Shaundi's side (Saints row 2 story)
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Let me start by sayin' this story is f**kin' awesome! xD Can't wait for the next chap... Listenin' to Gen X during the VC mission is hilarious, he's such a winey **@#!... :P Sides from the occasional capitalization error, your fanfic is beast! You doin' the entire story of SR2 with Shaundi? If so, is the B'hood next? After them green dudes, of course :D. That dog, Maero, needs to be put down, man! Especially after Red Asphalt.. D: ANYWHO!! Good luck, have fun with it! Can't wait to see how you kill that punk VC! Until then, Tatty bye! xD Ah... I'm a dork... :/

(One more tadbit... Ahem! I think you got my neverending mind workin' on another idea... Might get me own SR fic started... You're an awesome inspiration.. :))

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Quote by Locotaco15
Let me start by sayin' this story is f**kin' awesome! xD Can't wait for the next chap... Listenin' to Gen X during the VC mission is hilarious, he's such a winey %!?#*... :P Sides from the occasional capitalization error, your fanfic is beast! You doin' the entire story of SR2 with Shaundi? If so, is the B'hood next? After them green dudes, of course :D. That dog, Maero, needs to be put down, man! Especially after Red Asphalt.. D: ANYWHO!! Good luck, have fun with it! Can't wait to see how you kill that punk VC! Until then, Tatty bye! xD Ah... I'm a dork... :/ (One more tadbit... Ahem! I think you got my neverending mind workin' on another idea... Might get me own SR fic started... You're an awesome inspiration.. :))

Thank you so much, you sereously have no idea how much that means to me. :D 

Yeah, originally it was just going to be the Samedi story arc, but then I watched a few brotherhood cutscenes and was like, "crap shaundi's involved with that one too!" So yeah, I'm gonna do all of the story arcs through shaundi's point of view, I guess, or just tie certain events in with this one, like when Carlos gets killed, since I mentioned the meeting with Maero and all, I guess when shaundi is talking with boss it'll come up then. :p 

I'm so glad that I could be an inspiration to you, I really hope your story that you come up with gets posted here, I can't wait to see what you can do! :D 

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Good job Amaris. Your breathing life into this dark alleyway we call the Stilwater forum

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 Wow... I... wow, thank you! XD That means alot. :D 

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Sweetness!! Alright gots a question... On, how do you post? heh heh... Noob to this site... :/

Thanks, by the way... Hopefully I can actually get off me lazy toosh and get crackin' ;P

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 What do you mean? like put text from a document in? Select what you want to put in, then right click when your posting, the "paste" option will come up. on my browser, a window pops up and I paste the text into that. :p 

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So... Do I just create a new forum topic... then start from there?

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 Yes, in the stillwater stories section, create a new topic and go from there. :D I can't wait to see what you have for us! :D 

ok, here's the next part, enjoy!


                                                                                   Veteran Child



                                                                                     The next day


Shaundi was busy measuring out bags of Loa dust when she noticed that she was alone in the hideout. “Great, just leave me here, thanks guys!” she called out sarcastically, like anyone knew where this place was anyways. Shaundi was deep in thought about boss, Carlos, and Pierce when she heard a voice that she absolutely despised. “Nice place you’ve got here Shaundi.” Shaundi gasped slightly, dropping the bag of loa dust she had been holding. “What are you doing here??” He took a step forward, he had a berretta in his hand. “I know you’re here alone.” Oh crap, he’d been watching everyone file out, maybe even listening to see how long everyone would be gone… Shaundi looked around.


YES! Her pistol was sitting on the chair she had been sitting in earlier, if she could get past Veteran Child, and get to it, she could take him out! Shaundi slowly picked up a bag of Loa dust, and said, “not for long I’m not, so you’d better-” but he cut her off, and #$**?% the M9, “don’t make this difficult.” NOW! Shaundi yelled at herself as she threw the bag of dust at his face, it burst open, blinding him for a second. She vaguely heard him yell, “%*@*#!” but she didn’t care, If she could just get to her gun, but Veteran Child’s arm darted out and grabbed her neck, and slammed her back against the table. Shaundi’s head hit the corner of the scale she was using, and she cried out, then fell out of consciousness. 


