Shaundi's side (Saints row 2 story)
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Haha, thanks. :p IDK, I think it'll be a pretty long story to go still, I mean i'm only at like, what mission 4 of 11? XD IDK what I'll do after it though. :p 

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this is an awsome story Amaris cant till next part!!

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 Thanks Lobo Saint. :D I have the next chapter set and ready to go, I may upload it in a few, or I'll just do it in the morning. lol 

Hey, sorry for the delay! lol 


                                                                          Burning down the house


It took a few weeks, but Shaundi eventually was able to walk normally, and Shaundi got right back to working on her Loa dust project for Boss. Shaundi was sitting at her drug table alone in the lobby, her only company was her loaded, safety off, Beretta M9 that sat comfortably in Shaundi’s belt holster that sat on Shaundi’s lower back. The cold metal of the gun against her skin, letting her know she wasn’t alone. She then heard a familiar sound she had truly grown to love, the sound of Boss’s stiletto heels as she descended the staircase. “Hey Shaundi, you look really stressed, why don’t you go to the campus and relax? Take a few days off.” Shaundi stopped in her tracks and looked up at Boss, “Who’s gonna-” but she was cut off. “I’ll do a bit of dust making, just get some booze or something, it’ll do you good.” Shaundi was stunned, star struck. Flabbergasted. Had boss offered to take over her job for a few days? Holy *#*$! Shaundi was getting somewhere! 


Shaundi nodded, and asked, “You know how to make it without it blowing up in your face?” Boss shook her head yes, stopped, and said, “No… why don’t you show me?” Shaundi laughed, and explained how to mix the chemicals to keep it from exploding, and then how to mix it with the pot, cut it, and measure it. “Easy enough?” Shaundi asked as she got up, and motioned for boss to sit down and try it. Boss got the hang of it immediately, and Shaundi said, “You know, you’re a quick learner, you sure you’ve never done this before?” Boss looked at Shaundi, her bright blue eyes locked on Shaundi’s hazel eyes. “Look Shaundi, I need to ask you something.” Boss said as she stood up, her eyes never breaking contact with Shaundi’s. “What do you mean?” Shaundi asked. Could it be about what may or may not be between them? Something Shaundi said while she was high? Oh god, what if she talked in her sleep, $!?%…she did talk in her sleep…

                                                                                      *@%!! ?#@!! *!?*! 

“Do you feel something for me Shaundi?” Shaundi’s stomach lurched. The last time she had been asked that was… the other day? No that was some drunk saint, the last time someone said that to her and it actually meaning something, there we go, was in middle school. Shaundi hadn’t had her first kiss yet, and the boy she’d always had a crush on, James, asked her to the Valentine’s Day dance. It was a special night for Shaundi, she got a kiss from the sweetest guy she knew, who she had a MASSIVE crush on. 


“Yeah… I don’t know what it is, you just… you’re so strong in all this, I don’t know how you do it, and you’re attractive, obviously, you’re… god…I always sucked at this.” Shaundi didn’t know what she was saying, she obviously felt something for boss, but it could get her killed, she could get hurt, what if Boss got hurt or killed? Shaundi couldn’t stand the thought of that, so she shook it away, a couple dreads fell in front of Shaundi’s face. Shaundi reached for them to brush them away, and her hand met boss’s, and boss looked Shaundi dead in the eye. “I feel something too, but we have to be careful, if any of the others find out about this, we have to blow it off as a one night stand or high mistake, ok?” 


Shaundi smiled, “I’ve had my share of those, I think I can ride it off just fine.” Boss smiled, and leaned in, their lips connected, and Shaundi thought she was in heaven. All Shaundi’s worries flew away, and Shaundi felt lightheaded. Shaundi’s right hand found boss’s waist, and she put her thumb under the waist of boss’s jeans. Shaundi couldn’t figure out why she felt like she was being suffocated, then she remembered to breathe through her nose. Shaundi was happier than she had ever been, she had finally gotten it! Shaundi then realized that this made her a lesbian, or at least bi. Shaundi somewhat shrugged, and kissed back with even more force than she had been using already. 


