Saints Row - The Beginning (Chapter Three Finished)
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Ok This is my first time creating a story , so please hold on tight until I get the story I have in My head on paper so to speak. Its a kind of preuel to Saints Row with a twist.... It is a short'ish story it wont be too long


Chapter One - A New Start

"Danny … Danny wake up" I unwillingly opened my eyes to the sound of my mom's voice bellowing through the hallway "Ok OK! I'm up" I shouted as I dragged myself out of the bed. As I opened my curtains I looked upon my new surroundings, and was overwhelmed with the feelings of relief and uncertainty, which I quickly shrugged off as I walked to the Kitchen to have my breakfast.

"Danny you have to finish your breakfast quick, You will be late for your first day at school" What a great start to the day, not only was I in a new home in a new town, I had to go to a new school to top it all off.

As I walked to my mom's car I started to feel as if my legs were going to seize up, I thought to myself I really need to man up, It may not be as bad as I think it's going to be…. Well I'd hoped.

When we pulled up next to the school my mom smiled "You will be ok son" her reassuring voice made me feel slightly more nervous as I've heard those words uttered many times before, I smiled back and made my way to the school.

I was shown to my registration class by the receptionist who seemed rather dismissive when I introduced myself at the front desk, when she opened the door of the class room I was startled by the loud voices streaming out of the room “ Go on then, get a seat” the receptionist grumbled.

I sat at a desk still shell shocked from the receptionists attitude then all of a sudden I felt a hand lightly placed on my shoulder “Well you must be the new kid” I slowly looked up “I am Mr Jackson, your registration teacher” He said with a cheerful voice, which quickly changed tone when someone threw a book at the black board “Right that’s enough class, can we all calm down an sit quietly for registration” Mr Jackson shouted outraged by the behaviour of the rebellious pupils.

The class halted to a stand still as if they had some form of respect for Mr Jackson, I was certainly surprised, it was surly something I have never experienced. But I then thought to myself what will happen next? Am I yet to be forced to stand in front of the class and give them a full insight on my life and what brought me here, I waited anxiously .

Mr Jackson made his way to his desk and promptly sat in his seat "Now class as you may have noticed we have a new kid with us to day His name is Danny and I'm sure you will all make him feel welcome" He said with a slightly uncompromising voice, I was relieved to say the least, it was almost like he understood how I must have been feeling.

I won’t bore to death with rambling on about my first day at school, it mainly consisted of going from one classroom to the next, constantly repeating myself with the usual introductions. Before I knew it was home time, and as always my mom is bang on time outside the school gates, I could see the other kids looking at me as I walked to the car with dubious looks on their faces which in turn made me walk faster urging my legs to get me to the car quicker.

I took a sigh of relief as I sat in the car “How was your first day at your new school son” mom said with great interest “Huh it was ok I guess” My mom turned to me with a sympathetic look on her face “I understand this is not easy for you, and I wish we could have stayed where we once lived. But I hope you will one day understand the reason why we had to go"

Chapter Two - When Realism Hits


When we returned home my mom was very keen to know how I was feeling “Danny are you ok? You have hardly said a word to me since you got into the car” she said tentatively “Mom I’m fine” I said in a somewhat abrupt way “Look son, I don’t mean to pry but I know when something is on your mind” she paused waiting for me to open up to her “For god sake mom, how the hell are you expecting me to be feeling right now” I shouted.

My mom sat down at the dining table looking shocked by the way I had addressed her, she put her head in her hands and began to cry. I felt dreadful for reducing my mother to tears “Mom I’m sorry, but you don’t know how hard it has been for me the past few weeks” She looked up at me and placed her hand on mine “I don’t even care about the fact I have lost my friends, The home I grew up in, But to lose my @**?$%! dad!” I said exploding with resentment.

I sat down next to my mom holding back my tears “ I will find the People who killed my dad and make them pay for what they have done” I could see by the look on my mother’s face she probably wished she never asked me what I was feeling .

"Danny that won’t change what happened to your father, please calm down and think about what you’re saying” she said wiping her tears from her cheeks, my body felt like it was itching with fury I could not sit there any longer. I stood up, put on my jacket “Mom I love you and I don’t want to hurt you, but this has been eating me up inside” I walked to the door “Danny Pease don’t” Mom shouted nervously “I have to go mom I’m so sorry” I ran out the door and with a quick glance back at the house I could see my mom standing there looking inconsolable, I felt bad about causing her this distress, but I knew inside I would not rest knowing that gang was still there on the streets.

I wandered the darkened streets, beginning to show no concern in regards to how long it would take for me to return back to Stilwater. I walked long and hard through the night all I could think about was the night my father died. When I was woken up by the sound of what I thought was my dad’s car pulling up into the drive way, but when in actual fact it was my dad’s partner pulling up in his cop car. I knew something was wrong, but it wasn’t until I heard my mother howling with despair that I knew he must be dead.

He was called in to assist a drugs bust in the run-down industrial area and was killed when things got out of hand by a member of the Los Carnales.


My time of reminiscence was brought to an end when a car pulled up behind me on the highway, I turned round hesitantly thinking it could be the cops but to my surprise it wasn’t. A man popped his head out the window of a gray hatchback “Hey kid do you need a ride” Feeling quite nervous about getting into some random man’s car I thought ‘Hey ?#@% it’ I decided to take my chances.