She was in such a daze when she woke up, she was hunched over veteran child’s arm, being dragged to a car. Shaundi heard a door open, and Shaundi felt the soft shag carpet of Veteran Child’s van underneath her. She then heard a door slam shut, and an engine roar to life. Was Shaundi in a vehicle? Of course she was, she was in the van… or was she? Hell Shaundi didn’t know, all she knew was that her head felt like an overripe melon fixing to explode, and she could hear something… veteran child, talking on the phone. Shaundi tried to move to get closer to hear better, but she could barely move her head, let alone roll over or crawl towards the driver’s seat. 


Shaundi hadn’t been in this much pain or this much of a daze since she got slipped a roofie from one of her dates one time. When it kicked in, Shaundi was walking to the car, and she hit her head on the pavement. Veteran child slammed the van into gear, and Shaundi was slammed against the wall of the van when he jammed the gas and took a sharp turn. Shaundi didn’t know how long had passed, maybe ten minutes? By the time the van stopped, Shaundi was sure they where clear across Stillwater by now. 


The side door of the van was ripped open, and Shaundi was blinded by a harsh light. Shaundi was dragged out of the van by her dreads, and Shaundi cried out, clawing at veteran child’s hand, taking a chunk of skin with her. “@%*?#!” he yelled, smacking her over the head with his pistol. A firecracker of pain exploded in Shaundi’s skull, and she couldn’t hold onto consciousness any more. When she drifted awake, she heard veteran child cussing. “this can’t be ?#!*$@% happening…” He then hung up the phone, and approached Shaundi. She then looked around a bit, she was at On track, the club that Veteran child was the DJ at every night. Shaundi saw tons of Samedi lackeys standing around with guns, one girl in a green tank top, a fugly tattoo on her face, and some tiny brown shorts that could be classified as underwear was sitting next to her, she was dabbing a rag on Shaundi’s head. When Shaundi spied the rag, she wished she hadn’t. It had blood on it, a lot of it. Shaundi groaned, and tried to reach up to feel the back of her head. Did she have a giant bald spot? But the girl hissed, “don’t move ?**#%, or I’ll blow what’s left of your fried ass brains out.” Oh, she was charming. Shaundi hoped boss blew her brains out when she found her. 


Veteran child grabbed Shaundi’s arm, and took her downstairs to the dance floor. “wanna dance Shaundi? It might be the last time before I put a bullet in that pretty little skull of yours.” Shaundi could barely stand, let alone dance, but she knew he was kidding, Veteran Child didn’t dance. “?!@* off, you lousy piece of-” but Shaundi was cut off by another burst of pain, Shaundi guessed that he had grabbed her dreads again, hell she didn’t even know anymore, all she knew was that it hurt like %#**. Before too long, she heard gunshots, and screams. YES! Boss was here, and she was going to get Shaundi out of here. Before Shaundi knew it, she heard the distinctive sound of Boss’s stiletto heels on the glass dance floor. 


Veteran child had her held up as a human shield, and Shaundi held her hands up. Boss wouldn’t shoot through her, would she? No, boss would find a way to get Shaundi away from Veteran child before she shot him… right? Then the room exploded with gunfire, Shaundi’s right eardrum felt like it was about to explode, then she was blinded by the brightest light she’d ever seen, she felt a huge wave of force slam through her chest, and she realized that boss was using flash bangs to make VC drop Shaundi long enough to blow his #%*$?*@ brains out. Shaundi didn’t even feel herself hit the floor, but before she could tell that, the room had gone silent. 


Shaundi had the worst headache of her life… in fact, take the worst hangover you’ve EVER had, and multiply that by a thousand, Shaundi’s head felt like it was going to bust open any minute. Shaundi sat up slightly, and a huge wave of pain shot through her left leg. Had she been caught in the crossfire? Shaundi managed to open her eyes a bit to see that a shard of glass from the dance floor was sticking out of her shin. Well that’s just amazing, that’ll be fun to get out later. 


She put a hand to her throbbing forehead, this was going to be a long !?@%*#$ night. “Shaundi, are you ok?” she heard boss ask her, she felt herself being lifted up, and supported from her left side. “My ex boyfriend is a @$?*.” was all Shaundi could think, and apparently it was out loud, because boss said, “pretty much, yeah.” Shaundi saw boss push the door to on track open, and she said, “I can’t believe you got your ass kicked by that chump.” Shaundi couldn’t believe it either, she needed to go to the gym. “did I mention that my ex boyfriend is a %?@#?” “you should get home and rest.”


