The Character Request Thread- Please check first post before you make a request!
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First and foremost, here is a list of a ton of already created characters.  Look here first before making a request:

To the requesters: When you make a request please provide a picture. A good front and side profile picture would be more useful to the people making your selected Character :!: Limit Your Requests to 3 only, As the page is getting over loaded with people Listing off a hundred people they want. You have to also remember that creating characters can take time So please take this in consideration.

To the individuals that fulfill requests: Please PM the person who wanted the request so they know its been done.

How to Guides


marcusgarlick - Please check out his large list of videos of famous characters to create on SR2.

- If you're looking for SR2 story mode Characters.

ufofreak1947  - A mix of Celebrities here.

 Formulas… - A list of Characters Created by FrYaGa on GameFaqs. - Some helpful videos with a selection of characters to make

Created Characters List : Updated 12th August 2011

A> Aria Giovanni> Amy Lee> Agent 47
Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie (2)
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Ares- God of War (Marvel Comics)>Afro Samurai>Ajax (Warriors)> Angry Video Game nerd(AVGN)(James Rolfe)> Akuma (Street Fighter)> Allen "Python" Jackson (SWAT 4)

Busta Rhymes
Bruce Willis
Barak Obama
Booba (French $!#*?%)>Brian Tee (The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift)> Bizzy Bone> Brad Pitt>Britney Spears> Billy Mays> Biggie Smalls>Bam Margera”>Beyonce”> Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead 2)”>Bruce Lee

C”>Chuck Norris”> Chris Redfield (Resident Evil 5)”>Christopher Moltisant>Claire Redfield (Resident Evil 2) "> Christopher Reeves> Carl Johnson (CJ)> Carl Moore> Claude Speed> Captain Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly)> Charlize Theron
Cesar Villapando
Carl Brutananadilewski (AKA Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force)>Colin Farrell> Claudia Schiffer>Chamilionare> Chris Brown
Christian Bale>Charles Bronson”>Conor Mcmanus”>CJ (GTA SA)

D ">Doc Holliday "> Daniel Craig> Dean Winchester (Jansen Ackles of Supernatural)> Devon Aoki”>Devon Aoki (2)> Dex (SR)> Dr. John Dorian>Danny Trejo (movie Desperado verson)”>Dappy (N-Dubs)> Duke Nukem”>Dwight Howard

E> Eazy-E> Ed Westwick>Emma Watson”>Eminem”>Eminem (2)”>Ed Norton (Supernatural)

Faith (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) / Eliza Dushku
Fred Durst
Feeder Zombie> Flavor Flav> Faith (Mirrors Edge)

G-Man (Half Life 2)
Gordon Feeman (Half Life 2)”>Gerard Butler

H> Hardly Quinn ">Heath Ledger>Havana Ginger
Hank Hill> Hitcher> Hyori Lee>Hayden Panettiere”>Hugh Jackman”>Hugh Laurie (House)”>Hayley Williams
I 33373?page=53”> Ice Cube

J ">Jason Statham ">Johnny Depp "> Johnny Gat (SR) "> Johnny Quid
Jack Bauer
Joker (comic book style)
Joker (classic style)> Jessica Alba> Jax Teller> Johnny Klebitz (GTA – Lost and the Damned)> Jared Padalecki (Sam from Supernatural)>Jill Valentine (Resident Evil 5)> Johnny Christ (Avenged Sevenfold)> Jack Carver (from Far Cry Instincts)> Josh Duhamel> Jyunichi>Jennifer Garner>Jeremy Runner>Julius (SR)>Johnny Gat (SRTT Style)>Jester (Unreal Tournament 3)”>Jet Lee”>Jackie Chan”>Johnny Gat (SR:TT)

K "> Keanu Reeves "> Kurt Cobian> Kristin Kreuk> Kim Basinger
Kratos (God of War)
Kimbo Slice
Kandee Licks
Kim Possible> Kanye West”>Kate Beckinsale”>Kardinall Offishall

L ">Layzie Bone
Lin (SR1)
Lil Wayne
Leonidas (from 300)
LL Cool J> Louis (Left 4 Dead)> Lara Croft> Leon Kennedy (Resident Evil 4)”>Leonardo DiCaprio”>Lincoln Burrows”>LudaCris”>L (Death Note)

