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 !!!!!!STOP!!!!! Before reading, beware! I've restarted this story from the beginning and posted it to! Same title, but I've improved the story tenfold. Just don't get mad when you reach page 101 and find my post there. Thanks, and hope to see you on FF.Net! 10-25-13




Hi guys, this is my contribution to the stillwater stories section. XD This is saints row 2 through Shaundi's point of view, I hope you enjoy it, and constructive criticism is very greatly appreciated. :D 

IMPORTANT: DO NOT copy, paste, print, or reproduce in ANY way. Please, and thank you. :D 

                                                                                       Welcome to the third street saints


Shaundi always loved Stillwater, it was the perfect city. If you where a stoner anyways. Shaundi had been in Stillwater correctional many a time, but all for drug possession. On her latest trip, she met a local celebrity,  Johnny Gat. She saw him sitting there in the mess hall, and couldn’t miss the opportunity to talk to him. Shaundi sat across from him, he was eating quietly, eyes down to the table. “you got a problem?” He said quietly, looking up at Shaundi. The look he gave her scared the living **** out of Shaundi, but she merely swallowed, and said, “No man, I just wanted to say Hey.   You’re like a celebrity here in Stillwater.” Gat looked back at her, not saying anything. “I’m Shaundi, if you and the leader of the saints ever break otta here, call me, I want in on the action.” At this, Gat chuckled. “She’s been comatose for five years, I don’t  see her waking up any time soon, but I’ll give you a call.” “She’ll wake up, and you two have got to take the city back.” Shaundi got up from the table, and went back to her friends. 


That was about a month before Shaundi was released early, as she screwed the warden. She wasn’t afraid of using her body and charm to get what she wanted, her parents had demanded that she get her tubes tied at 16, since she had pretty much ****ed her way through High school. She had learned some though, so she wasn’t a total idiot.  When Shaundi was released, Veteran Child was there. As she walked out he beamed. “Hey Shaundi! How’s it hangin baby?” Shaundi sighed. “It’s over VC, stop stalking me at every last given moment. She said strongly as she strode down the stairs, past VC’s van, towards the gates so she could go to the docks and get a ride back to Stillwater. “I’m nuts for ya baby! Come back with me!” Shaundi was tired of this fool’s ****. “I’ve got my own place, and I told you, we’re FINISHED!” Shaundi kept walking, flipping some of her dreads out of her way as she went. 



After she had gotten home, she called her ex, Mike, and got some dope. She hung out at a frat party later that night, and kicked everyone’s ass at beer Bong. She was a legend among the frats, for more than one reason. Not only could she drink like a Russian man on a Sunday night, she was the best sex monkey in all of Stillwater. The nickname ‘Sex Monkey” Came from her friend Denise a few years back, Shaundi got it on with three guys in a hot tub at a party, and Denise saw the whole thing. Afterwards, she had Shaundi’s clothes and she said, “You may be needing these, you ****in’ sex monkey, cover that thing up before another guy comes and sticks his **** in it.” Aah, good times. Denise got killed in a drug deal a year ago, she went to some samedi dealer, but he was out of dust, so he told her to come back later, she wouldn’t hear it, and she called him something nasty, and he shot her on the spot. Crazy **** too, they call him sunshine.  


Anyways, not a week after Shaundi had been released, she saw the headlines of the newspaper, it read, “Coma patient wakes up, kills way to freedom” YES! The saints leader had woken up! Gat would be calling her anytime now, so she toned down her party schedule to allow for gat to contact her. Sure enough, before the week was out, she got a call from Gat saying that the leader of the saints was headed her way to recruit Shaundi. Shaundi was excited, she hadn’t rolled with any gangs before, and she had always wanted to. She thought the idea of it was just badass, the power behind it.  Shaundi saw a car pull up, and a woman with shoulder length brown hair got out. She wore dark eye shadow, and her lips where flaming red. She donned a black and Purple camisole, and a pair of dark washed straight leg jeans. To top it all off, she wore a pair of black pumps. The lady had class, and style. 


She approached Shaundi, and she said, “Hey, you Shaundi?” Shaundi nodded, “Yep, that’s me. Show me what you can do in that thing.” she said, motioning to Shaundi’s car. “I need to know you can handle your self behind the wheel before I’ll roll with you guys.” The leader of the saints nodded, and got behind the driver’s seat. Shaundi got in next to her, and pointed her in the direction she’d need to go. Shaundi wanted her to do a few jumps, she loved a girl who could handle a car well. She nailed every jump, it was like being on a roller coaster. 


