How Stilwater was changed
4 years ago  ::  Jan 26 2010 - 3:12PM
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This is a true story.
As Gat said, an earthquake hit below sea level and destroyed stilwater. Ever see Price mansion rubble? Ultor moved in and repaired and added on to stilwater.
Now, after this huge earthquake, the ruins of Parthenon have been discovered and made a landmark. Ever seen shipwreck cove? the shipwreck was underwater but after the earthquake...
The next part of the Stilwater conspiracy will be uncovered after some rest and some research. That is if it doesn't get locked. This is by no means plaigirism.

5 years ago  ::  Nov 8 2008 - 11:52AM
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Interesting... continue!

5 years ago  ::  Nov 8 2008 - 6:24PM
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Thanks Third Saint!
So you might be wondering about the construction site near the first crib? See, Alderman Hughes wanted change to stilwater. That site was possibly the site of the Philips Building ( Ultor HQ ) The earthquake destroyed the site and had to be moved...
To be continued

5 years ago  ::  Nov 8 2008 - 6:28PM
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Ohhh very Interesting, looking forward to reading the rest once the story unfolds :)

5 years ago  ::  Nov 8 2008 - 6:47PM
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Yeah, really.
It helps you under stand everything.

Off topic: do you ever notice that the philips building is like the washington monument.
I'm scared.

5 years ago  ::  Nov 8 2008 - 6:48PM
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Cool, continue please!

5 years ago  ::  Nov 8 2008 - 7:02PM
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Obviously, Ultor is in a sense, CORRUPT. Their main goal is to make Shivington like the new saints row. What Dane Vogel does is get his connections with the three factions to cripple each other so Ultor can step in and play hero.
Not much is known about his rise to his rank. What is known, though is that Vogel was born in Mission Beach hospital, Saints Row...
Stay tuned for a new part of my little " web documentary "

5 years ago  ::  Nov 8 2008 - 7:19PM
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Very exciting!

5 years ago  ::  Nov 8 2008 - 7:27PM
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Thanks fr everyone's comments! These segments are both real and my theories.

5 years ago  ::  Nov 8 2008 - 7:27PM
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:) Intense