DLC That Should Come to SR:TT
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The DLC that should come to Saint Row The Third should be like clothing packs from Saints row 1, and Saints row 2. Because in Saints 1 you could make your character look pretty gangster and bad ass. You had the option to choose what way you hat went weather it be forward, or left forward or right, and you also had so much better selection of clothing, jewlery, and shoes. Where as in Saint Row 2 you could choose between some shitty trucker hat and another lame hat. Myself and others that have played Saints Row 1 and Saints Row 2 should agree that Saints 1 was best for clothing, and drugs, and that gangster feel. Where as Saints Row 2 its like they almost wanted you to be preppy or look like a normal person. So If we could get in Saints row 3, All or Most of the clothing from Saints Row 1 and Saints Row 2 that would be some great DLC that I would be buying the first day that stuff comes out!!! And On the topic of DLC If we say go to play with someone who doesnt have DLC we should be allowed to play with them and not be rejected because they dont got the same clothing pack. Like maby have it that only they could load a game or something. I just dont want to be gamming it up and buying all the DLC the first day it comes out and then go to play with a friend who is cheap and just get screwed over and not be able to play with him.

Just Some Good Idea's :D


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This isn't the SR3 forum, clearly.

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