After boss had nailed the last jump, Shaundi said, “Yeah, I’d love to roll with the saints, just tell me where you guys hang and I’ll be there.” “Thanks, we can use all the help we can get if we’re gonna take back this city.” After boss had dropped Shaundi’s car off, at Shaundi’s place, she had given Shaundi directions to the saints crib. It was the old mission house, which was at the heart of Stillwater. Old religious buildings seemed a little, “Been there done that.” for the saints, but Shaundi didn’t argue. She headed there immediately, and sat outside in her car listening to music till boss arrived. After she had listened to Misery Business by Paramore, a black SUV pulled up. The vibrations from his music thudded in Shaundi’s chest, and right after that, another car pulled up next to Shaundi. In this car, Boss and a small Hispanic kid got out. Shaundi exited, and nodded to the boss. “Glad you could make it Shaundi.” Shaundi smiled, “Wouldn’t have missed it for anything.” The small kid held out his hand, and said with a bit of an accent, “Hi, I’m Carlos.” Shaundi smiled, his accent was cute. “Shaundi.” She said as she shook his hand. Carlos couldn’t have even been of legal drinking age yet, he wore a purple beanie and a wife beater, with sweatpants and tennis shoes. He had several religious tattoos, and a thick gold chain with a cross on it. 


Behind her, a large black man walked up, “yo I’m pierce, you must be Shaundi.” Shaundi smiled at Pierce, and shook his hand. “Sup?” Just as pierce smiled and opened his mouth to speak, boss cleared her throat and said, “I’m glad we all know each other now, can we get under a ****in’ roof before we get shot?” They all nodded, and boss shouldered open a glass door to the mission house. Inside was a wreck, old bibles and papers where strewn across the floor. “Is this it?” Shaundi asked, looking around, truly under whelmed. Boss chuckled, which sent a chill down Shaundi’s spine. The %*?$! was fine, strong, and there was a look in her eye that seemed to make you want to follow her to hell and back. “No, there was an earthquake a few decades back, it sent a block or so of the city below sea level, and rather than clearing everything out, the city just built over it. There’s a hotel that we’re using down there. Shaundi was now impressed. 


She followed boss on her left flank, Carlos next to Shaundi, and Pierce headed up the rear. They descended several flights of stairs, into what Shaundi guessed was the upper section of the hotel. The air was musty, but it seemed sorta homey. They followed boss around a corner, to a balcony, from here, their was another staircase leading down to the main area, which had tons of people in it. It sounded like a riot, and she saw a familiar face beating one of the other men in the room. Sport maybe? Was this a gang ritual or something? 


He looked up at boss,  who said, “What the hell is going on?“ and Gat retorted, “I had to do some canonizing… hold up, you, you’re next.” He said, pointing at a guy standing in the room. “Wait, what?” He said in a scared tone as a man next to him punched him in the face. The whole room swarmed around them. Oh well, Shaundi was gonna be a lieutenant, none of this canonizing ****. “Where’d you find these guys?” Boss asked Gat, walking off to a not too crowded area by the base of the stairwell. “Like I said, I made some calls.” Carlos looked over-whelmed, and said, “You guys actually hang out down here?” Shaundi looked around. “I dunno, add a flat screen, some throw pillows and a hookah and this place would be all right.” Pierce chimed in, and said, “We definitely need a stripper pole in this !*@#$.” Carlos and boss both said, “Definitely.” at the same time. Shaundi looked at boss, then at Gat, Boss began trotting up to the top of the landing in front of a broken down statue of an angel. “What do we do now?” Shaundi asked Gat. “We listen.” he said, nodding towards boss. She looked so strong, so powerful up there, like she belonged up there leading an army. 


