STICKY: Signature Guidelines
4 years ago  ::  Aug 30 2010 - 9:56AM
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We encourage you to create a custom signature for yourself but some rules must be followed:

- You may use more than 1 image in your signature but the total dimensions of the images [and the signatures themselves] combined must not exceed 400 pixels wide and 135 pixels tall. File size of signatures may not exceed 200KB (total – not per image). Moderators may remove at any time and without notice signatures that are in breach of this rule.

- Signatures may not have more than 4 lines of text along with the image(s) used.

- You may have links in your signature leading to personal/affiliate web pages, however the use of misleading links in your signature is not permitted. Do not attempt to trick other users into visiting pages they did not intend to visit, do not post links in signatures with referral links and please do not use your signature as a platform for advertising services.

- All posting guidelines also apply to signatures. ( Signatures that do not follow these rules may be removed without notice.

If your signature has been removed it will be replaced with text from the staff member who removed it explaining why, if your signature has been removed then please follow the guidelines of the text posted in it's place to correct the signature. If your signature constantly has to be removed you will be prevented from using the feature.

6 years ago  ::  Jul 15 2008 - 6:15AM
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Quote by Klump
I'm pretty sure there's a problem with signatures right now. It keeps putting %20 (space code) in the image url and making the image unavailable to display.

This is the image that should be displayed: and it does meet all requirements.

I'm having the same problem I've just made a new one and I made sure that it's the right size for this forum but it won't show...

6 years ago  ::  Jul 16 2008 - 3:33PM
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Not meanin to brag or anything but I think my sig is da undisputed CHAMP :D

6 years ago  ::  Jul 16 2008 - 4:31PM
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Mines still putting that %20 in do I fix that....

6 years ago  ::  Jul 16 2008 - 4:47PM
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Never mind.....

6 years ago  ::  Jul 16 2008 - 4:55PM
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All of these are looking great so far :D

6 years ago  ::  Jul 25 2008 - 5:28AM
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just tryin mine out..

6 years ago  ::  Jul 27 2008 - 11:50AM
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This sig is ok right?

6 years ago  ::  Jul 29 2008 - 7:20PM
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My signature is not working, can someone help? :)

Edit: Oh, fixed it. 8-)

6 years ago  ::  Oct 21 2008 - 10:26PM
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my sig is 358 by 85 using photobucket. How can i fix? it says it has been removed but it's still there in my photbucket files.