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3 years ago  ::  Nov 16 2011 - 10:20PM
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I have read these rules and understood them.

By these rules my avatar does not break any Avatar Guidelines, yet my Avatar got changed twice by now.

Why does that keep happening?

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3 years ago  ::  Nov 22 2011 - 1:44PM
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how do you get ur avatar to be featured?

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3 years ago  ::  Nov 23 2011 - 3:34PM
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how do even make a avatar is it on this website? and can u creat characters hear with different cloaths or do u do it on the game?

Jessica Kasa aka Ms_Sxy_Bi_Girl
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3 years ago  ::  Nov 24 2011 - 11:03AM
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well if you want to use your personal character's face you can create it on the game and use the "upload" option.

then you go to your profile on this site, open it in full view, save the image or screenshot it.

I resize my own images with photoshop. I don't know how to find the dimensions on paint or anything. Maybe there are websites that resize to specific dimensions.

Honestly, they made the avatar requirements very strict. Not even worth the effort unless you have the tools.

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3 years ago  ::  Dec 1 2011 - 10:17AM
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Folks, this thread is about Avatar changes and has nothing to do with the games, nor help for other areas of the website. Please make sure you are posting in the correct threads.


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