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5 years ago  ::  Jan 27 2010 - 5:59PM
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multiplayer_viWorthPlaying has posted up an interview with Roje Smith, Associate Producer (and Lead MP Producer) for Saints Row 2. Speaking primarily about the new multiplayer aspects, they cover a lot of the burning questions the public has been wondering since the first movies and previews appeared after our mutliplayer premiere event in San Francisco.

WP: A lot of Saints Row is based on how much you've unlocked in the single-player mode. When you jump into multiplayer, do you have immediate access to all the weapons? Or if I don't have the rocket launcher in my crib yet, will I not have access to it in multiplayer?

RS: It's all there in multiplayer, all there. Every weapon you can think of, it's all there. You can set up your match anywhere you want. If you want to have annihilator rockets or regular rockets with satchel charges, or assault rifles with grenade launcher attachments, go for it. We're not going to stop you. You have all the weapons at your disposal in multiplayer.

For the rest of the interview, click HERE.

Game Trailers has also uploaded two new videos where you can listen to Roje talk about our new Strong Arm multiplayer mode in general, along with a peak at the Hitman activity which can be found within. There's one video below and another one after the jump.

Click HERE if the video above doesn't load.

Click HERE if the video above doesn't load.


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