When the two of them finally parted, they both had giddy smiles on their faces. “How long do we have till the others are back?” Shaundi asked, wiping the sweat from her forehead, boss’s lipstick was smeared slightly, and she hoped that nobody walked in on them, that would be kind of embarrassing huh? Boss shrugged, “I don’t know, an hour, maybe.” Shaundi grabbed boss’s hand, and pulled her along behind her. “Then let’s make good of that hour, what do you say?” Shaundi pulled boss behind her up the stairs, and Shaundi shouldered open her bedroom door, then everything went black. 


Shaundi opened her eyes, and looked around. “What the !*%@*#?$?” Shaundi muttered as she looked at her phone. It was Wednesday, 8:30 AM. Shaundi sat up, and saw that the covers weren’t askew like they would be if she had sex recently, and Shaundi was in her night shirt. Shaundi stood up and walked to the bathroom, flicked on the light, and saw that Shaundi wasn’t wearing any makeup, nor did she have any lipstick marks on her face or neck, or any hickies.  Shaundi bust out laughing, “Christ Shaundi! Pull it together!” Shaundi rubbed her neck, and sighed. Oh well, at least she had the memory of a great dream, maybe one day that dream would be reality.


Shaundi grabbed her makeup bag, and put makeup on, some dark eye shadow, lipstick, a bit of blush, the usual. Shaundi then changed clothes into her new camisole and jeans, the others had gotten blood all over them in that fiasco with VC, so boss took the liberty to get Shaundi some new threads, exactly like her others, but still, no blood stains. Shaundi strapped her gun and holster to her belt, and Shaundi felt the cold metal of the gun against her back. Shaundi walked downstairs, to see boss sitting at Shaundi’s drug table making dust. What the hell? “Did I teach you how to do that?” Shaundi asked, maybe it wasn’t a dream? 


Boss shook her head, “nah, I watched you do it the other day.” Shaundi’s heart sank. Oh well, it was just a dream then…the best, most realistic and closest to heavenly dream she’d ever had. “Oh cool, so you want me to take over, or…” Boss stood up, and put her hand on Shaundi’s shoulder. “You’ve been stressed these past few days, I want you to go to the university, chill out or something, you’re too stressed.” Whoa, déjà vu much? “Ok… didn’t we just have this conversation like, last night or something?” Shaundi was desperate now, she was desperate to see if it was really a dream or not. “Shaundi have you been getting into the pot some more? I haven’t mentioned this before.” Shaundi shook her head, “nope, no pot. Now I’m gonna go to the campus. I’ll see you!” Shaundi turned to go, but boss grabbed Shaundi’s wrist.

Shaundi looked back at boss, and boss said, “Please be careful Shaundi, it’s samedi territory over there, the last thing we need is another lieutenant in trouble, or rather the same lieutenant in trouble again.” Shaundi smiled, “I’m gonna be careful boss, don’t worry.” Shaundi said as she smacked the gun in her holster, drawing it to boss’s attention. “oh good, you’re carrying it on your person now, good practice Shaundi!” Boss called after her as she ascended the staircase and walked out of the hotel. While Shaundi was down, they had done some more work on the place, they hung up more “Purgatory” signs, and they had an elevator now. So instead of ascending tons of stairs every time she wanted to see the sun, she could just get into the shiny new elevator, and be on her way. Shaundi’s car was waiting for her, almost like boss had planned this. Shaundi couldn’t help but smile. She unlocked her car, and got in, she noticed a CD sticking out of the player. She pulled it out, and read the title. It read, “Shaundi’s party mix” Shaundi was confused, she didn’t have a party mix CD… and it was handwriting she hadn’t seen before. She stuck the CD into the player, and pressed play. 


