Full Item List for DLC Pack #1
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In a time of digital content, it can sometimes be difficult to know exactly what you're getting for your download. In this post, I'm going to break down the content held within our "Ultor Exposed" DLC pack set for release on April 23rd. We've already shown off the six new vehicles along with the brand new co-op metagame, so this list will mainly be covering the new clothing and customization items.

Since the list is pretty long and filled with pictures, please hit the jump below.

Important Note: You have to beat the Saints Prologue first in order to access the first DLC mission. Once you've completed the prologue, look for the Ultor symbol outside the main Saints gang hideout.


- Three brand new co-op enabled missions featuring Tera Patrick. See the full trailer here.


- Click here to view the six new vehicles. Hint: 3 of them come equipped with weapons.

Co-Op Metagame

- Click here for full details. Essentially, this turns each mission while playing co-op into a minigame as well.


Found in "Let's Pretend"
- EDF Helmet
- EDF Armor
- Astronaut
- Beat Cop (Hat included)
- Grey Alien (The bike he's riding will be in DLC Pack #2)
- SWAT (Helmet included)

Found in "Branded"
- Joystick Junkies T-shirts 1-4 (Hoodie is here too)
- Joystick Junkies Hoodie



- Long and Wide
- Normal, Long
- Normal, Medium
- Normal, Short

Multiplayer Maps

- Strong Arm: Trailer Park
- Strong Arm: Downtown
- GB/TGB: Stilwater Prison
- GB/TGB: Warehouse

Pack #1 will be released on April 23rd for 800 MS Points on Xbox LIVE or $9.99 on the PlayStation Network.

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