Two Years for Saints Row 2!
3 years ago  ::  Oct 17 2010 - 3:19PM

My favourite memory was playing SR2 coop with a mate of mine.  He had one of his other mates around and was showing off how awesome the game was.  Just as he stepped out of the safe house, I charged past in my SWAT tank with a small army of Police chasing after me, bullets and explosions everywhere before I gracefully drove off into the distance to which my mate replied "THATS Saints Row 2".

A close second would have to be everything to do with the attack helicopter.  Crashing it through the top window of the Ultor building just like the last mission, flying two of them down the freeway in coop to leave no car standing and the sheer amount of lulz that was had when I had it available and my mate didn't know until he copped a rocket in the face two steps out of the safe house.  Good times.

3 years ago  ::  Oct 17 2010 - 4:05PM
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3 years ago  ::  Oct 17 2010 - 9:00PM

Just too many favorite adventures to pick one IMO, but it was the city of Stillwater that I loved most and it's what kept me coming back for more all the time!

3 years ago  ::  Oct 17 2010 - 9:35PM
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My favorite memory from SR2 is the first day I popped it in the 360 and realized, right then and there, that I would never turn to GTA ever again. Everything is so much fun in Tha Row!

3 years ago  ::  Oct 18 2010 - 10:51AM
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My best memory was in SR2 during co-op mode. We went streaking around town chasing after police and then doing handstands on cars all over the city. It was a sight. I haven't laughed that hard in a while.

3 years ago  ::  Oct 18 2010 - 2:12PM
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 My favorite thing about Saints Row 2 was the concept; how much a city can change in such a short period of time, and slowly taking it back.

3 years ago  ::  Oct 18 2010 - 7:25PM
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Man, I have so many awesome memories with this game it's so hard to choose just one.

The first time I picked up Saints Row 2, the day it was released, was amazing to me. Until then, my house had become known as the "Saints Pad". My friends would come over and we would sit for hours and play the original Saints Row. As it turns out, Saints Row was actually a pretty amazing party game. On Friday nights I would have upwards of fifteen people sitting around in my basement passing the controller around, sharing the experience. When GTA IV was released, I purchased that, hoping we would have a new game to play on our nights. Needless to say, that game went back into the case just as soon as it had come out of it. The experience just wasn't the same. We loved everything about The Row. The Havok physics, the insane weapons and the totally unrealistic gameplay (in a good way!). Saints Row had pretty much earned a permanent place in my Xbox, and everyone who came over knew it. Before long, me and my friends had unlocked everything in the game. The special gun variants, the CDs, you name it, we had it. Even though we had done everything there was to do, we never tired of the classic sandbox gameplay.

I remember one time when I was throwing a party at my house, there were a few people socializing upstairs, but the crowd seemed thinner than I'd remembered. Wondering where everyone was, I walked downstairs to see a gigantic crowd of guys and girls laughing their heads off at my TV. They were all watching my one friend play around with the "evil cars" cheat, which was pretty amusing.

When we heard that there was to be a sequel, we couldn't believe our ears. Although we still loved the game, we were running out of new things to do in Stilwater. After all, we'd clocked over 200 hours over the years! We patiently waited until that night in October when all of our dreams came true. Me and a couple buddies of mine waited outside the local Future Shop before the doors opened. One thing I distinctly remember was having to wait days before cracking the game open, since it was a Tuesday. Although I easily could have, I didn't want to spoil what was set to happen on Friday night.

When Friday night finally came, something I can only describe as magical happened. There we were, all crammed onto my couch, some sitting on the floor, some on bar stools behind the couch. The second I inserted that game into my Xbox, the beautiful cycle started all over again. Two years later, Friday nights are still "Saints Nights". Although some of my friends have moved away for school since then, the rest of us still have our Friday nights. We've again completed everything there is to complete. 100% progress, all of the rare vehicles, you name it, we've done it. Now we're just waiting for Saints Row 3, which we are so unbelievably excited for. Volition, if you do half as good on Saints Row 3 as you did for the last two games, we're in for a real treat!

Also, it's awesome to finally be a part of the community. After many attempts at registering, it's finally a reality! xD

3 years ago  ::  Oct 20 2010 - 4:23PM
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Awww man! So many memories of this game, I remember seeing my nephew play Saints Row 1, but during that time I only had  a Playstation 3. I wished deep down that Saints Row 1 would come to the PS3(Because I was a fan of the game already and wasn't even the one playing it back And when that didn't happen, I was a little disappointed, but at the same time, it didn't stop me from wanting the game. I watched a whole playthrough of SR1, online aka "youtube"...just to see what I would be getting myself into on SR2...Picking up 2, popping it in, the 1st thing I did was, go to the liquor store(after creating my character) and buy a beer, next thing I know, I was getting jumped by the brotherhood, and YES! I did give them a run for their money, right before they started popping a cap in my ass, then I started blowing @#?! up, just to get the people screaming and running >:)...LoL...I since haven't put the game down, no matter what game I picked up through the years, I'm still addicted to it after 2 years, hell! I've even convinced a few people to pick it up, after they seen a few of my Saints Row 2 music video's, I lost count of how many characters I have as well as hours....Finding out I could run bucket naked around the city, flashing my goodies to random, innocent pedastrians, going to the grave yard to discover the hidden sex cavern, with blow up dolls, with almost real lookin' boobies! LoL...Getting the 

annihilator for the 1st time...My love, going back from making my 1st SR2 music video, to today. Finding out I could rob mofo's for every dime they carried. Playing my 1st random co-op with someone, who kept kicking my ass at every chance they got....Hearing the boss open up his big ass mouth for the 1st time, and he wouldn't shut the *!?# up! Lmao XD ....Creating my own personal celeb "Michael Jackson" and going on an ass kicking spree, playing out "The Smooth criminal video"....Punching and kicking a random person in the nuts or face, just to get some of the saints on the street to chase him or her down, while calling them a $*!?@ in the process, as well as sitting back and laughing my ass off!! bowing down to see the funny expression on people's face after they were dead...LoL..who doesn't think dieing with your eyes open isn't just slightly funny? So much I could go on about this game, customization, the characters, the bad assery etc. WooWee!! I WUV THIS GAME FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, NO OPEN WORLD GAME COMES ABOVE TO ME, THEN SAINTS ROW-MUTHAFUCKIN'-2!!This video speaks for itself

3 years ago  ::  Oct 19 2010 - 3:32AM
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This game is the best sandbox game I've ever played hands down. Thank you Volition for making such an amazing game for people to play. I still play this game today! Much love and hope to see Saints Row 3 soon!

3 years ago  ::  Oct 19 2010 - 11:28AM
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My favorite Saints Row memory must have been when I played the demo for the first game before I actually bought it. I could play it over and over again, either playing the missions or just blowing people up with pipe bombs. When I then bought the game It was like a whole new world just opened. The first time you play a Saints Row game it must be the best feeling ever.