A voice she had come to love said, “Hey Shaundi, this is for you!” it was boss’s voice, she had made a CD for her! Was this a sign that boss did in fact like Shaundi back, or was it a get well present from the past few weeks? ?$*% if Shaundi knew, all she knew was that boss was well informed, the first song on the CD was Misery Business. Shaundi cranked it up, and drove from the hideout to the university campus, which didn’t really take that long, maybe 10 minutes? She was only two or three tracks into her new CD. 


She stopped in front of her house that she had rented, and saw that there where tons of cars in the street, driveway, and yard. “Aaw **$!..” Shaundi muttered as she parked across the street. Who had found her spare key, and who decided to throw a party at her place? Shaundi jogged across the street, and tried the handle, it was open, and Shaundi could hear rap music pounding away inside. Shaundi walked in, and pushed past tons of frats, she made her way to HER stereo system, and hit the power button. “Who the ?!@$’s in charge here?” she yelled, looking at a bunch of frats who where staring at her like she had slapped the pope. 


“I am, and hello Shaundi, you’re packing, since when did that happen?” Oh *%@*, she had forgotten to leave her gun in the car… oh well, she wouldn’t need it here, but it would buy her some peace of mind in case any samedi showed up. “Blake?” Shaundi asked, looking at the man that had swept her off her feet during her freshman year in college. “Sup? I found the spare, figured you wouldn’t mind me throwing a little shindig here.” Shaundi looked around, and muttered, “I’m not getting my security deposit back…” there was graffiti on the walls, there was a hole in the closet door, and the place reeked, Shaundi didn’t even wanna know what the carpet looked like. “Look Blake, this is all nice and all, but you think you couldn’t have, oh, you know, used your own damn place?” by now, someone had turned the music back on, so Shaundi was yelling at Blake. Blake grabbed Shaundi’s arm and Shaundi‘s right hand instinctively flew to the Beretta strapped to her back. 


But Blake didn’t attack her, he guided her out the front door. “It’s quieter here, isn’t it?” Shaundi had been tempted to shoot him if he drug her out behind the house to %$#* her or something, Shaundi let go of the gun, letting it fall back into the holster. “Much quieter. Look I don’t mind that you used my place, but you owe me now, that security deposit was 500 bucks.” Blake held up his hands, “Whoa, 500 bucks? I’m a frat dude, I don’t work, what do you want me to do for that money?” Shaundi slithered close to him, and she whispered in his ear, “I don’t care, but get it somehow, or else.” 


“What if I tip you and the saints on samedi activity? They’re not exactly discreet.” Shaundi backed up, and nodded, boss would like that, it could get her some good Intel as well. “ok, how about only 200 and the Intel.” Blake rolled his eyes, “ok, but you have to give me a few days to get the money and the Intel.” Shaundi held out her hand for a handshake, “Deal.” she said, Shaking his hand. This would be an interesting working relationship, after all, Shaundi had been with this guy for a while, then she dumped him for some @#*$%*? that slipped her a roofie.



                                                                                                    Two days later


Shaundi was recovering from a day and a half binge of partying and booze drinking, she was crashed out at the hideout when her phone rang and scared the *%#? out of her. She looked at the picture on her phone, it was Blake. “This had better be good.” Shaundi attempted to hiss, but it came out as a croak. “Jesus, did I wake you? You sound like ?*!@.” this was why Shaundi left his ass, he was so inconsiderate. “that’s totally what I wanted to hear, but seriously, why the hell did you call? I was having some very sweet dreams.” and by sweet dreams, she meant another dream about Boss, only this time, clothing came off. “I don’t even want to know what that means, but ok. I went to Shivington to get party favors for tonight, and you’ll never guess what I saw.”

Shaundi rolled her eyes, “Tell me now Or I will reach through this phone and  Skull ?**@ you with your own %!@#.” Shaundi was not in the mood for his small talk, she wanted to go back to sleep, or to tell boss how she felt and hope for the best. Whichever came first. “jeez, anger issues. I saw some samedi wheeling some chemicals into a building.” Shaundi stretched, and said, “ok, I’ll be there in a few, we’ll party for a bit then my boss will be there with me, you need to go back over the Intel with her, ok?” 


