Two Years for Saints Row 2!
3 years ago  ::  Oct 14 2010 - 12:08PM
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Today is a special day for fans of the Saints Row series.  October 14th marks two years to the day that Saints Row 2 was placed on store shelves and available to the public.  It was a huge day for everyone here at Volition, and it's a true triumph when you can walk into a store and see something you made gleaming under the shrink wrap for a lucky buyer to pick up. 

Last month, we also passed the four year anniversary for the original Saints Row, but right now, we're focusing on the little brother of the series, Saints Row 2.

I've been at Volition for every single day of these past two years, and I am still amazed at how much awesome content members of The Row community has produced during my time.  There's been some insane videos, some mind-blowing PC modifications, hundreds of custom-made characters, and even some incredible fan fiction.

We've had some really awesome giveaways in the past both here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages, but I personally think this one takes the cake. The picture to the left is displaying one of the rarest pieces of Saints Row 2 memorabilia ever made.  This my friends, is something that has never been offered to anyone outside the walls of Volition.  Within the framed 22" x 20" picture, you will find the signatures of nearly every person on the Saints Row 2 development team (around 150 signatures) on top of a blown up front cover of the game.  The top right contains a copy of the back cover and then we finish it all off with a copy of the game disc [not actually playable, so don't crack this frame open!].  Let me repeat that whomever this goes to will be the only person outside of Volition employees to own one of these beauties.

If you want to win this amazing piece of art, all you need to do is click on the comment thread below and post a reply telling us your favorite memory that has to do with Saints Row.  As long as it's related to the Saints Row series, your entry will count.  I'm going to leave this thread open for responses until Friday, October 22nd  @ 11:59 PM CST, and I'll pick a winner from all the responses on Monday, October 25th.

I know I say this way too often, but I can't thank all of you enough.  You've helped to shape The Row into what it is today, and we'll continue to evolve and make it more awesome as the years go on.  We have some big plans for this site in the near future, so as always, stay tuned for more information.  Thank you again for being a member, and I'm proud to be a part of this amazing community.


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3 years ago  ::  Oct 14 2010 - 11:00AM
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Favorite memory was playing the first saints row and jumping out of my car and watching the truck barrel into a gas station and freckle bitches at the same time, I thought to myself man wouldn't a game with more of that be awsome? Then RFG came out, and I loved volition even more :)

3 years ago  ::  Oct 14 2010 - 11:02AM
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 My favorite moment was when my friend lugged his PS3 to my house and we played co-op together.  I most fondly remember just blowing up everything in sight for 15 straight minutes as waves and waves of enemies and helicopters came to attack us.  That and riding on the top of his car, fun times.

3 years ago  ::  Oct 14 2010 - 11:10AM

 My favourite memory was in Saint's row 2, I had gained the invunrebility to falling, and so I jumped out of a plane without a parachute and survived in co-op, the person I was with asked me how I did that and I told him a random way, the next 20 minutes were spend laughing as he jumped out of the plane over and over and dying over and over. Every time he died I just told him he was doing it wrong.

3 years ago  ::  Oct 14 2010 - 11:26AM
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My favorite moment(s) are the Shaundi cut scenes!  Especially her on screen banter with Pierce!

Shaundi: So how'd I do?

The Protagonist
: Well, seeing as he's dead and you're not, I'd say pretty God-damn good.

: So... You think I could take Gat?

The Protagonist
: Not on your !%#?*@$ life.

: Pierce?

The Protagonist
: Probably not.

: Veteran Child?

The Protagonist
: Well, seeing as he's dead, I'm pretty sure you'd kick his ass.

: You're an $@**!#?.

3 years ago  ::  Oct 14 2010 - 11:45AM
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first off i'v been following Saint's Row since it was first announced back in 2005 got both SR1& SR2 on day one and i will keep that trend going. i still remember the SR1 demo that came out. when i played the demo then that made me want Saint's Row even more. i'm all so apart of a Saint's row union on gamespot since 2005. and my favrite memory in Saint's Row 1 is being chased by the cops and them following you in to the building i was kinda wowed by it because it's never been done before. and the story was just perfect. and my favrite memory for SR2 it's gotta be co-oping with a mate and going through the story from start to end. again the story was even better more funner. and now i'm waiting for Saint's Row Drive By and Saint's Row 3 keep up the good work volition you have done a proud job.

3 years ago  ::  Oct 17 2010 - 5:17AM
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Well I was a big fan of Saints Row and was very excited to see what Volition would come up with for Saint Row 2.

The fact I could play with a female character was a fantastic surprise and the more crisp graphics... was truly awesome!

My favourite moment was the ones spent online with J and the gang, We took our not so serious approach to the game and most times it paid off when matched against some of the more .... Wanna be Gangsta's types

Happy Second Birthday to the wonderful game that is called Saints Row 2

3 years ago  ::  Oct 14 2010 - 12:43PM
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It's difficult to choose a favorite memory regarding Saints Row 2. With over 700 hours of game time, it's like trying to pick a favorite among my children. At first I thought it may have something to do with the screenshot archive that I setup of all our Penny Arcade coop games which is a testament to the fun we've all had. Then I thought it might be related to the Gentlemen of the Row mod and bringing together the talent of our community here to release something we could all be proud of.

I'm going to have to finally go with something a bit more specific; a night I like to call Operation Pain Train. I had just met donhonk from Penny Arcade, and we decided to play some coop. Rather than doing any missions or activities, we decided to see just how much trouble we could get up to. Our plan was brilliant in its simplicity. The passenger would stick a bunch of satchel charges to the driver as a kind of human payload delivery system, and then steal a car to drive on the train tracks. Next we find ourselves a train and blow it (and ourselves) to kingdom come. We searched and searched and searched for HOURS, all the time planning and scheming and wondering just where the hell that damn train was. The epic fail just kept building up like a pressure cooker until we finally snapped and went on a psychotic mad satchel spree taking out our agression on the sad and trainless world of Stilwater. Sticking satchels to each other and detonating them while free falling out of a heli is something that you just won't find in any other sandbox game.

But don't just take my word for it. Watch the video and hear the pure unadulterated joy in my voice at the very end where we desperately drive a flaming car into Let's Pretend trying to blow everything up.

This is just one example of the kind of free form creative play in Saints Row 2 that keeps me coming back again and again. SR2 has helped to build bonds of friendship that will last far beyond the life of the game. Thanks Volition for giving me such awesome gaming memories that I will treasure forever!

NOTE: Yes, we did both realize much later on that the train despawns in coop and all of our efforts that night were in vain. It actually makes the whole ordeal funnier in my mind.

3 years ago  ::  Oct 14 2010 - 1:16PM

Definitely the first time I got the adrenaline meter full while doing the Insurance Fraud activity. I don't know why, but I found the crashes hilarious every time seeing my character flying through the air and bouncing off of buildings and other cars/trash trucks/construction vehicles/etc. I still fire up SR2 and redo the insurance fraud activity, endless fun!

3 years ago  ::  Oct 14 2010 - 1:21PM
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My favorite part of Saint Row is the city. Stillwater is the only video-game city in which I had fun by simply driving and walking around, doing nothing. The aura of this city, with great soundtrack and beautiful graphics turned Saints Row series into one bright memory.

Happy two years !!!