The Forgotten Saints(Close. im done with this Website)
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its coo

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The Forgotten Saints
Chapter 2:

After Chris's meeting with Maero..He Ordered His Saints to Not shoot Any Brotherhood Members Unless they Shoot first. The Saints And brotherhood Stayed Allied. Until Maero Attepted To Kill Chris In His Home. In Shivington. Wounding Chris with bullet wounds to the Arm and Stomach. The Saints At last Got to Fight the Brotherhood. The saints Ran the Brotherhood out of The Projects and Chinatown District. Until the Birth of The Sons Of Samedi. Chris Made contact With The General.....

General: Why are you Here Saint?

Chris: Im Here Cause You won't Be Sh*T Without The saints...Im giving you a choice...eather help the saints...or you die here...I suggest you make up your mind...cause this Limo Won't Last Longer than 2 Minutes...

General: You threaten me?

Chris: Thats right...The Saints are twice as big as Your Son of Whatever. If you help us out...We'll supple you with Territory, And Respect..

General: We Don't Need 2 Help You Saint...We're Bigger Than You think...

Chris: I Urge You to reconsider...If You help us. we'll be the biggest Gang in the City And we Can Stop Those Ultor Punks From Taking over the city..

General: And i urge You to Get out of my sight Saint...We will NOT Help You...We're Not pushovers..we can take care of Ultor By ourselves...

Chris: We'll See about that....

As Chris Leaves 100 Saints Pop Out to Destroy the Sons Of Samedi's leader..But The General Escapes And Orders The Sons of Samedi To Take Over The Projects District And Kill Chris.....

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6 years ago  ::  Oct 23 2008 - 1:10PM
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Great! Until the ending which was really tacky. It would have been nice if you mentioned how Chris died.

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Chris didn't die if I read that right, The Sons of Samedi General ordered his men to kill Chris. But yeah the ending of that bit wasn't great. 100 Saints were just watching the meeting and all popped out to kill him yet he survived, I doubt it. Their wouldn't be 100 Saints and if their was the General would die. I think Chris should have had say 2 bodyguards as then it is understandable if the General Survives.

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He Hasn't Died Just Yet...And yeah the ending was a little tacky...

Chapter 3:

With The Sons Of Samedi and the Brotherhood After the Saints. Chris Leaves Shivington. And Moves To His New Home in Southern Cross. There Him and his Saints Can Rebuild And Destroy The Samedi and Brotherhood..Chris and his Saints meet a Guy Named: Dane Vogal...

Dane: It's good to Finaly meet the new leader of the 3rd Street Saints...

Chris: Really?

Dane: Yeah....Look. Lets get to the point...Since Ultor. Is about to take over the Saints row gonna help you with the New gangs..

Chris: Yeah right...Im not working with you...

Dane: It looks like you don't have a choice...

Chris: *Pulling his vice nine* Really now?

Dane: You kill me. And you have no Way To kill The Brotherhood Or The Sons of samedi...

Chris: Alright...Enlighten Me..

Dane: With Johnny In Jail. And 'John Doe' In a coma..the saints are gonna fall apart. But with ultors Help..We Can change That...I order My Men to Seek and Kill Maero and the General...The Samedi and Brotherhood Fall....

Chris: Is that it? Just Get your men to do the dirty work?

Dane: Well....Yeah.

Chris: No thank You. I can handle them...*Walks Away*

Dane: You'll Be Sorry!!... Jamie Get Mr. Maero on the phone...

When Chris Exits Danes Office..He finds Brotherhood Gangmembers And Samedi Gangmembers 0n their way to kill him..After A Short Gun Fight Chris finds a Brotherhood Gangmembers Badly Injured...and he Procides To Kill him until...

Gangmember: Wait!! I Can tell You where Maero Is....

Chris: Why Do I Give a $?**?

Gangmember: Because...You can Catch Him By Suprise...I Know a Secret Way in...

