Two Years for Saints Row 2!
3 years ago  ::  Oct 22 2010 - 9:05PM

I have so many favorite moments in Saints Row 2! When I first started playing co-op story mode with my friend we started building our rep up with Septic Avenger and I couldn't get enough of it, I couldn't stop lmao from it, it was the craziest stuff I have ever seen and I fell in love with it and it has become my favorite game of all time!! Another, is when we was walking around and I saw an old guy with an oxygen tank and I said to my friend, I wonder if I can shoot it, so I did and boy did that old guy fly! lol.  It was great!  Another is when I'm playing by myself and all of a sudden I get like 30 pimps on me and I beat them up with a baseball bat! lol :) 

3 years ago  ::  Oct 25 2010 - 12:08PM
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A winner will be picked later today - stay tuned!

3 years ago  ::  Oct 26 2010 - 2:00PM
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I've just gone ahead and chosen a winner using  In a crazy twist of fate, the number 36 came up after the first click, resulting in community member "RaNdOm" to be the winner!  Congratulations!

I'll be sending you a PM with details on how to redeem your team-signed, framed Saints Row 2 picture.

I also want to thank everyone that's a member of the Saints Row Community.  Without all of you, Volition would not be able to continue to create amazing titles and I really can't wait to show everyone the awesomeness that's coming down the road.  So stay tuned to the future and keep talking with other fans right here in the forums.

3 years ago  ::  Oct 26 2010 - 3:10PM
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congratulations RaNdOm!! I hope you enjoy your price!!!

3 years ago  ::  Oct 28 2010 - 11:21AM
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Congrats Random!!!

3 years ago  ::  Oct 28 2010 - 11:35AM
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Well done Random, good to see a vet get the prize instead of a 1 post gold digger

3 years ago  ::  Oct 31 2010 - 4:14AM
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Quote by Jus_call_me_J
Well done Random, good to see a vet get the prize instead of a 1 post gold digger

Agreed! :)