MC and bellic "How was your day?"
6 years ago  ::  Nov 3 2008 - 10:33AM
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Lol, good one Thats about true, thats all roman really wants to do, its annoying.
What about his obsession with...


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6 years ago  ::  Nov 24 2008 - 2:10AM
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*MC smashes into Niko's car, and Niko flys out the windshield*
Niko: What the hell are you doing?
MC: Driving really fast, you?
Niko: Trying to go to eat with Roman!
MC: I'm in the moodm can I come?
Niko: No, I'm only allowed one friend at a time.
MC: That's stupid, I can have three at once.
Niko: I could use that, I should come to Stilwater!
MC: It's a lot better, barely anybody calls you to do stuff!

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6 years ago  ::  Nov 24 2008 - 2:29AM
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MC: Yo sup niko belic!?
Niko: Not much, just playing a game of pool with my friend brucie.
MC: HA! You mean the steroid junkie, that operates his own auto website?
Niko: Yes, have you not seen it on the internets?
MC: Nah man, we don't have the internet in stilwater. Something to do with ultors security policy or some lame %@?#, $*!#%@? assholes!
Niko: That's a shame, you have good time with me. Like just this one time i look up kiddyporn and earn myself 5stars! it was great!
MC: Ohs yeah?
Niko: Yeah, it was fun till the FIB tracked me down and started chasing me, but i somehow managed to get away.
MC: How so?
Niko: There called cheatcodes, my friend. I enter in *No cops* on my cellularphone, and it wipes away my notoriety. Pretty badass huh?
MC: Right, but not as badass as my cheatcodes.. check this out slavy.. I got the code to never die, that means if i was to parachute off a building buttnaked, whilst on fire and had helicopters shooting me, and then landed on the concrete facefirsts.. my ass would still be alive!
Niko: Damn you lucky, we not have no parachutes or invincible cheats like you stilwaterians, but us libertarians have something ever better!
MC: What's that?
Niko: Bowling.
MC: Ah damn, no way! Foreelz!
Niko: Yes, see we at liberty have our own bowlingteam and all my friends.. lil jacob, packie, my girilfriend which oops! you do have not have HAHA sucks for you! and roman all play a mean game of knock the pins down.
MC: OH noez! We not have no bowling, but you know what we do got?
Niko: What you got?
MC: Septic trucks..
Niko: Ah #@?*!
MC: Enjoy the brownshower, compliments of the third street saints.. *sprays niko with doodytruck*

This was fun :D

Pierce: The Morningstar? Since when did we take to killing strippers?
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6 years ago  ::  Nov 24 2008 - 11:08PM
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lol that is so true

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6 years ago  ::  Nov 24 2008 - 11:51PM
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Oh how true that definitely is!

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