“Aright’ everybody, listen up, we’ve got some serious **** to discus. The saints used to own Stillwater, and the only mutha ****s that seem to remember that is me and Gat. I think it’s time we give those other crews a wake up call.” At this a few members of the crew hooted and hollered,  Shaundi among them, she raised her fist in approval. “Now I ain’t gonna lie, a lot of ****’s changed since I’ve been otta the game, so I’m gonna need some help. Pierce, you’re on the Ronin, I wanna know who’s calling the shots and what businesses they run.” He smiled, “Got it.” Boss turned and looked at Shaundi, she said, “Shaundi, you’ve got the Sons of Samedi.” Oh crap, this isn’t going to be fun, that crazy **** Sunshine, and the fact that Veteran Child used to run with them, this is a bad idea for Shaundi to try and take them down with the saints, so she protested, “It’s gotta be them?” taking a few steps forward. Boss’s demeanor changed, and she looked angry, it scared the **** out of Shaundi. “**** you say?” Boss barked, and Shaundi backed up, holding her hands up in defense, “It’s cool! I… I got this.” 





Boss’s body relaxed, and she nodded, a small grin on her face.  

“That was way too ****ing close Shaundi! You‘re working for this chick, you don‘t have the right to ask for a different assignment!” she scolded herself. “Carlos” She began, but Carlos cut her off, “The Brotherhood, I’m on it.” Shaundi looked at Carlos, and thought he was otta his mind. She wanted to say, “Did you just cut the boss off? Not cool!” But instead of getting angry, Boss smiled, and said, “Alright, once we’re done here, talk to one of these guys, they’ll have something for you to do. It’s our time now, let’s get this **** started!”  She yelled, sending a chill down Shaundi’s spine, This woman had so much power, the way she carried herself, her voice, it all screamed authority. Shaundi yelled in approval, and slapped Carlos a High five. Boss started down the stairs, and Shaundi held out her hand for a high five. 


“I’m sorry about that boss, I-” Boss took Shaundi’s hand in both of hers, and said, “It’s ok Shaundi, I just needed to teach you the chain of command. I give an order, you follow it to the letter and make sure it gets done, no questions, the last thing we need is a loose cannon. I’d hate to have to kill you.” Boss said with a chuckle, and Shaundi laughed nervously. Would boss actually kill Shaundi? Duh, she had killed over three hundred people before, she’d not hesitate a second before snapping Shaundi’s neck like a toothpick. The rest of the evening, Shaundi mingled with the other crew members and gave orders to a few men. Wow, Shaundi could definitely get used to this whole responsibility and leadership thing. 
Anyone like it? XD

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Very good! I like how you tried it in with the game story line :)

Can't wait to find out more about that Sex Monkey :-p

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 Haha, thanks. :D It's gonna be all of saints row 2 through Shaundi's point of view, meaning there may be a sex scene or two. XD I think I'll skip over those though, I don't do those very well. :p 

Anyways, I'm glad someone likes it. :D That's not all I have now, I have through the Veteran Child mission, and still working! :D

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Oh we don't mind a bit of raunchiness here on the forum hahaa. I like your wrighting style :) it's good to kinda see things from Shaundi's perspective

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Quote by Ayngel
Oh we don't mind a bit of raunchiness here on the forum hahaa. I like your wrighting style :) it's good to kinda see things from Shaundi's perspective

Haha, ok I might do one or two. :p XD OMG, you like my writing style? Really? :D That's such a big compliment to me, i'm always self consious about my writing. lol :p Yeah, That's why i wrote it, I always wanted to see things from Shaundi's point of view, plus I understand shaundi more than the other characters (not the MC though, i understand her like she was me. XD) But I relate to shaundi more than Gat. :p 

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Ok, i just realized that a whole shitload of chapter one got cut off in pasting, so Imma paste that in this post because I can't edit the opening post for some reason. :p XD


EDIT: I found the edit button! XD  


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I really enjoyed reading all that, I can't remember the last time someone did a story with Shaundi as the main character.

Your sticking very closely to the actual game dialogue too., thats good.

I'm looking forward to your next chapter and the sex scenes sound intresting, have a go, if you want to write them.

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yeah, this is really good,I'm lovin the way your tieing this together. keep it goin!

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 Omg sereously? Thank you guys so much. :D 

Yeah, I've gone back and replayed several of the missions of shaundi's story arc just so i could get the dialogue as close as I could. :D I'm working on a bit more of it, then i'll post chapter two. :D Thank you guys so much! 


