrong babe?” She asked, her mother-of-all side coming out. Tamara may be in her late twenties, but there was something about a black woman’s voice when she was reassuring or comforting you that made you just want to curl up and be held like a baby. “Carlos is dead.” Was all Shaundi could mutter, and Tamara gasped, Jane dropped the batch of loa dust she was making, and looked at Shaundi in shock. 


After Shaundi, Tamara, and Jane pulled themselves together, which for the sake of boss only took a few minutes, they all rushed out of the hideout and to the Saints garage. “We’ll need to take a van, we have a body to pick up.” Shaundi said, for some reason Jane was headed for her sports coupe. Shaundi got in the drivers seat of her old Van, and waited for Tamara and Jane to pile in. 


Within a few minutes, Shaundi saw boss kneeling in the road, next to a bloody, face up body, a pool of blood, and a smashed up brotherhood truck. Shaundi slammed the Van to a stop, rammed it into park, and ran out to boss’s side. “I came as soon as I could boss, what do you need me to do?” Shaundi hadn’t looked at the body yet, she knew that it would ignite a whole new crying fest, but Boss wasn’t listening to Shaundi. She was staring forward with a blank expression on her face. Her left hand was still holding Carlos’s right, and Boss’s dark brown hair clung to her in the rain, looking like she had just had a bucket of water poured over her head. Shaundi didn’t get why, boss had seen close friends and allies die before, why was Carlos so different? 


Shaundi finally worked up the nerve, and she glanced down at Carlos’s body. Tears immediately welled In Shaundi’s eyes once more, and Shaundi wished she hadn’t looked at his body. He was, by the looks of him, beaten, then chained to the back of a truck, then mercilessly drug behind it as the truck drove around the block. Carlos’s shirt was nearly gone on the side Shaundi was on, and his side was worn down to the ribcage, muscle and ribs where visible. His arms… Shaundi didn’t want to get started on that… you couldn’t see his tattoos any more, just muscle. Then his face… his cute, charming face, was a wreck… his nose was worn down to what you would expect to see when looking at a skull, or something, his nose was gone, essentially. Then his forehead… it had a bullet wound in it. Shaundi couldn’t tear her eyes, now pouring tears, away from his forehead. 


That was why boss was still here, that was why boss was nearly crying, she had killed Carlos. Shaundi heard boss’s voice, very softly. “I couldn’t do anything for him… I… I couldn’t…” Shaundi understood immediately. She wrapped her arms around boss, and held her close in a hug. Boss hugged back, and Shaundi could feel a hot drop of water roll down her back amongst the cold rain. It was a tear, boss’s tear. 


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