I sat in the car feeling slightly uneasy about the decision I made “What the hell you doing wandering along the highway at this time of night son” The man said with a concerned tone to his voice “You can get some crazy assed mother fuckers around here, Where are you heading to?” He then sparked up blunt and passed it my way and I felt obliged to take it “Um I am going to Stilwater” The man smiled “Hell son that’s where I’m going, got to pick me up some weed” Then he went on to have an extreme coughing fit, but all in all he seemed harmless enough, all he interested in was smoking his weed and singing along to tunes on The Kronic radio station.


 Chapter Three - Road Trip

An hour and a couple of blunts later the man cleared his throat “Hell I don’t even think I introduced myself, I’m Andre but my friends call me Mista Krunk” I had no need to question why that was his name, as from what I had witnessed over the past hour clarified that for me “My name is Danny” Andre shook my hand and smiled at me “Well Danny what’s your story, you look kinda young to be wandering a highway at 12 midnight” “Hey I’m not that young, I’m nearly 18 years old in a few days time” I said defensively feeling a little offended that he thought I was just a kid , Well I kinda still was at but at the time I didn’t seem to think so “Whoa there Playa , no need to get snappy wasn’t meaning to upset you son” Andre then paused for about a minute or two before he randomly suggested he was in need of food and made a detour to Freckle Bitches.


As we pulled in to Freckle Bitches parking lot the place was infested with large groups of hooligans hanging around their cars, I followed Andre towards the establishment avoiding eye contact at all costs. We stood at the counter just about to make an order then all of a sudden the door slammed open and I could hear the sound of someone pulling the trigger of a gun “Oh *$?*” Andre uttered under his breath. I stood there like a rabbit caught in the head lights, my body just froze “Nobody ?$#!@*% move or I’ll blow your god damn brains out” a males voice said aggressively I could see the people around me cowering in fear.


“You behind the counter give me all the %#$@!** money or I’ll kill your ass” the man persisted, the man behind the counter stumbled towards the cash register with beads of sweat rolling down his face as he began to empty the money from the till into a paper bag.

“That better be it all *!*$#?” the man snapped as he grabbed the bag of money, the door then proceeded to smash open once again “Come on man let’s get the *#?$ outta here before the fucken cops come” another man shouted.

Both men fled Freckle Bitches leaving everyone rather relieved, I gazed over at Andre who was standing there in total disbelieve. I placed my hand on his shoulder “Uh Are you ok Andre” I said thoughtfully “Eh Mm Yeah son I’m cool, we better hall ass outta here” Andre said anxiously, we made our way to the car immediately.


I could hear the faint sound of the sirens as I closed the car door, Andre proceeded make a quick exit way from Freckle Bitches. “We are about five minutes away from Stilwater Danny, so what business do you have there” Andre questioned, “It’s a long story Andre, Just have to sort out a few thing’s”  “Uh ok son didn’t mean to pry” Andre said, I think he understood that I did not want to open up about my reason for returning to Stilwater.


I went on to stare out of the car window I could see a few familiar buildings in the distance, my heart began to race as we got closer and closer. “Well here we are, Good old Stilwater” Andre said cheerfully, he stopped the car and looked at me “Are you going to be ok out here on your own” he said sounding rather concerned “Yeah Andre I’ll be ok, Thanks for everything you’re a cool guy” I said appreciatively.


I stepped out of the car and before I got the chance to close the door Andre turned off the radio “Look kid , It’s rather late to be wandering around, Your welcome to tag along with me to my friends house n chill a bit before you embark on your crazy assed adventure in Stilwater “ he stated.


“**!? it why not , It is getting kinda late” I replied jumping back into the car, I really did need some time to gather my thoughts and think about what I was going to do next and This seemed the perfect opportunity. 


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first of all...   no my chracter will not be named Danny.. OKAY? second of all no NO no No

if there is going to be a prequel it is going to be about    Julius   &    Benjamin King's   rise

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Good stuff Ayngel

A great start...

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First of all YES My Character in MY story WILL be called Danny OKAY!

Second of all If I'm doing a Prequel it will be about what ever the F***  I want ...Ok Kid

Plus the story is not even finished so what the hell do you know about how things my pan out....Now Jog on Troll !!

@ J , Thank You :)

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...I think I'm in love with this woman! (translated from creepy: You're all around awesome)

EDIT: Almost forgot to extend a warm welcome to the story section! You too J, dunno as I've seen you 'round this neck of the woods since I've been here.

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Just here for my Homie

Ayngel is one of my bezzy mates on here...

Now come on Ayngel let's have our next slice? plz

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Thank you Seltahn :) Thought I'd give my try at the writing, I always have lots of Ideas but this is my first go at puting it down on paper. I'm just trying to do my best to research the first Saints Row so my story fits in well - ie - Street names and so on.

Also Thank you J,  Your one of my very good friends on here too :) working on the next section to Chapter One

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Quote by pistolgrind
first of all...   no my chracter will not be named Danny.. OKAY? second of all no NO no No

if there is going to be a prequel it is going to be about    Julius   &    Benjamin King's   rise

Haha your funny.

Anyways nice start keep it up


Oh and its nice to see your trying out this part of the forums :)

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Yeah yeah, dont let anyone tell you what to write, its your story you can add anything you want, plus were just doin this for fun! I cant wait to see what happens to the kid when he goes to school.

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Nice first chapter! We always need new writers on here! You used alot of words i forgot about like: Bellowing & Uttered.

I'm really liking it.