                                                                                          Got dust, will travel

The next day, Shaundi walked up to the boss in the main hallway of the hideout. Boss was sitting on the staircase field stripping her M9. Boss was wearing Her standard black pumps, with a pair of midnight black skinny jeans, and a t shirt that had a "no drugs!" symbol on it. Shaundi couldn't help but smile, because boss had a fresh injection mark on her arm. Oh the irony. “Hey boss, I got you a present.” Shaundi held up a light bulb, but it wasn’t just any light bulb, It was the sons of Samedi’s best selling designer drug, Loa Dust. “A light bulb, just what I always wanted.” Shaundi smirked, “You think I’d just give you a light bulb? Come on!” Shaundi smashed the bulb on the stair rail, and boss shielded her face from broken glass. “A face shredder, just what I always wanted.” Shaundi liked this chick, she had a great sense of humor. “Come on, smoke this.” Shaundi said as she dropped a bit of Loa dust into it, and held her lit lighter under it. It began to emit smoke, and Shaundi stuck the shattered bulb under Boss’s face. At first, she scrunched her nose at the smell, but then as the effects of the drug got to her, she calmed down. Her face relaxed, and she asked in a dreamy voice, “what is it?” Shaundi smiled, and sat next to boss on the staircase. “It’s the sons of Samedi’s number one product, they call it Loa Dust. 


Boss looked puzzled, “But you smoke it?” Shaundi smiled, “They suck at marketing, what can I say. But the point is this *$?! is all over campus, frats are buying it by the pound. I’m thinking if we get enough of this stuff, we’ll figure out how to make it ourselves, then-” But boss cut Shaundi off. “then we can sell it for cheaper, and steal their market.” Boss was a smart cookie, that was exactly what Shaundi was thinking. “Right.” “How much *%?@ we talking?” “I don’t know, maybe three pounds, two for science, one for the weekends?” Boss nodded, “I can live with that.”  


Boss and Shaundi sat for a minute, and Shaundi asked, “Hey boss, Can I ask you something?” Boss looked over at Shaundi, “You just did, but go ahead.” She said with a small smile. Shaundi smiled too, and asked, “What was it like being in a coma?” The boss’ smile faded away, and she looked down sadly at her lap. She didn’t answer for a moment, and Shaundi wondered whether or not she should try to comfort her, or go away. But before Shaundi could decide, Boss’ voice was heard, but it was barely audible. “Like I was trapped in a small black space, that I couldn’t speak or move, I could hear doctors talking, but I couldn’t reply, or move at all. Sometimes it felt like I was asleep, but at other times it felt like I was a vegetable or something.”  


Shaundi felt a huge pang of  pity, and it showed on her face. “Don’t pity me, Never pity me. I deserved much more than that, I deserved to die, so I’m lucky I got what I did. Now let’s go show these Samedi fuckers what we’re made of.” Boss was up in a flash, and offered her hand to Shaundi to help her up. Shaundi took it, and got up. She looked boss in the eye, and said, “You’re right boss, I’ll help in any way I can.” Boss clapped Shaundi on the back as she ascended the staircase, “That’s my girl. I’ll call you when I’m at the campus. You’ll need to point me in the right direction from the computer up in the office, ok?” Shaundi smiled, “Roger that.” And ascended the staircase after boss. 


Shaundi took a seat at boss’ desk, in her plushy office chair. She opened up a blank notepad document, and wrote a hack program that her Ex, David, had taught her. As long as she knew the name of the system that she was gonna hack into, she was golden. So she hacked into the police’s security cameras that they had around the city, and she found one on the campus. The only reason Shaundi didn’t get the computer blown up on the spot was because she had installed several proxy settings and anti-tracking tools that bounced the IP address and the signal around the globe, making it literally impossible to track. 


Right after Shaundi had hacked into the system, she called boss to warn her about the samedi. “Be careful boss, the sons of Samedi are really dangerous.” Boss chuckled, and replied jokingly, “A gang with a French sounding name." A tsking sound was heard, then she continued, "That is scary.” Shaundi sighed, “They’re not just gangbangers, these guys are otta their damn minds! For god sake, they’re named after the vadoan lord of the dead.” Boss replied, “You never struck me as the superstitious type.” “I’m not, but just be careful, ok?” “Don’t worry Shaundi, I don’t like getting killed, I’ll be careful.”  With that, Boss hung up the phone. Shaundi sighed and put her phone down. She turned up the radio, and heard a familiar voice over it. “Hey to all you out there listening to Gen X, This song is dedicated to you Shaundi, You listening?” 


