the kick back
5 years ago  ::  Jan 26 2010 - 3:11PM
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*alram clock goes off*
c:shut up*punches the clock*
c:damn that party last nightwas crackin
*gets up outta bed,walks into the bathroom turns on the sink and washes his face,walks out the bathroom and gets dressed*
c:sup bro
rell:sup lil brother,you gonna go to the kick back today?
c:hell yea im goin its at the park rite?
rell:yea,aight den
*walks into the kitchen he could smell the food his mom was cooking*
c:dam that smells good mom what you make?
mom:potatoes eggs bacon toast some quesadillas hashbrowns pancakes and waffels
c:yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaah hook me up with a plate mom
mom:haha ok
*they sit down and eat*
c:bye mom see you later*hugs her*
mom:be careful mijo,see you later
c:ok see ya
*walks out the door and jumps into his compton,drioves down to brown baggers buys a 40 and a blunt*
c:sup imac what you doin
imac:chillin gettin ready to go to the kick back later
c:coo.alright see you later.
imac:alright see ya
*dives off to the park blastin that new song stilwater city g's*

what yall think so far?

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6 years ago  ::  Oct 30 2008 - 4:44PM
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pretty cool, hey what happened to your last thread why'd it get locked?
But if its not a bother keep writing.
ps.check out my story and tell me what you think:Blood Kingz Fo' life

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6 years ago  ::  Oct 30 2008 - 4:48PM
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thnx bro,it wasnt a story i guess.

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6 years ago  ::  Oct 30 2008 - 4:52PM
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that sucks It was only an Intro

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6 years ago  ::  Oct 30 2008 - 5:21PM
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*arrives to the park*
c:not that manyy ppl here yet
singular:hey whats up c your early
c:bs when i get here thats when the party starts haha
singular:whatever fool well ima go to freckle bitches so see you later
c:alright sing see ya
*walks up to shaundi*
c:whats up pothead haha jk
*punches c in the face*
shaundi:whats up
c:haha same old shaundi
s:this better be a cool kick back
c:it should when every gets here wheres johny and pierce
s:johny's at the cemetery pierce is at freck bitches complaining and singing ne-yo
c:same old pierce,cant belive its been a year already since eash and los died
c:wheres mc at?
s:he's at home watching tv he'll be here later
*a brown car drives up to the park,windows roll down,guns start blastin a bullet hits a soccer player in the chest no else gets hurt,they drive off imac drives up the park and shoots at the brown car but only shatters the window*
imac:everyone ok?
c:yea well that guy got hit but no 1 important
s:haha thats jacked up
imac: ok well he seems to be dead already
c:alright ill see yal later im going to freckle bitches to get a soda and some food wanna come?
imac:nah i got things to do but ill see you guys at the kick back

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