“Her? I thought the leader of the saints was-” But Shaundi hung up. Whatever, she’d go over, party, call boss over, and then probably stay there while boss ran off and torched some drug labs. Shaundi got ready, and drove over to her place, it was in even worse shape than when she had left it, the now week long party marathon had really taken it’s toll. Shaundi was really glad that she didn’t have to pay another month’s rent on it, and Shaundi knew that the 500 dollar security deposit won’t cover all the damages. Oh well, Shaundi was getting some of it back from Blake, so it’s all good. 


After about half an hour of partying, Shaundi called boss and told her to meet her at Shaundi’s old place, she had some Intel about the samedi. When Shaundi was doing her last round of beer bong, she saw boss pushing her way through the crowd of rowdy college kids, and Shaundi hoped that boss wouldn’t shoot any of them.  When Shaundi was done, she stood up and raised her arms in triumph, the crowd cheered. Boss came up beside Shaundi, and said, “What’s going on?” “Beer bong!” “No %!*?! I meant why are we at a frat party?!?” Shaundi smiled, “Hey, if I can drink for free, I’ll meet anywhere. Anyways, My ex called me and said he got some dirt for us.” Boss looked confused, “ I thought I killed your ex???” Shaundi laughed, and said, “different ex!” boss nodded, and Shaundi grabbed boss’s hand, and pulled her along through the crowd to the basement stairs. It was much quieter down here, and less crowded. 


“Sup Shaundi?” Blake said, sounding stoned and looking at boss like, “holy !**@ you’re hot.” “What do you got for us Blake?” Blake held out a pipe and a lighter. “white widow.” Shaundi smirked. “I was talking about the Intel, but pass the piece!” Shaundi grabbed the pipe and lighter, plopped down on a couch, and began smoking the awesome pot, she had only had it once before, and it was recently when she screwed up her leg. Blake repeated the Intel to boss, and she turned to Shaundi. “you coming?” Shaundi had already taken a few puffs of the white widow, if she tried to shoot someone off of boss, she’d probably end up shooting boss… that thought made Shaundi’s muscles tense up. “Nah, I think I’m gonna hang out here for a bit.” Shaundi said as she sank back down into the couch cushions, boss said “suit yourself” as she ascended the wooden stairs back up to the party and out the door. 


Blake and Shaundi made small talk about he party, Boss, and a few other things. “oh, You have my money right?” Shaundi asked, looking at blake intently. Blake nodded, and pulled out a wad of 50’s from his backpack’s side pocket. Shaundi counted it, and said thanks. Just as Shaundi  put the money in her pocket, she got a call from boss. “Hey boss, we where just talking about you.” “Oh really? Should I be worried, or flattered?” Shaundi smiled, “Oh flattered, definitely flattered. So you get the dust labs taken care of?” 


Boss snorted, “It wasn’t a problem.” Shaundi hopped up, “YES! Ok, I’ll meet you back at the hideout, great job boss!”  Boss replied with, “hey good job to you, if it weren’t for your Intel, we wouldn’t be this close to killing the samedi for good, I’m proud of you Shaundi.” Then boss hung up. Shaundi was standing, and she was practically dancing with excitement. Boss was proud of her! 


I hope you liked it, please comment, criticize, all is wanted! :D 






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This story is part of my complete breakfast, itz perfect except the big wall of words makes me lose my spot sometimes lol, I would tell you to space things out more but its your own style of writing, so keep it goin!

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 Yeah, I noticed that after I posted it. lol I'll go back through and edit that for other readers. :p Thanks! :D (by big wall of words, do you mean too large paragraphs, or way too many paragraphs? XD)

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That was... wow youre a great writer! you have to keep this going!

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 Thank you! :D I'm writing out the next part now. :D 

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You are smashing this story, I don't think anyone has ever done this good with a female boss and writing about Shaundi and at the same time, it's good as.

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Damn loving this story cant stop reading love it!

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Fantastic :) looking forward to the next chapter