Saints Row 2 wasn't really that good. (sort of like a review)
3 years ago  ::  Oct 11 2011 - 12:35AM
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I had the chance of downloading Saints Row 2 the other day for my 360, so far the game hasn't really sucked me in for a number of reasons. For starters I don't want to compare it to GTA, although the game does rip off a few things from GTA such as the Stars you get when the cops are on you, gangs try to constantly run you over (which is very annoying), there were dozens of glitches that caused me to die in missions I could have easily beaten, but you know when the AI gets stuck or you cant even get in a car without someone smashing into you, it frustraits. And whats the deal with censoring off nudity but not the level of violence or swearing involved in the game? Why do games even claim "sexual content" when there isn't anything remotely "sexual" about it.

Till this very day I will never understand why some developers wont include nudity in a game, but the violence can be as bad as it wants to.. The only games I can think of that included such content would be F.E.A.R. (Alma shes fully naked with no censorship), Killer 7 (has actual sex in it), GTA IV ( Neko gets head, and actually screws the prostitutes). The fact that when my female character in Saints Row 2 has full body tats, the stupid censoring crap ruins it. First time I saw that I said outloud "What is this, a goddamn Japanese porn now, nobody watches that lame stuff, wheres the German porn at where its extreme and actually hot!??" My brother laughed so hard he nearly cried. These guys obviously never took art studies, last time I checked nudity was an art form only a fool would ignore or fail to realize that. Censoring it, is for pvssies. Especially if your okay with violence but not something as natural as a female body. Or your downright cool with us being able to see a males ass and full chest. What makes his any different from a woman??? Which is what my female friend said when we were playing online. Then said she would ask that they create a DLC of nudity and adult content because she cannot stand the blur effect. I said "Well you can always wear a open button baby doll shirt where half of your cleavage shows". She goes "F that sh1t, if they were gonna censor it then they probably shouldn't put it there at all, you know how art turns me on, censoring it off is just gay". And I said "well they are gay, their like most devs, they'll let you see a man's chest and if you ever played MGS2 before, Raiden's ass shows while he's hitting cartwheels to dodge bullets, all he needs is the matrix slow down time where he removes his hands from his crotch and winks at you while he;s shooting at Metal Gears".

I also disliked the trigger button for melee, it works fine for firearms but the game took the same mechanic from Hunter The reckoning where basically melee and shooting is done from the same button which is the trigger. I would prefer being able to use another button for shooting. One of the major problems was there were only three gangs, the game did not seem to focus on the story very well, GTA IV had a lot more characters, granted they weren't as interesting as the characters from Saints Row 2, though Johnny Gat looks Asian in SR2, in SR3 he looks Caucasian but the actor playing as him for the voice work is Asian.  As for the car mechanics..They were terrible, especially piloting helicopters. The most fun I had out of the game was customizing things, which means SR3 is going to have to do a lot more than SR2 before I get it. I think if I would of bought this game and I started out with a random character I could not change, and the game had all the problems I mentioned..I def would not have bought it. Hell I got SR2 for a super crazy cheap deal, and I'm doin the same with SR3 too. The glitches aside from censorship, the lackluster of the story, and the horrid graphics for the invironment I wondered if SR3 would be a different game or would they just copy everything from SR2. Its like I tell most people, get the PC version. You can mod that crap to the way you want it. Console players get half the fun, except playing SR on a big screen TV is a lot better than playing it on a computer screen. They only give you three voices for your female, and a lot more for the male. Also don't bring back the same missions, SR2 had the worst side missions of any Sandbox game. Except the assassination one.

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3 years ago  ::  Oct 17 2011 - 4:53AM
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Both male and female MCs had three voices to choose from. If you dislike the button layout, change it? n If you only come to these forums to *$!*? about the game, one no one is gonna care that one person outta all the members dislikes it, n two they're all gonna jump on your ass for coming to the games site to talk %@*# about it. If you don't like it, don't get it. No reason to come here n ?@*$! n moan about it, no one cares. I know I'm sounding like an ass hole but damn, seriously.