M> M.Shadows (A7X)
Mr Sunshine (SR2)
Mr Sunshine (SR2)
Maero (SR2) ">Morgan Freeman> Michelle Keegan> Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne)> Mac Dre
Michael Jackson> Michael Jackson (2)> Megan Fox> Matthew Bellamy (MUSE)>Makarov

Nicole Scherzinger ">Natalie Portman”>Niko Bellic (GTA 4)>Neil Patrick Harris


Paul Wall
Paris Hilton
Paladin Alexander Anderson
( Hellsing)> Pierce (SR2)> Postal Dude>Pee-Wee Herman”>Punisher”>Paulie Walnuts”>Packi (GTA)


Robert Z’Dar
Ronald Mcdonald
Ricky (Trailer Pak Boys)> Robert De Niro> Robert Pattinson (Twilight)>Rihanna>Ron Perlman>Randy Orton”>Resident Evil Characters”>R-Star”>Rick Ross

S ">Snoop Dogg- Updated Version Page-170>Sarah Palin
Spock> Sylvester Stallone
Shaundi (SR2)
Shaundi (SR2)> Solid Snake
Samuel L. Jackson> Serj Tankian> Scream> Serious Sam>Serial Killer X
Shogo Akuji (SR2)>Spike (Buffy)> Sean Patrick Flanery
Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell )
Sean ‘Sweet’ Johnson> Sam Witwer ( StarKiller, Smallville)> STIG (Top Gear)> Sam Waterston>Silent Bob>Sam Winchester>Shirley Manson”>Simon Pegg”>Summer Glau

T> Tyler Durden> TuPac> Tyrone Biggums (Dave Chappelle)> Tony Montana> T-Pain
The Crow
The Game>Travis Barker> Triple H>T.I> Trunks (DBZ)> Taylor Swift”>Toby Kebble”> Travis Pastrana”>Turok”>The General”>Tony Montana”>Tony Soprano”>The Rock”>Tom Welling”>Trinity (Matrix)


V”>Ving Rahmes
Vin Diesel”>Vin Diesel (2)”>Vanilla Ice”>Vinnie Jones

W> Wesley Snipes> Will Smith
Wolf Hawkfield (Virtua Fighter)>William Atherton (Walter Peck –Ghostbusters)”>Wentworth Miller


Y”>Young Buck


50 Cent

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if you can do formula  Nicole Scherzinger  

here is link for picrure

 and other picture

4 years ago  ::  May 3 2010 - 1:11PM
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Ok no probs, Going to make her right now for you, as I could not find her sliders :(

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You want your banner to link here or the old thread?


I still want a decent likeness of meee please?

4 years ago  ::  May 3 2010 - 1:38PM
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hey angel

could you make me slash please

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Quote by Jus_call_me_J
You want your banner to link here or the old thread?


I still want a decent likeness of meee please?

Hey J

I would like the banner to direct people to the new thread ie- HERE thanks :)

your next on the list J

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Quote by D00GE

if you can do formula  Nicole Scherzinger  

here is link for picrure

 and other picture

it's Done- just writing the formula down now, and please let me know what you think when you make it

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 Nicole Scherzinger 

Presets- White Female (added the tan later on lol)






Skin tone: bottom row, 4th allong to your right

Crown :  All 50

Forehead:  50,58,10

Brow: 27,39,50.0,13,19

Eyes: 28,42,31,0,17,78,46,57,56,30 - Colour Med Brown

Ears:  All 50

Cheeks: 10,38,52,5,31,31,44,19,63,48,26,30,48

Nose: 45,100,35,41,58,38,47,41,35,47,52,37,64,81,77,100,68

Chin:  50,76,55,57,51,19,52,0

Jaw:  58,0,45

Mouth: 34,75,44,68,43,19,89,39,70,55,39,66,0,22,64

Hair:Black or dark brown long and feathered (only with DC)

Eyes: Egyptian eye shaddow, med black

Cheeks (blush) : Med Peach that is to the right of dark red

Lips: Semi Glossy, 1st row first on your right, secondary colour- 2nd on the right next to your primary colour

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Can someone make Kendra Wilkinson?

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 Hey forum, me again. just posting my info here so I don't get forgotten. lol Again, I want to see if anyone can help me create myself. It would be so cool to do illegal stuff virtually that I can't do in real life . Thanks a bunch in advance.

EDIT: Adding a pic of me too

Again: in case you can't see embedded video below.