Might as well Ban me too.
5 years ago  ::  Jan 26 2010 - 2:07PM

This is bullshit.

I see a new user sign up and post this...

I refuse to accept the screen tearing...


I want Volition and THQ to know something...

V-Sync is MANDATORY. I heard your poor excuse for not using it, and it's not going to fly with me, and many others.

There are MANY gamers who consider this game to be garbage, but the mentally challenged gamers will proclaim it's excellence. This herein lies the problem.

Your heads will swell with pride, knowing you passed off this buggy, aweful game and the majority gaming public knows no better, and praises it's existance. I take gaming VERY seriously, and I have zero tolerance for poorly executed releases.

The framerates should be perfect, even with V-Sync on. Your development team has some seriously questionable skills. It's unfortunate that your game is so poorly made, but it's more unfortunate that the once-elite-xbox owners are now falling victim to PS2ism, and accepting the digital dreck that you and many other developers are shipping to stores.

I know this post is just a launch pad for the foul mouthed fodder that fester in these forums, but it must be said.


And it was there long enough for a few people to respond to it, and now the entire thread has been deleted and his account is banned...

What exactly did this guy do that was so bad he needed to be banned?

Has it already gotten to the point in less than a week since release that you can't handle hearing criticism on your game?

This is probably the most childish thing I've ever seen on a developer's forum.

Anyway, go ahead, and delete this thread because you already know the game runs like a pile of crap.

And then you might as well go ahead and ban me while you are at it, because god knows you wouldn't want to risk having me bring this up again...

This is pathetic.

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