Saints Row Series Developments
3 years ago  ::  Nov 3 2010 - 5:15PM
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THQ recently opened a brand new studio up north in Montreal, Canada.  In attendance at the grand opening was Danny Bilson, Executive VP of Core Games.  Somehow in the middle of the big grand-opening, Shacknews found a few minutes to ask Danny some questions, one of which everyone here has been wondering for quite some time.

What about the Saints Row Nintendo 3DS title that was going to be brought over to the the Xbox Live Arcade as an extended product to support a future game in the series, much like your plan for Red Faction? 

Danny Bilson:"That one is changed. It's changed. It's going to be a different--we actually changed the design and are doing something more unique. This is just creative but we wound up feeling the game we were building was too much like a section of Saints Row that you could play in Saints Row. Now we've come up with a new design with a completely original game mechanic and we're building out something that supports Saints Row with that.

Because you don't want to play something that you can play within the main experience. It's actually a really cool, unique game we haven't announced yet for Xbox Live."

There's plenty more information about everything THQ in the full interview.  Click here to read the rest.


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3 years ago  ::  Nov 3 2010 - 5:18PM
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Sounds cool. Looking forward to seeing some more details on the 3DS game.

V, I'm also happy to see you posting some SR2 news here first and keeping the community informed.

3 years ago  ::  Nov 3 2010 - 5:21PM
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Cool V-Singular! Nice to see your updating us! Keep it up dude.

3 years ago  ::  Nov 3 2010 - 5:32PM
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Canada FTW.

3 years ago  ::  Nov 3 2010 - 10:28PM
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Thank you very much, V-Singular !

Now I can believe that 3DS will be better than I was previously imagining.

3 years ago  ::  Nov 4 2010 - 4:35AM
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Thanks for the official word V

Dare I as if there was any talk about SR3?

3 years ago  ::  Nov 4 2010 - 11:31AM
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all i can say is i'm looking forwards to it.

3 years ago  ::  Dec 5 2010 - 1:18PM
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It better be for PS3 as well as 360. And I really hope when he said "It's changed" as in "kinect/PS Move instead of controllers." But I would like to have a mini Saint's row 3 arcade game. That would be pretty awesome.

3 years ago  ::  Dec 6 2010 - 6:31PM
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Quote by xX
It better be for PS3 as well as 360. And I really hope when he said "It's changed" as in "kinect/PS Move instead of controllers." But I would like to have a mini Saint's row 3 arcade game. That would be pretty awesome.

Volition have already officially confirmed that it will be available for the PS3 as well as the Xbox 360.

2 years ago  ::  Jun 20 2012 - 6:10PM
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I read in an article recently that the devs are upset at how crass the SR3 was and that they plan to do away with all the fun and mayhem for the next game. PLEASE. PLEASE DON'T!

SR3 is one of my favorite games this year, it is bizare, over the top, insane, nonsense, shootem up glory! I've played the game as the hulk, Mr Manhattan, a slew of demons and zombies, an obese golden naked buddha, and all matter of other nonsense. the weapons are over the top, the story lines and missions are ridiculous, and its one of the most fun games I've ever experienced.

It didn't seem to take itself too seriously. It made fun of a genre that is so inundated with 'More of the same' that the tongue in cheek crassness won me over completely. It's not Skyrim. Its not RedDead, and thank god for that.

The reason why I love it is because it is NOT those games. the Oblivion engine is so awful looking, and boring. The character generation is horrible. RedDead is just another GTA clone but a western. yes its fun, fine. but SR3 was way more fun. It was dirty, it was stupid, and those are the things that made me buy it for myself, and 4 of my friends. (and tell every one else I know about it so they can get it too). The character generation engine won me over. Hands down.

The only thing SR3 needs to be even more amazing, would be 4 player co-op. (L4D but hilariously outrageous)

DON'T CHANGE A THING! Except, 4 player, and hell, even more retardedly OUT THERE. Seriously? Finale mission in Mars? Alien babes with lasers? Furries and Mascots? MOAR!

Don't you DARE make this another boring game, devs! Don't you freaking dare!