Review Score Round-up Part 5
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In what might be our final Review Score Round-up, we're featuring something extra. Remember the three lucky winners of the contest over at to fly them out to San Francisco to try out multiplayer before anyone else? Two of them have taken the time to write a personal review of what was experienced.

Bill McClendon

"As a fan of BOR (and, to a lesser degree, PTP), I'll admit some disappointment when I found out neither of those modes were going to be present in Saints Row 2. (A DLC pack for these two would be very welcome.) After spending some quality adrenaline time with Strong Arm, though, and seeing how absolutely crazy and chaotic the gameplay was ... I'll be too busy giggling like a schoolgirl while I'm running down my teammates on purpose to miss them all that much."

Gabe Sanchez

"While playing Strong Arm, it became immediately apparent that this mode was designed to bring in even the most casual gamer, or at least one who doesn't play online very much … like me. Even with the controversy surrounding the removal of Protect The Pimp and Blinged Out Ride multiplayer modes in Saints Row 2, I think the new multiplayer mode will still appeal to even the most hardcore online Saints Row player."

Of course, this wouldn't be a Review Round-up without a few more scores. Click the link above each quote to read the full article.

Game Revolution - 9.1 / 10

"Saints Row 2 isn't going to be the next Godfather, but it's not trying to be. If you want class and moral dilemmas with your gang warfare, then look elsewhere. But if you want explosions, revenge, sex, money, drugs and rock and roll, then a trip to Stilwater is just what the doctor ordered."

XboxAddict - 8.8 / 10

"Overall, Saints Row 2 is like a perfect movie sequel; give ‘em more of the same, but it’s got to be bigger, better, faster, and louder. By serving up a superior multiplayer experience over and above a rich single player campaign that lets the player loose in a complete living, breathing city, and putting a fine polish on it with a kick-ass soundtrack, wry and funny voice acting, and some great writing in both story and dialogue, Saints Row 2 is a crime movie with slick cars, loud guns, flashy clothes, and great music that you can roll around in for quite a while. It’s not just more-of-the-same. Take it a spin for yourself."

1UP - B

"Saints 2 relishes the hedonistic aspects of the open-world genre and does very little to punish the player for their repugnant behavior. It has plenty of innovation, and the excellence in the presentation makes the world of Saints 2 a great introduction for newcomers to open world games."

Crispy Gamer - Buy it!

"Let me put it this way: I spent a lot of time driving around Liberty City, drinking in the aesthetic, wishing there were more and better activities. But I didn't spend nearly as much time wishing Stillwater [sic] looked better; I was too busy enjoying what it had to offer."


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