 Shaundi was in so much pain, she knew she would have to resort to pot to clear this god awful headache, so she retorted, “if by rest you mean a smoke and an ounce, then hell yeah.” Boss chuckled, then she said, “ok, think you can hang in the back seat for a bit till I get you back to the hideout? We’ve gotta get some pot in you before we can take care of your leg.” Shaundi nodded. “fine by me, just as long as I don’t feel anything…” Shaundi was so out of it, she didn’t even remember the ride back to the hideout, except for thinking that this car smelled, and thinking that she was going to die because boss was driving so fast. 


When the car finally stopped, boss opened the car door, and gently pulled Shaundi out of the car. “come on, we need to get your leg taken care of, it’s not looking too good. It’s probably a good thing this isn’t  my car either, you got blood all over the seat.” Shaundi didn’t really acknowledge what boss had said, she put her foot down to walk, and she passed out. When she woke up, she was naked, and she saw boss standing nearby. “I’m naked why?” Shaundi asked, trying to lift her head but failing. She did manage to look around a bit, she and boss where the only two in the room. “You got blood all over your clothes, and you locked your door. I also needed to make sure the blood on your shirt wasn’t from a bullet in your torso.” Shaundi shrugged, “I can live with that.” Boss smirked, “ok Shaundi, you’ve got a chunk of glass in your leg, I need you to smoke this, it’ll keep you from feeling so much of it.” Boss said as she handed Shaundi a blunt. “got a light?” she said as she sat up slowly, sticking the blunt in her mouth and taking the lighter from boss. 


Shaundi had to admit, she did love getting high, the feeling of not caring about anything was what kept Shaundi doing the drugs, plus it was a good pain reliever. After Shaundi had taken a few puffs, she began to feel awesome, like she could do anything, “I think this @*%$’s workin, you may wanna… you know..” Shaundi said slowly, struggling to focus on boss. Damn, this *#$@ works fast. Boss had Shaundi lay back down, and Shaundi felt boss’s hand touch her left leg, but it was distant, Shaundi didn’t know how badly this was going to hurt. She then felt boss’s hand move, and something that felt like being poked with a stick, or bitten by a mosquito, Shaundi looked around, “you done yet?” Boss smiled, “yep Shaundi, you’re doing great.” she then felt something like a snake wrapping around her leg, but then Shaundi’s analytical side kicked in, “it’s a bandage” she thought to herself. “you know boss….now that VC is.. What is he, that…word… oh yeah…dead. I don’t have to worry about his insistent stalking and stuff… thanks for blowing his brains across the dance floor.” Boss smiled at Shaundi and helped her sit up. 


“I’m glad to help, now I need the key to your room, what clothes do you usually sleep in?” Shaundi felt lightheaded, so she lay back down, “the key… is… is in my pants pocket…. I sleep in… I sleep in a big white t-shirt… it was my daddy’s.” Boss grabbed Shaundi’s pants off the ground, and dug through the pockets. “got the key, I’ll be right back, don’t move, you understand me?” Shaundi nodded, “I feel fine! Like I could run a… Mara…. A mara-mathon? Is that what it’s called?” Boss laughed as she walked out of the room and across the hall to Shaundi’s room. Shaundi then realized where she was. 


She was in boss’s room, in the hideout. Holy *@%#! Nobody had been here except for… boss. Shaundi felt like she was invading boss’s privacy for a second, being naked in BOSS’S room… then it may have just been the pot, but she thought, “what if I wasn’t naked JUST because boss was checking me for… holes?” apparently, Shaundi was thinking out loud again, and apparently Shaundi had the worst timing ever, because as she said that sentence, boss opened the door. “No Shaundi, I didn’t *?#@ you in your sleep.” boss said jokingly as she tossed Shaundi’s white shirt on the bed. Shaundi almost started laughing, then boss was beside her, and she helped Shaundi sit up and put her t-shirt on. 


“ok Shaundi, it’s been a long day, you need sleep.” Boss said as she got up and turned out the lights as she opened the door. “but wait… I’m in… your room… aren’t I?” Boss chuckled, and said jokingly, “It’ll be too much of a pain in the ass to move you, and I think letting you sleep in my bed ONCE can’t hurt.” then boss shut the door, and Shaundi was in the dark, smiling her head off, then she drifted off to sleep. 


I hope you enjoyed, comments, concerns, criticism, it's all welcome! :D 



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This is getting better by every chapter, you are a good writer Amaris, I'm very impressed and now you've got me wondering whether they will or won't, please post yopur next chapter soon, I'm sure it will be exceptional!

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That boss is a nice young dude! So who are you gonna write about when you finish this story, Johnny lol! this is fantasic lol!