Chris: Yeah...Like i'll believe You...*!?**$@% His Vice Nine*

GangMember: Than Your as Stupid As I Thought....

Chris: Yeah? What is this Secret Entrance?

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Ooh, pretty interesting. I wonder what's gonna happen. :P

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Chapter 4:

The Gangmember Tells Chris Where Maero is. And how to get in without Alerting anyone..Than Chris Shot and Killed The Gangmember...and Went to Where Maero was hiding...Sneaks in and Finds Maero and his Girlfriend Jessica, Talking to Dane Vogal...

Maero: Why Should I trust You?

Dane: Because I just had The 3rd Street Saints leader in here...And I know where he lives...You kill him..the saints fall...And we can have a Great Partnership...

Maero: Where Is Chris??

Dane: Now if I tell you that now we won't have that partnership now will we?

Jessica: Its Fake Baby...Don't fall for it..

Dane: Yeah. By the way Maero...Your Gang failed...Chris is on His way as We Speak..

Maero: WHAT!?

Dane: I suggest you Leave...I Heard one of your Gangmembers talking to him....

Chris: Thats right bit*h! * Fires Dual Uzis *

Maero: Jessica Get Out Of Here!!!

Chris: You didn't think your Brotherhood Could Stop Did ya!? * Fires Uzi's *

As The fight continues Maero is hit in The Stomach and Left Leg. And Leaves the building with half his life..As Chris Fights off the rest of the Brotherhood. He runs out of ammo...And starts Hand 2 Hand combat with the brotherhood....and is Shot in the Right Chest 2 times...and escapes with His Saint reinforcments..and heads for the hospital..

Chris: That Bit*h Dane...Im putting a bullet in that Motherfu**ers Head...

Saint: Boss You just worry about recovering...We'll take care of the brotherhood 4 Now...

Chris: Round up all the saints you can...And bring Them HERE!! You Got me!!??

Saints: Yes Sir...

After 3 Days Chris Leaves the hospital And Him and His Saints Head For Brotherhood Territory.....

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Awesome. :D

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Before they Head For Brotherhood Territory...Chris gives a speech to his Saints...

Chris: Im Done with the brotherhood!! I'ts time we show that MotherFu**er Whos Boss!! We're the 3rd Street Saints...Ever since they showed up..Its Take our Sh*t Here..Take our Sh*t there..If Johnny Gat and 'John Doe” Were Here..They Would Not Be MuthaF**kin' happy would they!?

Saints: HELL NO!!

Chris: Now Lets Get These F**kers!! And take back our Sh*t!

As They are about to Leave they Find Maero and his brotherhood closing in on them...

Chris: Lets End this....

As the Brotherhood get close enough to Shoor at the saints, the saints open fire and the Battle begins...1 After another the brotherhood and saints contiued their battle... meanwhile Chris and Maero Find themselves back 2 Back with Chris Killing Brotherhood And Maero Kill Saints...The Realize What them Were doing.. and Start A Hand 2 Hand Combat As Maero Pins Chris To The Ground With a Vice Nine to his head...

Maero: Any Last Words Punk?

Chris: !$?% You...

Then A Saint Shoots Maero In The Shoulder. And Left Arm. Maero than Gets up And Kills The Saint with a bullet to the head turns around and theres Chris With a CrowBar and Knocks Maero In the Head. Nearly Killing Maero And Beats Maero Into submission...

Chris: Whos the punk now maero!? Huh!? * Punching maero in the Head * Get Up...GET UP!!

Maero: Go To Hell...

Chris: I Expected A Better fight out of you maero...NOW GET UP!!! * Putting a gun To Maeros Head * GET UP!!!

As Maero is about to get Up Chris Kicks him in the Head knocking him back down to the ground...Than Chris Finds Jessica...and tells her to take maero 2 The hospital...only If Maero Promises To Destroy The Brotherhood...As Jessica Takes Maero To the hospital The Last Of The Brotherhood Leave..And the saints take back their territory. For Now.......

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