Double post glitch
4 years ago  ::  Apr 6 2010 - 9:18AM
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 Just thought I'd make you aware of this glitch which is really starting to annoy me now.

Let's just say that you're trying to make a post here and the page is starting to load slowly, so you naturally get annoyed and hit the Submit button again. What will happen is two copies of your post will be submitted, which can be very annoying and breaks a forum regulation.

Can you fix this issue? I propose that after you make a post, there should be a fifteen second wait until you can commence posting again. Not only would this obliterate the double post glitch, it would also do away with any spammers who wish to attack the forums in a spout of Internet rage. *cough* Jag Line *cough*

4 years ago  ::  Mar 30 2010 - 10:03AM
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Well your first lesson here is learning to be patient.  Don't double click and let the loading/posting commence and that will avoid half the issue.

I do agree that this needs to be looked into, since you shouldn't be able to hit the refresh button and cause it to post again.  I'll get on it with the team and see if we can setup some new rules for the backend.

4 years ago  ::  Mar 30 2010 - 10:05AM
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I double posted last night, and I couldn't delete my own message.  :(

I just now double sent a PM.  A simple javascript code segment could easily fix the problem.

4 years ago  ::  Mar 30 2010 - 2:48PM
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I just received a double message

4 years ago  ::  Mar 30 2010 - 3:04PM
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Yeah this glitch is pissing me off....Usually when people click twice it's to trigger it and get it going again e.g. Say I want to post something and it takes awhile to load so I click again and all of a sudden it posts real quickly. 

 I think this should be fixed along with the bad connection on the servers or whatever gets these forums running. This site is very slow since the upgrades and I've checked my computer connection and speed as well as going on various websites.

4 years ago  ::  Mar 30 2010 - 4:20PM
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You're exactly right, Mel. I think my fifteen second post interval would be a good solution to the problem and it might also stop new members from treating the forums like an Internet chat room.

4 years ago  ::  Mar 31 2010 - 1:56AM
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V-Singular is right, it's us doing it.  On my double post, I simply didn't think I had clicked it because it had been 10 seconds, so I pressed it again.  On the PM I sent Just_Call_Me_J, I accidentally clicked it twice (using a MacBook Pro and Touch clicking).

4 years ago  ::  Mar 31 2010 - 9:00AM
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Granted, you shouldn't be allowed to post twice within about 15-20 seconds anyway (anti-flood filter), so something is obviously not working and needs to be corrected.

4 years ago  ::  Apr 1 2010 - 1:42AM
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Have you taken it to the IT guys yet?

4 years ago  ::  Apr 1 2010 - 7:22AM
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Don't double post. It's frowned upon. Thank you.