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3 years ago  ::  Oct 17 2011 - 5:51AM
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I guess GTA IV didn't do its job then. The whole thing was supposed to play out like a movie and be filled with interesting characters, which you seem to forget. As for gangs, three is the magic number. There were three in the first game, three in the second one and now three in The Third. Complaining about the star business is pretty bad too, seeing as there aren't many other simple symbols you could use to represent police that would be immediately recognizable.

Also all the complaining about nudity. Who cares? Don't get naked if you don't want the censor fuzz. If you think the graphics aren't good anyway, then why go after that? You'd probably say that the nudity they rendered was awful. Just because other games are doing it doesn't mean Saints Row needs to. I think they realize that their game is not only incredibly fun and also rated M for the violence, but it's also played by gamers that shouldn't be playing it. They realize it and, as a measure to protect them, censor the naughty bits. Swearing and all that? Those are just words. Words don't hurt anyone. Also there's the mute function.

Now the other points. Setting melee to the triggers is expected because it's the attack button. If you haven't noticed, all other buttons are taken up. But why on earth would you want to change up the attack button when you have to switch between guns and fists with the weapon select anyway? If you walk around with fists then that would make one button completely useless and you'd be in the same predicament if you pulled out your pistol. Gang members trying to run you over? I've had that problem, but only after I've shot at them to get a bit of notoriety and also if I keep shooting while they drive up to me. Wouldn't you plow over a Ronin if he was shooting at you while you drove, or would you get out and have a gentlemanly duel with him? And the side missions are leagues better than anything GTA IV had. Let's compare the two: you could blow up destructables to reach a money target or take your cousin bowling or drinking... No contest here, Saints Row beats out GTA in both variety and quantity.

As for attacking the story, it wasn't meant to be a great one. You're the leader of a gang and you're out to take the city back after you claimed it years earlier. The graphics? Graphics don't make the game. It's icing on the cake. A game is bound to have worse graphics if it has large portions of the whole game world rendered at one time and specializes in many customization options. Also, given that Saints Row 2 is available on PC, though not a particularly great port, why not get it on that if the PC is so superior? Why spend the 20 bucks when you could just as easily paid a little more for the platform that sports a modding community?

You're entitled to your opinion on the game, but I had immense fun with it and I still am in preparation for The Third. I just think it's wacky that your biggest complaint was that you couldn't see the "horrid graphics" making up someone's private parts.

I'll gladly play The Third on my 360 too. Though I'll only be getting "half the fun," as you say, I bet I'll be having more fun than you as I hoverbike around Steelport, blowing up cars and helicopters with laserbeams.

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3 years ago  ::  Oct 24 2011 - 9:41PM
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i disagre 110% I thought Saints Row 2 Was Amazing and wat made it even better was the CO-OP nothing comes close to the level of detail you can go into and then bring all youru creativity over to someone else game and ither couse havok trol eachother with rockets or help out a noob discover why Gat is such a bad ass. the characters are totaly over the top funny and bad ass. the dialog i find @ times yes its generic buts its a video game but i love it i get into the story line and laugh @ every turn.


i prob played SR2 on the xbox over 200 hours and im just breaking 120 hours on PC i have never reeally cared for the multy player. if you arent plaing the game co-op with a smart cordinated partner your doing it all wrong.



i love SR2 there is always an easter egg or some funny side shows to watch.. like this....



i dont understand why anyone would take the time to make an account to tell us how they dont like this game, specially since most of us are here for the same reason we are all Saints and love Stilwater. @least that is how i feel.