Veteran Child said as he cranked up Misery Business. Shaundi groaned and turned the radio down again, she was sick of VC’s obsessive stalking and wooing. Shaundi liked that song so much because it helped her get OVER VC, not because she liked him, but he didn’t know that. He found out it was her favorite song after he stole her iPod from her bag at the gym while she was showering. She didn’t find out until she noticed the recently searched tab, and it’s results where a search for the most played song. She knew it had to have been VC, so she called and confronted him. 


“Have you been searching through my iPod?” Shaundi demanded as soon as he answered the phone. “Aah, yeah actually, I was trying to find the perfect song to dedicate to you on Gen X the other day, weren’t you listening?” Shaundi had wanted to go off on him, nobody EVER searches through her @%#$ and gets away with it. “You sick #!**$%! When did you get a hold of it?” Veteran Child merely giggled, and said, “At the gym the other day when you where showering.” Shaundi had been so pissed, she threw her phone across the room. 


Shaundi’s reminiscing was interrupted when an alert sound popped up on the computer. She snapped her head up and looked at it, it was an IM from her ex, Wade. It said that Mr. Gabby  was slinging on the campus grounds. Shaundi had called around to most of her Ex’s, with the exception of VC to get some help on searching for Samedi dealers. Most of them where still at school, near where the Samedi sling a lot. She replied, “Thanks wade, you’ve been a big help, you’ve got no idea.”  Just as she hit enter into the chat window to send the IM, Shaundi’s phone rang and a picture of boss popped up. She answered it, and boss didn’t waste any time getting into the meat of the conversation, she wasn’t too big on small talk, apparently.


 “Getting the dust wasn’t a problem.” Shaundi exhaled, “You’ve got great timing, I just got a tip that Mr. Gabby is slinging nearby. The guy runs in a lot of money for the Samedi, bringing him down should hurt them pretty bad.” Shaundi didn’t get a reply, just a dead line. “Well bye then,” Shaundi said as she sat her phone down. Not three minutes had passed, when another picture of boss popped up on her phone. She hit talk, but was prepared for boss’s immediate information dump. “The bastard tried to run, but I took care of him.” Shaundi jumped up in her chair, “good times! Now get me the dust so then I can start working on our little science project.” Boss hung up right after that. 


This was going to take some getting used to, the abrupt starting and stopping in conversations. Oh well, she had to get ready for boss to get her some dust so that she could figure out what was in it, and so that they could start working on crippling the Samedi. Shaundi cut off the hack program, which in the end she didn’t really need, and she turned off the computer. She had to high tail it to the restaurant, Apollo’s, so that boss could deliver the dust. 


Shaundi was there in a matter of minutes, and she saw boss’s car parked in the side lot, a frustrated looking boss in the driver’s seat. Shaundi pulled up next to her, and said as she exited the car, “Hey boss, you’re early.” Boss too exited her car, and said, “Yeah, sorry about that. Gabby was over that way, closer than I thought to the restaurant, it’s no big deal Shaundi.” Shaundi smiled, there was something amazing about this woman, she was strong willed, and very dangerous, but totally cool with almost every little mistake. She had a very unique personality, and Shaundi could see why Boss was the one in charge, not Gat. While Gat had several of the qualities a leader needed, he was too violent and not level headed enough to make clear decisions.  “So, the dust in the trunk?” Shaundi asked, deciding to just get it over with. Boss nodded, and Shaundi popped the trunk of her own car, and boss did the same, grabbing two one pound bags of Loa Dust. Shaundi took the other two, and piled them in the trunk. She then tossed her old Leather jacket that was in the trunk over them, and pushed a box of little things from her apartment in front of the dust in case she got pulled over or something. “good thinking Shaundi.” Boss said after she had closed her own trunk and came to look at what was taking Shaundi so long. 


Shaundi smiled again, and said, “Thanks. Now is it just me, or are you starving?” Boss shrugged, "I could use something to eat, you wanna just grab something cheap and sleazy here?” Shaundi smiled again, she had never heard the term "cheap and sleazy" when referring to a really good burger joint, or any food for that matter. “Yeah, I’d love to.”  


Chapter three, File in the Cake, coming soon! :D 


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Ripping this up!

Your doing great, keep it up