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3 years ago  ::  Nov 1 2011 - 3:19PM
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The answer about sex and violence is because that's the way this country (the USA) is. It's actually kind of opposite in Europe.  You should see the documentary "This Film is Not Yet Rated." It's all about the history of the Motion Picture Association of America rating system and how violence seems to get more or less of a free pass put the slightest sexual overtone is shunned by the ratings board members, mainly parents.  You'll find that games are usually rated the same way more or less. And censoring out parts prevents an Adults Only rating, which if one paid attention to the charts and posters in most retailers, means most if not all retailers won't carry the game based on policies individual retailers set when the ESRB system was introduced.  You can go back to the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas "Hot Coffee" debacle to see why Take Two (Rockstar's parent company) was so quick to correct their mistake--sales.

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3 years ago  ::  Nov 2 2011 - 12:32AM
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two words for you, OP: get out

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3 years ago  ::  Dec 3 2011 - 3:13AM
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Looks like you completely missed the point bro.

I mean, who plays video games for nudity?

Saints Row 2 was all about the fun, even if it sacrificed a bit and borrowed a bit to do it. (Like everything else out there.)

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3 years ago  ::  Dec 3 2011 - 12:41PM
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Am I the one who can't help but laugh at the fact that this guy, most likely a GTA fanboy, joined this forum JUST to complain about SR2, makes a really long rant about it, and then the only complaints he could think of were really stupid?

Firstly, its an urban sandbox game. GTA was the first of its kind, but its an entire genre now, so yes, they will have similarities, as does Sonic and Mario and Crash, all are platform games, and any and all racing games are identical because that's an entire genre now. As for them crashing into you to stop you, how else are they suposed to? The enemy AI is TRYING to kill you, that's the point. Those glitches, I can understand, I ran into a few yesterday while playing that annoyed me (Such as the game not loading after completing a mission and before it got a chance to autosave, health going down too quickly, and my car, having mostly full health, exploding spontaniously), but its not a big issue.

Then, your complaint about no nudity. Its a game, not a porno. Your entire complaint there was just stupid.

As for combat, as someone else said, you can change itvif you want. No one's forcing you to use that format, but in all honesty I don't mind it.

Story and characters? Its suposed to be a former criminal taking back his town with a bunch of wacky characters. Its not meant to be deep or serious. To me, each one was fun in there own way or at least likable, even the bad guys. Don't like them? Fine, I can understand that.

Some of the cars had bad controls and when you lose control of your helicpoter you're screwed, I agree. Except, thats what we call realism, since some cars do have poor controls, especially when you're speeding, and helicopters do spaz out when you lose control of them.

And yes Johnny Gat is asian, and in SR3 he was definatly still asian. it was hard to tell because he was wearing shades now, but his cheekbones, darker skin colour, and the fact he vaguely looks like Bruno Mars indicates he's Korean, which is the same as his actor, which is aparantly what they were going for, which is notably weird since he was suposed to be chinease in the other games, or at least that's what everywhere keeps saying.

Honestly, your complaints were nitpicks. Yes, Saints Row 2 did have problems that I can accept, but unlike GTA and SR3, these problems are overshadowed by things to make up for it and aren't a big deal, and the real problems were oddly not in your rant (Namely, Crib customization was  weak, multiplayer sucked, afor mentioned glitches, some of the activities were stupid or in bad taste, the zombie homie lost its amazement factor after the first three times calling him, and some of the clothing options weren't that awesome).

So if you don't like the game so much, as the old, EA sports, saying goes, Get the **** out of here!



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3 years ago  ::  Dec 12 2011 - 4:57PM
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**** you this game rocks. sr:tt is the gay-ass game. **** sr:tt but the best is SR1 noone can beat that one.

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3 years ago  ::  Dec 13 2011 - 4:07PM
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Dude what's up with you and nudity?

I'd rather have a game full of extreme violence than sex. If I wanted a game with sex I'd play with my GF. If you want nudity download free porn for God's sake.

It's not everyday, I can walk outside with a chainsaw and saw a man in half. Or attach sticky bombs to my annoying ass neighbors. Or blow a man's head off with a sniper rifle.

Bottom line: Many people can't kill someone because moral reasons and the law, but if want some girl action I'll get with my GF.

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